Story Writing Examples Format and Hints

Story Writing Examples Format has been served in this article with hints that are extremely relevant as far as different exams are concerned. Here Story Writing has been made ready with different standards. So, let’s get started.

What is story writing?

Story writing is the writing of a narrative tale that gives an account of imaginary or past events. It is perhaps the oldest form of creative work.   

Different Types of Story Writing

There are different kinds of stories such as

  • Fairy Tales,
  • Fables,
  • Folk Tales,
  • Legends,
  • Adventure Stories,
  • Stories from the Lives of Great Men.

So, before going to start story writing, we should always keep in mind the points with which we are going to write stories. Often the storyteller is the omniscient narrator.

Points to follow for writing a story

So, before going to start story writing, we should always keep in mind the following points

1. A story must not be too big or too small.

2. The story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

3. The events should be narrated in chronological order of sequence.

4. Story is generally written in Past Tense.

5. To make the narrative more interesting, dialogues or conversations can be used.

6. The story must have an interesting conclusion.

7. The language should be lucid, limpid, and refreshingly fluent.

8. Imagination power plays a very crucial role in writing a story.

Story writing Format in English

Write a story using the following hints. Also, give a title and a moral.

Hints [Given as Questions]: A poor woodcutter’s axe slipped and fell into a river—-a god heard him cry and wanted to help him—–he dived into the river and brought a gold axe for him——the honest woodcutter did not take this axe——the god again went down into the river and brought up a silver axe, which the honest woodcutter refused to accept——the god was very pleased and gave him his own axe as well as the gold and silver axes.


The honest woodcutter


Once a poor woodcutter was cutting down a tree by the side of a river. Accidentally his axe slipped into the water. Losing his axe, the poor man sat down and wept. A god heard him cry and came out of the river to help him. He heard the poor man s story, dived into the stream, and soon came out holding in his hand a gold axe. “Is this the axe that you lost? He asked. “No, my axe was not so beautiful as this,” replied the poor Woodcutter. The god dived into the water again and brought up a silver axe. The poor man would not take this one either and said that it was not his. So, the god went into the river for the third time and brought up the iron axe the man had lost. I the man received it with great joy. The god was pleased that the woodcutter was honest. He gave him the silver and the gold axes as a reward in addition to the one made of iron.

Moral: Honesty is always rewarded.

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Examples to Develop the hints into a story

The King and the Spider :

1. Develop the following hints into story writing.

Hints: The king of Scotland was defeated six times——hid in a cave and saw a spider trying to climb up to the roof of the cave the spider fell six times and then succeeded- the king was encouraged – tried again to defeat his enemies and succeeded.

The King and the Spider

Robert Bruce, the king of Scotland was defeated six times on the battlefield. His enemies occupied his kingdom. He went away from his kingdom and hid in a cave. There he saw a spider trying hard to climb up the ceiling. But it fell Six times but did not give up his efforts. As a result, it ultimately succeeded. At this, the frustrated king was greatly encouraged, and said to himself, If the spider can succeed?” He then reaches the ceiling on the seventh attempt, why not resolved to fight his enemies again to take an act of sweet revenge? He collected and went to the battlefield. He fought with renewed vigour his arm and energy and ultimately succeeded.

The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys

2. Attempt a story writing from the following hints in about 150 words. Give a title to your story.

Hints: A cap-seller goes to a fair — sits under a tree— falls asleep —-awakens—-finds no caps —-looks up—— Sees monkeys wearing caps—– begs for their return—-but in vain—– at a loss what to do——-throws off his own cap in despair—-monkeys do the same.

The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys OrThe Imitativeness of Monkeys

One day a cap seller was going to a big fair to sell caps. On the way, he felt tired. He put his caps on the ground and sat down under a big banian tree for rest. While resting he fell asleep. After an hour or so he woke up. He was surprised to find his caps all gone. Suddenly he heard the chatter overhead. He looked up and saw several monkeys on the tree, each wearing a cap. He begged the monkeys to return the caps. The monkeys paid no heed to his request. The cap-Seller was at a  loss for what to do. In despair, he snatched the cap off his head and threw it away. Instantly the monkeys took the caps off their heads and threw them on the ground. The cap seller picked the caps up and took his way to the fair.  

