The Adventurous Clown Class 6 Activity Questions Answers

The Adventurous Clown by Enid Blyton is a nice children’s story included in the syllabus of Class 6 in Blossoms: English Textbook under WBBSE. The Adventurous Clown Class 6 Activity Questions Answers and word Notes are provided in the following.

About the author :

Enid Mary Blyton (1897–1968) is one of the most  popular British children’s authors of all times. Her works include series of novels in which children have their own adventures with minimal adult help. This text is an edited version of her short story The Adventurous Clown.

About the story, The Adventurous Clown (summary) Clas 6:

(1) A toy clown , named Tuffy found his shelf dull. He did not like this boring place.

একটি খেলনা ভাঁড় ছিলো যার নাম টাফি। সে আলমারির তাকের একঘেয়েমি জায়গাটা পছন্দ করত না।

(2) He wanted to make some adventure so that everyone including all the toys called him a hero.

সে চেয়েছিল কিছু দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান করতে যাতে করে সমস্ত খেলনা গুলো তাকে বীর ভাবতে পারে

(3) What Tuffy thought was an Adventure, had not really been an adventure.

যেটাকে টাফি দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান মনে করেছিল আদেও সেই গুলি কোন দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান ছিল না।

(4) His first adventure : He spoilt a grand race by stopping a runaway horse and turning over wooden farmer and the cart.

টাফী প্রথম দুঃসাহসিক কাজ: সে নষ্ট করে দিয়েছিল একটি জমকালো দৌড় প্রতিযোগিতা কে একটি ঘোড়া কে দাঁড় করিয়ে এবং একটি কাঠের তৈরি কৃষক ও গাড়িকে উল্টে দিয়ে।

(5)  His Second Adventure : He wanted to save doll from burning. But it was his mistake.

 টাফি দ্বিতীয় দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান: সে চেয়েছিল একটি খেলনা পুতুল কে আগুনে পুড়ে যাওয়ার হাত থেকে বাঁচাতে। কিন্তু এটা তার ভুল ছিল।

(6) His Third Adventure was : He also wanted to save a doll girl from being drowned but is was also his mistake.

টাফির দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান : সেজেছিল একটি খেলা পুতুল মেয়েকে জলে ডুবে যাওয়ার হাত থেকে বাঁচাতে কিন্তু এটাও তার ভুল ছিল।

 (7) However he was locked in a room by a police doll .

 যাই হোক শেষ পর্যন্ত একটি খেলনা পুতুল পুলিশ তাকে গ্রেপ্তার করে লক আপে রাখে।

(8) At last he was saved by little toy dog , Timothy. And Tuffy called Timothy a real hero.

 শেষ পর্যন্ত টিমোথী বলে একটি খেলনা কুকুর টাফিকে সেই ঘর থেকে মুক্ত করে বাঁচায় । টাফি শেষ পর্যন্ত টি টিমোথীকেই সত্তিকারের বীর বলে সম্বোধন করে।

(9) After that he never left the shelf until he was sold.

 এরপরে আর কোনোদিনই টাফি ঐ আলমারির তার থেকে নামেনি যতদিন না পর্যন্ত তাকে বিক্রি করা হয়েছিল।

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Word Notes of The Adventurous Clown Class 6 :

