It All Began With Drip-Drip Class 6 Solution WBBSE

It All Began With Drip-Drip is a funny story includes in the Blossoms : English Textbook for class 6 under WBBSE syllabus. It All Began With Drip-Drip Class 6 Solution with words notes and activity questions and answers will be helpful.

About the author :

Alka Shankar and Sharleen Mukundan are famous writers for children’s books. Both of them are renowned writers.

About the text : 

In this story we can find how a man became famous only for his luck and got fame and position though he did not deserve these at all. We like to read this story as it creates fun and laughter.

Bengali Meaning:

To get line by line Bengali meaning watch the video.

Words Notes: It All Began With Drip-Drip Class 6 Solution

Ill-tempered – angry রাগী বা বদমেজাজি

Outskirts – bordering areas as of a city প্রান্তে বা বাইরে

Huddled – curled up কুঁকড়ে বসেছিল

Leaking – oozing চুয়ে চুয়ে পড়া

Muttered – whispered ফিসফিস করে বলল

Angrily – with anger রাগতভাবে

Drip-drip – sound of falling liquid nonstop তরল জাতীয় কোনো কিছু পড়ার শব্দ

Shoved – pushed ধাক্কা দেওয়া

Trunk  – box বাক্স

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Shake  – tremble কাঁপা

Dreadful  – dangerous ভয়ানক

Potter  – one who makes earthen pots কুমোর

Grabbed  – caught ধরে ফেলল

Frightened – feared ভয় পেয়ে গেল

Dragged – pulled harshly জোরে টেনে নিয়ে এলো

Sturdy  – strong শক্ত

Screamed – shouted in fear ভয়ে চিৎকার করলো

Neighbours – people dwelling nearby পাড়া-প্রতিবেশী

Mystified  – surprised অবাক হয়ে গেল

Admit – confess স্বীকার করল

Questioningly – curiously জিজ্ঞাসু ভাবে

Disturbed – scared ভয় পেয়ে গেল

Relieved  – relaxed পরিত্রান পেল

Brag – boast অহংকার

Proudly  – arrogantly অহংকার এর সঙ্গে

Marvelled  – wondered অবাক হয়ে গেল

Impressed – influenced প্রভাবিত করল

Neighbouring – nearby কাছাকাছি

Declared – announced ঘোষণা করলো

Entrust – confer / allocate /assign বিশ্বাস পূর্ণভাবে দায়িত্ব অর্পণ করা

Defend – save রক্ষা করা

Despair – disappointment  হতাশা

Borders – boundary সীমানা

Magnificent  – excellent চমৎকার

Stallion  – male horse পুরুষ ঘোড়া

Glumly  – sadly বিষন্নতার সঙ্গে

Securely  – safely নিরাপত্তার সঙ্গে

Reared  – rise on the back leg পিছনের পা

Galloped  – moved forward ঘোড়ার টগবগ করে ছুটে যাওয়া

Desperately  – recklessly মরিয়া ভাবে

Grasp – capture ধরে ফেলল

Waving – moving নাড়ালো

Astonished – surprised অবাক হয়ে গেল

Excitedly  – wildly উত্তেজিতভাবে

Overcome  – upset জয়লাভ করলো

Victory – win জয়

Awarded  – rewarded পুরস্কৃত করল

Legend  – historic character কিংবদন্তি

It All Began With Drip-Drip Class 6 Solution Activity

Activity 1

Tick in the correct alternative:

(a) The tiger took shelter near the house of (i) an old woman (ii) an old man (iii) a neighbour.

(b) The old woman was (i) soft-spoken (ii) ill-tempered (iii) shy.

(c) The tiger thought drip-drip was (i) the constant falling of rain (ii) the name of a man (iii) a creature.

(d) Bholenath was a (i) farmer (ii) weaver (iii) potter.

Activity 2

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you:

(1) She pushed her bed around the room to keep it dry. 4

(2) The tiger took shelter outside an old woman’s hut. 3

(3) Bholenath was looking for his donkey. 5

(4) A tiger was caught in a storm. 1

(5) Bholenath saw an animal huddled against the wall of the woman’s hut.6

(6) The old woman was ill-tempered that night. 2

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

What do you think would Bholenath’s reaction be if he knew that the animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger?