Never Follow the Blind

3. Get the following hints and make a story writing in about 150 words. Give a title to your story.

[Hints:  A snake with two heads—–one of the heads with no eyes—–the blind head wished to lead the Snake——the snake agreed —– fell into a pit and died.]

Never Follow the Blind

Once there was a snake that had two heads at its ends. One of the heads had eyes while the other had none.  The snake followed the head that had eyes. The blind head also wished that the snake should follow it.  But the snake did not agree to do so. This made the blind head truly angry. Once the snake was passing by a tree. The blind head coiled around the trunk of the tree. So, the snake could not proceed any further. At last, finding no other alternative, the snake agreed to follow the blind head. Now the blind head began to lead the snake. On the way, there was a very deep pit. But the blind head could not see it. So, the snake fell into the pit and died.

Moral: Always see where you are going

The Wood Cutter and the River God

4. Study the following hints and develop them into a story (within 120 words). Add a title to it :

[Hints: A woodcutter’s axe falls into a river-becomes very unhappy the River-God brings him a golden axe, a silver axe, and a steel axe one after another-the wood-cutter takes his own steel axe-the River-God rewards him with all the three.]

  The Wood Cutter and the River God

One day a wood-cutter was cutting wood beside a river. As ill luck would have it, his axe slipped from his hands and dropped into the river below. The poor wood-cutter became terribly unhappy and started crying bitterly. At this, the River God felt pity for him. He appeared before him with a golden axe and said, “Is it yours ?'” The honest wood-cutter replied, “No Sir, it is not mine.” Then the god brought a Silver axe and said, Is it yours? He again replied, “No, it’s not mine, Sir.” At last, he brought the steel axe that the wood-cutter had lost and said to him, “Is it yours ?” Then he gladly answered, “Yes Sir, this is mine.” The River God became pleased at his honesty and gave him all three axes. Then he disappeared.

     Moral: Honesty is richly rewarded.


King Solomon’s Wisdom

5. Study the following hints and develop them into a story

[Hints: King Solomon -noted for voice down -Queen of Sheba wanted to test it wisdom -the King came to her court -The Queen offered two garlands -natural and artificial -asked the King to choose the Garland of real roses without touching them -the King opened the window -bees came and sat on real roses -The Queen surprised.]

King Solomon’s Wisdom

 King Solomon was very famous for his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba wanted to test it. Once she was invited by the King to his kingdom. The clever queen brought two garlands of flowers one real and the other artificial. But they looked alike. She went to King Solomon’s kingdom and asked him to pick up the garland of real flowers. The king was greatly puzzled. Then he hit upon an idea. The king asked his men to open the windows. When they were opened, bees flew into the room and sat on the garland of real flowers making the task easy for him. The Queen was deeply impressed with the King’s wisdom.


Lord Buddha and the Poor Woman

6. Develop the following Hints into a story:

[Hints:- Lord Buddha appointed a day for the collection of alms —–devotees brought him gifts—rich men came with their precious Gifts——-came an old and poor woman in a pomegranate——it was hardly eaten by her——Lord accepted it both hands coming from his seat.]

Lord Buddha and the Poor Woman

 Lord Buddha appointed a day for the collection of alms from his devotees. They brought him different gifts. The rich and affluent devotees came with their precious gifts to offer their living god. These devotees thought Lord Buddha would be more pleased with their precious gifts than the ordinary ones given by others. Then an old and very poor devotee appeared there. She was so poor that she had no capacity to buy Lord Buddha any gift whatsoever. But the woman wanted to offer something to the spiritual giant. She had nothing but a pomegranate that she was eating. The old woman did not hesitate to offer the half-eaten pomegranate to her master. Lord Buddha was pleased with the poor woman’s great sacrifice and true devotion. She wanted to offer everything she had. The great master, therefore, accepted the offer with both hands coming down from his seat.

