Wings Class 5 Answers Lesson 8 Activity 1 to Activity 15

Wings Class 5 Answers Lesson 8 Activity 1 to Activity 15 has been prepared in the following from Activity 1 to Activity 15 as a supportive material book.

Wings Class 5; Lesson 8


Answer the following questions:

1. When did Sujit reach Murshidabad?

Ans: Sujit reached Murshidabad early this morning.

2. Who designed Hazarduari?

Ans : Hazarduari was designed by an architect called Colonel Duncan Mc Leod

3. Why was Sujit awestruck?

Ans: Sujit was awestruck by the massive size of the building,Hazarduari.

4. When was Hazarduari built ?

Ans: Hazarduari was built in the 19th century during the reign of Nawab Nazim Humayun Jha.

5. How many rooms does Hazarduari have?

Ans: Hazarduari has hundred rooms and thousand doors.

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Fill in the blanks with information from the text :

1. Hazarduari is in  Murshidabad district.

2. Hazarduari has one hundred false doors.

3. Hazarduari was previously known as Bara Kothi.

4. The guide was speaking in a dry and monotonous way.

5. Hazarduari has one hundred rooms.

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Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given:

1. Hazarduari was designed by a foreigner. – True

2. The palace was small.- False

3. Sujit was impressed by the size of Hazarduari.- True

4. Hazarduari had less than a hundred rooms. – False

5. The guide was talking in a cheerful voice. – False

Let’s read :

Adjective: An adjective tells something more about nouns or pronouns. An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun such as a person, place, thing, or idea.
SentencesDescribing wordsDescribe Nouns/ PronounsAdjectives
The old man is walking slowlyoldmanold
He has twenty pens.twentypenstwenty
The elephant is a large animal.largeanimallarge
Amit has a round face.roundfaceround


Identify the Adjectives in the following sentences:

1. Her mother kept a keen eye on him.

Ans: keen

2. He is a valuable member of the team.

Ans: valuable

3. The tiger is a ferocious animal.

Ans: ferocious

4. Our maths teacher is a very peculiar man.

Ans: peculiar

5. The painting was huge in size.

Ans: huge


Fill in the blanks with words given in the Help Box below:

1. He was wearing a black shirt.

2. My friend is the most intelligent boy in the class.

3. Just look at those beautiful flowers!

4. He is the first boy in the class.

Help Box: intelligent, first, beautiful, black


Fill in the blanks with words in Help Box:

At last, the teacher entered the class. The students were eagerly waiting for him. They were full of enthusiasm. They knew that he was going to announce a trip.

Help Box: eagerly, enthusiasm, entered, trip


Make sentences with the following words:

peculiar: I saw a pick-you liar man who was standing outside my gate.

Destroy: The insects destroyed all the crops in the field this year.

enter: When I entered the gate of a Haunted House I felt uneasiness.

familiar: I was not familiar with the new technology.

Let’s talk:


Discuss with your friend about your plans for the next puja.

You may use the following words and expressions :

(What’s your plan – nothing much – plans for pandal hopping – too crowded – standing in a long queue – having street food – spending time with friends and family)


Actually I have planned nothing much for the next puja. Still I will wish to hop for different pandals and will enjoy the crowd and the atmosphere. In the next pooja I will stand in a long queue to visit the pandals and the idols. I will also plan to have street food after visiting different pandals. I am also going to spend time with my friends and family during the next puja.

 Let’s write :


Suppose you visited the Shibpur Botanical Garden yesterday. Now write five sentences describing your experience. Use words from the Help Box:

(1) Yesterday we went to, visit the Shivpur Botanical Garden.

(2) The garden looks like a forest.

(3) There are many big trees inside it.

(4) I enjoyed the garden with my parents throughout the day to my heart’s content.

(5) My visit to the Shivpur Botanical Garden has definitely enriched my knowledge regarding the varieties of trees and the history of this place.

Help Box : forest, big trees, enjoyed, enriched


Visit your loaclity in a group. Make a chart of the ponds and other water bodies in your area. Your chart should include the following points :

1. Name of the water body

2. Location

3. Size

4. Whether in good condition or not

5. Your feelings

SL NOName of the water bodyLocationSizeWhether in good condition or notYour feelings
1.PondBasanta Village100ft✖100ftNot in good conditionSad to visit; need renovation
2.Small LakePurba Village150ft✖150ftGood conditionHappy to visit; well maintained.

Let’s do :


Answer the following questions:

1. Why was Rohit excited?

Ans: Rohit is very excited because he will play his first-ever district-level football match tomorrow.

2. How old was the hotel where Rohit and his friends would stay?

Ans: The hotel where Rohit and his friends would stay was very old. It was built even before the Maratha invasion of Bengal. 

3. What did Rohit’s coach tell him several times?

Ans: Rohit’s coach told him several times, “Rohit, you have got a wonderful opportunity to prove yourself.” 

4. What made Rohit elated each time?

Ans: Rohit felt elated whenever he thought of the two ancient cannons that were installed right in front of the hotel building palace where they would stay. 

5. Why does not Rohit understand his coach?

Ans: Rohit does not understand his coach because his coach always remains like an enigma and he has not yet got familiar with his peculiar mood swing. 


Write ‘T’ for True and F’ for False statements in the boxes given

1. Tomorrow Rohit is going to play his first state-level match. –  False

2. Rohit’s team members were not excited. – False

3. Rohit does not understand his coach’s mood swings. – True

4.The hotel was originally built even before the Maratha invasion of

Bengal. – True 

5. A part of the hotel building was destroyed by the Bargis. – True


Fill in the blanks with appropriate adjectives given in the Help Box:

My friend Mizanur lives in a big house. They used to be zamindars. His grandfather was a highly respected man. He was a famous writer. He had written many books. He is ninety years old now.

Help Box: famous, respected, big, ninety, many


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the Help Box:

When they entered the room, they were happy to see a familiar  face. They were  excited and waited for him to speak.

Help Box: familiar, excited, entered


Make sentences with the following words:

Peculiar: I saw a Peculiar man in the hotel room.

Trip: Recently, I made a short trip with my parents to Digha

Keen: I always had a keen interest to know about birds.

Eagerly: The girl eagerly waited for her turn to participate in the program.

Remain: I remained silent when my father rebuked me. 


Suppose you went to visit your uncle’s (or any one of the close relatives) house yesterday. Write five sentences about it:

Yesterday I went to visit my uncle’s house at Siliguri. I went to visit my uncle’s house with my parents by car.  we reached there at 11 a.m.  After we had finished our lunch we made a short visit to some nearby beautiful places. At 4 p.m. we returned to our uncle’s house and got some tiffin. Then we made our return journey to our home by car with my parents.  This short trip to my uncle’s house was a wonderful memory for me.