Longed : yearned ইচ্ছা প্রকাশ করা

Noble  : impressive মহৎ

Dull  : boring একঘেয়েমি

Grumble  : rumble নিজের মনে বিড়বিড় করে বলা

Puppy  : a young dog বাচ্চা কুকুরছানা

Adventures  : an exciting or very unusual experience দুঃসাহসিক অভিযান

Notice  : marked লক্ষ করল

Grand  :  glorious / magnificent জমকালো

Race  : race competition দৌড় প্রতিযোগিতা

Runaway  : racing দৌড়ানো

Clown  : jester / buffoon / joker ভারবা বিদূষক

Reins  : bridle strap ঘোড়ার কেশরের সঙ্গে যে বেল্ট লাগানো থাকে

Terribly  : badly মারাত্মকভাবে

Silly  : foolish বোকা/ নির্বোধ

Upset  : sad মন খারাপ

Hero  : champion বীর

Wiping  : cleaning by rubbing মুছে ফেলা

Noticed  : marked

Ladder  : a bar with steps মই

Porridge  : boiled oats with milk দুধের সঙ্গে ওটস মিশিয়ে খাবার

Sobbed  : sigh in a convulsive manner ফুঁপিয়ে ফুঁপিয়ে কান্না

Rescue   : save উদ্ধার করা

Dipped  : ducked ডুবিয়ে দেওয়া

Slipped out  : slided পিছলিয়ে চলে যাওয়া

Fiercely  : dangerously ক্রুদ্ধ ভাবে

Nasty  : dirty নোংরা

Bump  : knock কোন ফোলা বা মোটা অংশ

Spoilt : destroy নষ্ট করে দেওয়া

Trouble  : problem সমস্যা

Unlocked : released বের করে দেওয়া

Blushed  : became red face through shyness লজ্জায় লাল হয়ে যাওয়া

Banging  : sounding এক ধরনের ব্যাং শব্দ

Activity Answers of The Adventurous Clown Class 6

Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) Tuffy jumped at the reins.   4  ]

(2) The toy clown wanted to be a hero.    1  ]

(3) The farmer was terribly angry.   [6  ]

(4) There was a grand race between two wooden horses and carts driven by wooden farmers.    3  ]

(5) He found the little corner of the toy shelf to be dull.    ]

(6) The cart turned over.    5  ]

Activity 2

Fill in the blanks with words given in the Help Box. There is one extra word:

(1) Tuffy, the toy clown lived in a toyshop

(2) He wished to do something noble

(3) His friend, Timothy, felt that the clown always grumbled

(4) But Tuffy thought that the adventures were always exciting

[ Help Box: exciting, grumbled, noble, toyshop, dull ]

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

“Adventures are always exciting”—Why do you think Tuffy said so?

Ans : Tuffy thought his little corner on the toy shelf was dull. Tuffy wanted to do something noble so that all the toys took notice of him and would cry out that he was a hero. So, he said, “Adventures are always exciting.”

Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The farmer called the toy clown silly.  T

Supporting Statement : “You silly, little clown.”

(b) Tuffy threw all the water at the farmer.  F

Supporting Statement : “Tuffy threw water at the sailor girl when he was cooking porridge.”

(c) The sailor doll could not cook in peace. T

Supporting Statement : “Can’t I cook in peace without you coming and throwing water at me?”

(d) Three goldfish were swimming in a big bowl of water. F

Supporting Statement : “In it were swimming two fine goldfish.”

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) What did Tuffy do when he got upset?

Ans : When he got upset, Tuffy ran out and sat down in a toy farm wiping his tears.

(b) How did the toy clown put out the fire?

Ans : The toy clown put out the fire by throwing all the water.

(c) Why was the sailor doll angry?

Ans : As the sailor toy was disturbed by Tuffy when he was making porridge, he was angry.

(d) What real adventure did Tuffy find at last?

Ans : To rescue two fine goldfish from a big bowl of water was a real adventure found by Tuffy at last.

Activity 6

Fill in the chart with information from the text:

Cause Effect 
(a) Tuffy dropped the doll on the table making her head bang. (a) The little doll began to cry. 
(b) The little doll complained to the policeman about Tuffy. (b) The policeman locked Tuffy in a room in the police station.
(c) Timothy dropped the key to the floor of the room (c) Taking the key Tuffy quickly unlocked the door and ran off.
(d) Tuffy felt that the shelf was really peacrful. (d) Tuffy decided never to leave the toy shelf again. 

Activity 7

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) Why did Tuffy put the little net in the water?

Ans : Tuffy put the little net in the water to bring the little doll out.

(b) What made the little doll think that Tuffy was not a hero?

Ans : Tuffy spoiled the fun of the little doll who was swimming with the two little goldfish in a big bowl , so she thought that Tuffy was not a hero.

(c) How was Tuffy released from the police station?

Ans : Timothy helped Tuffy by providing the key of the door of the room where he was locked in a room in the police station. Tuffy unlocked the door with the key. In this way he was released from the police station.

(d) Why did Timothy blush?

Ans : Timothy blushed as Tuffy called Timothy a hero  because Timothy saved him.

Activity 8

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verbs in the brackets:

(a) Do your work now. (do)

(b) The door is opened. (be)

(c) Usually, Pulak does his work well. (do)

(d) I am working. (be)

Activity 9

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

Fiercely : The thief had been beaten fiercely.

Bump : Drive slowly when you will see a bump on the road.

Drowning : The boy was drowning in the pond.

Nasty : Abstain from hearing nasty word.

Activity 10 (a)

Write a paragraph in about sixty words on ‘A boat journey’ using the following hints:

[moonlit night – four friends – boat on a wide river- rippling of the water- dark forest on either side-thrill of the journey]

Activity 10 (b)

Suppose you spent a night with Tuffy in the toy shop. Write a short paragraph in about sixty words describing your experience.