Moral: An ordinary devoted offering is more important than a precious one.


A Fox and a Foolish Goat

7. Develop the following Hints into a story:

[Hints :- A fox passing by ———-slipped into a well ———– A villager ——-goat ——-invite goat —–drink water ——-Leap.]

A Fox and a Foolish Goat

A fox was once passing by a well after sunset. It had been dark. So he did not notice the well. He slipped down into the well. He remained there all night and suffered much. Somehow, he saved himself from drowning. Near that well there lived a villager. The villager had a goat. The goat was quite foolish. In the morning, while grazing about, she went near the well. The fox on facing the goat said, “Come friend, you have not tasted such clear and sweet water in your life as you may land in this well. I have drunk and drunk and yet I want to drink.” The foolish goat was a bit thirsty. She could not check herself. She at once jumped into the well. The fox got upon the head of the goat and got out of the well.

Moral: Look Before you Leap

A Hare and A Tortoise

8. Write a story developing the following outlines.

[Hints: A hare laughed at a tortoise’s slow pace —- they contested in a race—–the hare was over-confident of his victor—–slept on the way——the tortoise won the race.] 

A Hare and A Tortoise

There was a hare. He was very proud of his swift movement. Once he saw a tortoise. He knocked at it for its slow movement. He said to the tortoise, “O slow-footed fellow, will you run a race with me? It will be a nice plan for us. The tortoise agreed to the proposal of the hare. They fixed a goal and started on their race. The hare covered half the way. Then he looked back and stopped. He said to himself, “The tortoise is yet far behind. Let me have some rest for a while.” Saying this he lay there and soon fell asleep. The tortoise moved on and did not stop even for a moment. So it reached its goal. The hare awoke and found that the tortoise had already reached its goal. The hare was ashamed and went away silently.

 Moral: Slow and Steady wins the race

A Tiger and the Religious Man

9. Write a story developing the following outlines.

[Hints: A tiger —– became old—— no longer hunting—— possessed golden bangles—- try a plan— said anyone to give this bangle——- a religious-minded man ——– came near to him—– tiger caught and killed him.]

A Tiger and the Religious Man

There was a tiger. He was very cruel in his youth. He was a man-eater. In his old age he became very weak He could no longer hunt down any animal. So he suffered much for want of food. He had a gold bangle in his possession. He sat in an open place in the forest with that bangle. There was a road along that open place. When the tiger saw any man passing by he said to him, “Brother, here is a good bangle.

I wish to give it to you. Don’t fear. I am old and infirm now. I now pray to God five times a day and do other religious acts. This bangle is useless to me. It will be useful to you. Don’t fear, come to me and take this. A man was passing by the way. He was simple and religious-minded. So, he believed the tiger. He thought that he would help a poor man with that gold. He went near the tiger and was about to receive the bangle. The wicked tiger caught him by the neck and killed him.

Moral: Never Believe the Wicked

A Thirsty Crow 

10. Develop the following outlines into a complete story. Add a title to it (within 120 words):

[Hints: A hot summer day —–a crow became thirsty—- – found water nowhere saw ajar—- – flew to it could not reach the water hit upon a plan —— dropped pebbles into the jar —- water came up—–drank.]

A Thirsty Crow      

 One day it was very hot. A crow was very thirsty. He went out in search of water. He flew out here and there. At last, he saw a water pot. He flew to that pot. But he found that the water in it was at the bottom of the pot. He tried again and again but could not reach the water with his beak. As a result, he became sad but the crow was very clever. After some time, he found some pieces of stone at a small distance. He carried them all to the water one by one. He then dropped the stones into the pot until the water rose to its brim. Then he drank water and satisfied his thirst. 