Ans : If Bholenath knew that the animal ‘huddled in the dark’ was actually a tiger , he could not drag the animal home and kept it tied by a sturdy rope to a nearby tree. He rather became frightened and ran away from there.

Activity 4

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The tiger was frightened because Bholenath grabbed it, shouted at it and pulled its ears.

(b) Bholenath’s wife screamed in fear when she had seen a tiger tied to a tree.

(c) Disturbed and confused by the people, the tiger chewed through the ropes and ran away to the jungle.

(d) Bholenath announced proudly that he captured the tiger last night all by himself.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did Bholenath bring the tiger home?

Ans : Bhleneth brought the tiger home by mistake as he thought it was his donkey that was lost.

(b) What made the neighbours come running out of their huts?

Ans : The neighbours come running out of their huts when they heard that Bholenath’s wife was shouting as she saw the tiger tied by a sturdy rope near her hut.

(c) Why were the villagers relieved?

Ans : The villagers were relieved when the tiger chewed through the rope and ran away to the jungle.

(d) How did the king reward Bholenath for his bravery?

Ans : The king rewarded Bholenath for his bravery making him the Commander-in-chief of his army and giving him a huge house to live in.

Activity 6

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) Bholenath did not know how to ride a horse. True

Supporting statement : “don’t even know how to ride a horse.”

(b) The king sent Bholenath a magnificent elephant. False

Supporting statement : The king sent Bholenath a magnificent stallion.

(c) The enemy soldiers were happy to see Bholenath. False

Supporting statement : They were greatly scared.

(d) Bholenath defeated the enemy soldiers single-handedly. False

Supporting statement : The soldiers ran away without putting up a fight.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) Why was Bholenath full of despair?

Ans : Bholenath was full of despair because the king entrusted him with the duty of protecting his state and Bholenath did not know how to ride a horse and how to defend his borders against enemy soldiers.

(b) How did his wife help him to overcome his trouble?

Ans : To overcome his trouble, Bholenath’s wife securely tied him to the stallion with a rope.

(c) What made the enemy soldiers greatly scared?

Ans : The enemy soldiers were greatly scared as they saw a wild looking man tied to a fierce stallion waving branches excitedly.

(d) Do you think Bholenath could truly be called a legendary character? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans : Bholenath could truly be called a legendary character. In the story, Bholenath got the position and respect because of his luck ,not because of his bravery.

Activity 8(a)

Read the following sentences. Underline the Nouns which indicate either a state of being or a quality of mind:

(i) The king is known for his kindness.

(ii) The beauty of the flower attracted me.

(iii) Childhood is fun.

(iv) India attained freedom in 1947.

Activity 8(b)

Form abstract nouns from the following words:

(i) dark: Darkness

(ii) adult: adulthood

(iii) amaze :amazement

(iv) disturb : disturbance

(v) confuse : confusion

(vi) sweet : sweetness

Activity 8 (c)

Underline the words that indicate a group of people, animals or things taken as a whole:

(i) I saw a crowd in front of the shop.

(ii) A herd of cattle is passing by.

(iii) Our school cricket team has won.

(iv) A bunch of flowers was kept in the vase.

Activity 8(d)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collective nouns given in the Help Box. One is done for you:

(i) A posse of policemen marched by.

(ii) I bought a bunch of grapes from the market.

(iii) A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.

(iv) I saw a swarm of bees buzzing around.

(v) The class is very noisy.

Help Box: flock, posse, swarm, bunch, class ]

Activity 8 (e)

Underline the words in the following sentences that can be counted. Circle the words that cannot be counted:

(i) I am reading a book.  countable

(ii) Iron is a useful metal. uncountable

(iii) Snowy is his pet dog. countable

(iv) She has long hair. uncountable

Activity 8(f)

Read the sentences carefully and put the underlined words in the correct columns:

(i) Milk is good for health.

(ii) The door is closed.

(iii) I bought a kilo of sugar from the market.

(iv) Children play with toys.

doormarket.Childrentoys. health.sugarMilk

Activity 9

Find words from the text nearest in meaning to the words given below:

(a) kingly : royal

(b) sorrow : worry

(c) surprised : amazed

(d) afraid : frightened

Activity 10(a)

Imagine you are caught in a storm while returning home one night. Write a short paragraph in about sixty words describing your experience. Use the following hints: returning from aunt’s place- sky darkened- wild wind-rain- no one around- how you reached home

Activity 10(b)