Moral: Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

A Greedy Dog

11. Develop the following outlines into a complete story.

Hints: A dog was crossing a river with a morsel—– of meat in his mouth—–he saw a bigger piece of meat in the water—-so he dropped what he had—- to catch at what was a shadow and lost both.

A Greedy Dog

One day a dog stole a morsel of meat from a butcher’s shop. He was awfully glad to have it and thought of a hearty meal at home that evening. With the piece of meat in his mouth he proceeded toward his home. On his way home he had to cross a river. There was a narrow plank across it. As he was going across the plank, he looked down and saw his own image reflected in the water. He took it for another dog with a bigger piece of meat.

“Ah. there is another dog with a bigger piece of meat!” he said to himself and added, “If l can take that piece of meat away from him, I shall have a hearty meal also n the morning. I must have that piece at any cost. So, thinking, he rushed at his own shadow to catch the piece of meat reflected in the water. Instantly. he fell into the river and lost his own piece of meat. Thus, being led by greed, he had to lose what he already had.

The Wise Judge

12. Develop the following hints into a story and add a title to it:

Hints: Two women quarrel over a child — each claims it as her own —they come to a wise judge—- he hears the dispute——judge’s order to cut the child into two halves ——-one gives up the claim and says, “Don’t cut the child”——- the other silent—–judge decided in favor of the former.

The Wise Judge

 Once upon a time, two women quarreled over a child. Each claimed it as her own failing to decide the matter between themselves they went to a judge noted for his wisdom. They told the judge about the bone of contention. The judge thought over the dispute for some time, and then gravely said to the executioner, “Cut the child into two halves and give one half to each woman”. No sooner had the judge given his verdict than one of the women cried out to the judge, “Please revoke your judgment. I’ m giving up my claim. Give the child to the other woman, please.” The other woman kept silent all the time. She seemed satisfied with the verdict. The judge could now make out who the real mother was. He gave away the child to the woman who demurred at the judgment.

The Carter and Hercules

13. Develop the following hints into a story. Give the story a title :

Hints: A carter drives along a muddy road— the wheels of his cart sink into the mud—-the carter whips the bullocks in vain—– prays to Hercules to come to his help——Hercules comes and asks him to put his shoulder to the wheels—- the cart moves.

The Carter and Hercules

 One day a carter drove his bullock cart along the muddy village road. Suddenly the wheels of the cart sank into the mud. The mud was so deep and sticky that the bullocks could not pull them out the cart came to a standstill. The carter whipped the bullocks to no effect. He felt helpless and prayed to Hercules to come to his help. Hercules appeared before him. He told Carter to put his shoulder on one of the wheels to help the bullocks to pull out the cart. The cart moved out of the muddy rut. Hercules said to carter, “Don’t call for my help until you’ve done all you can to help yourself ”. He then made it into the air.

The Wind and the Sun

14. Attempt story writing with the following hints. Give a title :

Hints: A quarrel between the North Wind and the Sun over which was the stronger of the two—–a traveler was coming down the road —-agreed that the one that could take off the man’s cloak was the stronger ——the Wind began to blow but the traveler wrapped his cloak around him——-when the wind gave up, the sun started his work——the traveler grew warmer and began to loosen his cloak and sat down in the shade of a tree and fanned himself.

The Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun once had a dispute about which was the stronger. Suddenly they saw a traveler coming down the road. So, they agreed that the one that could take off the man’s cloak was the stronger. First, the Wind began to blow an icy blast but the harder he blew the more closely did the traveler wrap his cloak around him. The Wind was not strong enough to tear off the man’s cloak. At last, the Wind gave up in disgust. Next was the Sun’s turn and he drove away all the heavy rain clouds. Then he began to shine down upon the traveler with such power that the traveler rushed to the wood nearby to take some rest. In the shade of a tree, He sat down and fanned himself. So, the disputes ended and the Sun became the winner. 

Moral:  Persuasion is better than Force.

Who is to Ring the Bell

15. Develop the following outline into a story. Give the story a title :

Hints :  [A lot of mice in a house—–the master of the house brings a cat—the mice are in difficulty they hold a meeting—- one of them proposes to tie a bell —-round the cat’s neck “Who is to bell the cat ?”]

Who is to Ring the Bell

A lot of mice lived in the house. They were making a lot of trouble. The master of the house made a plan to get rid of it. He brought a cat to kill the mice. The mice were in great difficulty. They could not move freely as before. They held a meeting to discuss the matter and find a way to come out of the danger. Several proposals were made. But none was so good. At last, a young mouse rose to speak.

He said., “T have hit upon a good plan. Let us tie a bell around the cat’s neck. Then we shall hear him coming and hide in time.” All the mice thanked the young mouse for his plan. But an old mouse stood up and said, “No doubt, the idea is good. But pray, who is to bell the cat ?” At this, all remained silent as there was none to bell the cat.

Moral: It is easy to say but hard to do.     

Tit For Tat

16. Get the story writing with the following outline. Add a title :

Hints:  A deceitful shopkeeper sells weight—— a boy asks why—–he and replies, “You have to carry less —–he pays less—–counting less is the answer to why.

Tit For Tat

Once a shopkeeper used to sell goods weighing less than normal. But the price was fixed. Hectometers endured to the last limit of their capabilities. He cheated them every now and then arrogantly and short-tempered young talk shouted at him. Months passed by. Old customers boycotted him. And his new ones also stopped buying from him. Man is a creature of habit. So, the fewer the customers were, the more was the habit undying. One day a boy stood protesting vehemently when he saw this dishonest deal. “Why are you not keeping your balance equal? , he cried aloud. He said to himself, “If it was elsewhere he would be roughed up.” The shopkeeper retorted, ‘You have not much to carry.” The angry boy threw away the remark. “I am giving them the price to balance the underweight. It is easier to count for you.”

A King and his Servants  

17. Develop the story writing with the following hints into a story. Give the story a title :

Hints: The diamond-set gold ring vanishes one day—- the king doubts the pilferer among the servants—— the adverse situation calls for action—– none of the servants admits to guilt—- the King gives each servant a stick——he warns that one who has robbed would have his stick two inches taller—-the thief is exposed.

 A King and his Servants  

One day the king discovered that his gold ring studded with diamond was out of sight. He ransacked the valuables from time to time in the safe because he was unfortunate enough to find them nowhere. Then the king Summoned all his servants and behaved well as if nothing had happened. He asked them casually, ‘Do you know about a mere ring? “No”, said all in one, “Our eyes didn’t fall upon it”. The king hit upon a plan that took effect the next day. He invoked all of them to see him after lunch None of them could turn down the royal order.

They inclined their ear to hear. “I am giving each of you a stick. He who is guilty of the deed of plundering the ring will see his stick increase by two inches overnight. Tomorrow you will return the sticks to me”. The pilferer of the ring cut the stick away by two inches that night. The next morning, they submitted the sticks to the same size except one. The king caught his breath until the thief was detected. But he had no guilty conscience. So, the king resorted to a trick.

The quarrel between Limbs and Belly

18. Develop a story writing with the following hints into a story. Give a suitable title :

Hints: Quarrelled between the limbs and  the belly -limbs work but the belly only received -all the limbs  stopped working -body start -limbs weekend and lost strength -they all learned a lesson of co-operation

The quarrel between Limbs and Belly

Once there was a quarrel between the Limbs and the Belly. After working for many years there grew a fit of jealousy between the limbs and the belly. The limbs of our body noticed that all time they had worked, and the Belly only digested the result. So, one day all the limbs of our body decided to stop their work because they thought the belly should also come with them to work. But the belly did not do anything else it only began to wait and watch. So, when all the limbs stopped their work, our body started to decline, and the body also became weakened and lost strength. When the body became weakened and lost its strength, all the limbs of our body understood one thing that they should do all their work together. And from that time, they learned a lesson of co-operation.  

Moral: Co-operation helps us to be united and strong.

The embarrassment of a Forgetful Man

19. Write a story with the help of the following hints :

Hints:-  a forgetful man—– thinks of inviting his friends to dinner— arranges varieties of dishes and waits for his friends to come—- none arrives —-wonders—- what the cause might be—- draws a drawer—- in his writing desk—–finds the bunches of invitation letters undelivered.

The embarrassment of a Forgetful Man

There lived a man called Vola Babu. He was so-called due to his forgetful nature. Once he decided to invite all his friends to dinner at his house. On that very day, he was very busy. He bought good fish, mutton, and vegetables. He asked his cook to prepare a variety of dishes. All those items were mouth-watering afternoon Vola Babu was ready to indeed. From the welcome guests. The afternoon became night, but nobody turned up. Vola Babu was very upset. He could not understand what went wrong. He then drew the drawer of his writing desk. The reason was revealed in no time. There were bunches of invitation letters. He had written those letters but forgotten to post any of them. His friends were not invited at all.


Pangs of Captivity

20. Attempt a story writing (within 100 words)using the given hints. Give a title to the story:

Hints:-  a soldier prisoner of war for some years—– war ends returns— home sees– a bird seller on the way buys all the birds and sets them free.

 Pangs of Captivity

Once a soldier was caught by the enemy force on the battlefield. They put him in the prison for some years. When the war came to an end, all the war prisoners including the soldier were freed. On his way home, the soldier came across a bird seller. The seller was selling birds in cages. Seeing the caged birds the soldier’s heart writhed in pain. He too had experienced the pangs of captivity. So he approached the bird seller and bought all the birds from him. Then he opened the doors of the cages one after another and set all the birds free.

TheThree Artists

21. Develop the following hints into a story. Give the title to this story writing :

Hints: Three artist participants in a contest ——–one draws Flowers ——–bees attracted to sit on it ———-the second paints a fruit ——–it Lures an ox ——–the third pictures a curtain ——–who wins the prize.

The Three Artists

Once three prominent artists were in a competition hosted by the mayor of the town. On the appointed day, the bell rang to declare the hour of inspection. All sat and drew in an hour with their equipment. The first artist worth mentioning carefully sketched a bucket of Flowers. It was so charming that bees were flying to sit on it and suck honey. The second is depicted with wrapped tension a pineapple. The fruit was like enough to tempt an ox from afar. The third concentrated on picturing a gorgeous curtain. The curtain was live enough to deserve everyone’s praise. Of the paintings in galore the judges were befooled to lift the curtain which was not real but seemingly real. The third artist indeed was entitled to win the first prize as judges were made the moment’s fools. 

An awful Journey

22. Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story writing: [ Page 7; Ex 7; Class 9 ]

[Hints: returning from the educational excursion by bus-night Journey—sudden breakdown-tires punctured-had to wait for two hours at a lonely place-tires fixed-back home.]

An awful Journey

We had gone on an educational trip to Bishnupur by bus. Our respected teachers and students from a different classes of our school were part of this educational trip. We had a lovely moment there. It was fixed we would make our return journey at night from there. We knew that we had to be very careful as there we came across a long, lonely road through which our bus would come back. There were only paddy fields and sometimes there were tall Sal trees standing in a line on both sides of that road. We started from there. After some time, when our bus was in the middle of our journey, its tire got suddenly punctured.

So, it could not move and stood in the middle of that lonely, awful road. The driver and the conductor engaged themselves to replace the tire as soon as possible. The place was very lonely and the big Sal trees stood like giants on both sides of the road. We got down from the bus and We felt if we cried loudly for help if anything bad happened, none could hear us, and none would come to rescue us. It was a deep dark night. We became very scared. However, we had to wait two hours in that lonely place. After the tire got fixed, we started again and came back home safely.