Class 5 Wings Lesson 1 Answers Activity 1 to Activity 17

Class 5 Wings Lesson 1 has been arranged in the following with all activity answers. Class 5 Wings Lesson 1 contains 17 activities and all are answered.

From Class 5 Wings Lesson 1 you will get the idea of reading unseen passages, framing simple sentences, the difference between adjectives and adverbs, punctuation marks, wh-questions, subject & predicate, articles, make sentences.

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Class 5 Wings Book pdf with Answers Download


Let’s do :


1 Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions :

(a) What idea did Tagore believe in?

Ans: Tagore believed in the idea of universal humanism.

(b) Who started Rakhi Bandhan?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore started  Rakhi Bandhan.

(c) How do the people of India Practise Rakhi Bandhan today?

Ans: Today, the people of India practise Rakhi Bandhan across the country, defying the barrier of caste, creed and religion.

Activity – 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

(a) Rabindranath was a lover of mankind.

(b) Rakhi Bandhan festival started in 1905.

(c) Rakhi Bandhan became a festival of brotherhood and communal harmony.

(d) This festival strengthens the bond among people.

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Let’s do :


Let’s read the passage carefully and fill in the chart with the appropriate ‘wh-word given in the box to make interrogative sentences. One is done for you :

  • I am Mita. I live in a village. I am ten years old. I read in Class V. I go to school every day at 10 am. Our school building is white in color, with a blue border. Moumita Dutta is our class teacher.
SL.No‘Wh-word’Other parts of the sentence
1Whatis your name?
2Wheredo you live?
3Whendo you go to school?
4Howold, are you?
5Whois your class teacher?
 ‘Wh-‘ word box: Who, What, When, Where, How 


Identify the subject and the predicate in the following sentences and write them in the table given below.

(1) Rehana is playing on the field.

(2) Latika knows French.

(3) Ajijul teaches Bengali in class XII.

(4) Susanta can recite poems beautifully.

(5) Kalimpong is a new district.

(1) Rehanais playing in the field.
(2) Latikaknows French.
(3) Ajijulteaches Bengali in class XII.
(4) Susantacan recite poems beautifully.
(5) Kalimpongis a new district.


Insert appropriate punctuation marks in the following passage. One is done for you.

1. It was a Rainy Day ( . ) Amit lay sick on his bed ( . ) He was very sad as he could not join the football match with his friends Anup (, ) Kunal and Sumit ( . ) Amit’s friends came to him the next day and told (,  ) ( “ )  How are you feeling (?  ) ( ”)

Rewrite the passage using correct punctuation marks.

2. Our headmaster teaches us English(.) One day he said to us(,)(“) Have you seen the rainbow(?)(”) Some among us said(,) (“)Yes sir(.)(”)He then asked us (,)(“)How does it look like(?)(”) We said(,)(“) Very beautiful(,) Sir(.)(”)

Let’s do:


Put the words in the correct boxes :

ABanana, leaf, union, flower, woman, university
AnOstrich, orange, hour, egg, MA
TheKaveri, Qutub Minar, Himalayas, Statesman


Use ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ to fill in the given blanks :

(i) Give me an egg and a banana.

(ii) He is an M.P. of our locality.

(iii) Mita is a university student.

(iv)Cow is a useful animal.

(v) Barnali is the best girl in our class.

(vi) She is an old lady.

(vii) Sugar sells for Rs. 20/- a  kilo.

 (viii) This is a one-act play.

(ix) He is an honest man.

(x) The Pacific is the deepest ocean.


There is a mistake in each of these sentences. Circle the mistake and rewrite the sentences correctly. One is done for you :

(a) Ramita went to a Tajmahal.

Ans:  Ramita went to the Tajmahal.

(b) He travelled around an country on a bicycle.

Ans: He travelled around the country on a bicycle.

(c) Anamika met a old man and a young lady.

Ans: Anamika met an old man and a young lady.

(d) My mother is reading a book.

Ans: My mother is reading  book.

(e) He is a honourable man.

Ans: He is an honourable man.

Let’s do:


Fill in the blanks with words from the Word Trove :

(a) She opened the door gently and went in.

(b) The history of mankind is a struggle for existence.

(c) We all celebrate different festivals.

(d) The student explained why he was late for school.


Replace the underlined words in the given sentences with their antonyms given in the Help Box:

(a) Stop or gently pass by.

Ans:  Stop or rudely pass by.

(b) Your bag is similar to mine.

Ans: Your bag is dissimilar, to mine.

(c) Gandhiji wanted equality among all religions.

Ans: Gandhiji wanted inequality among all religions.

Help Box:  inequality, dissimilar, rudely


Make sentences with the following words:

sacrifice: The man sacrificed his life for his country.

Freedom: Lean freedom is better than fat slavery.

Refused: I refused to admit it.

Moment: This is a moment of great joy.

Let’s rhyme :

Let’s rhyme by using appropriate words. You may take words from the Help Box:

Help Box: tilled, shield, panted, daunted, ware, wire, darted, parted, piece, fish, imply, comply, fought, bought, lot, barge. urge, knead, seed, feed 


You are fond of one great person. Write six sentences about her/his exceptional qualities with the help of hints given in the Help Box:

Subhas Chandra Bose

I am fond of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He was a great freedom fighter. He was responsible for India’s freedom. He was a positive thinker. He was a great leader and very helpful to his countrymen. He had a strong will to make India free from the British. He loved his motherland deeply and the people who lived here.

Help Box: responsible, positive thinker, helpful, strong will, love for the motherland and people 

Let’s do:


Answer the following questions :

(a) Where did Ruby live in her childhood?

Ans: Ruby lived in Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

(b) What did Ruby share with her family members?

Ans: She always shared food, suffering and joy with other members of the family.

(c) What did Ruby want to see in her childhood?

Ans: In her childhood, she wanted to see a patriot from a close distance.

(d) Which qualities did Ruby’s uncle’s friend cherish?

Ans: Ruby’s uncle’s friend cherished the qualities of peace and equality. To him, communal harmony was of great importance. In the festivals of different religions, he participated wholeheartedly.


Write ‘T’ for True statements and ‘F’ for False statements. One is done for you:

(a) Chindwara is a place in Jharkhand. F

(b) Ruby’s parents never taught her the benefits of living in a joint family. F

(c) Ruby admired freedom fighters. T

(d) Ruby’s uncle’s friend participated in festivals of different religions. T


Underline the adverbs in the following sentences:

(a) Usually, Ruby’s uncle’s friend participated in all religious festivals.

(b) Many people actively took part in the Freedom Struggle of India.

(c) Ruby, fortunately, met a patriot.

(d) Ruby’s uncle’s friend strongly supported the idea of peace and Equality.


Fill in the blanks by choosing suitable adverbs from the Help Box :

(a) Amanulla successfully completed the examination.

(b) Ranjana gave answers to the quiz master confidently,

(c) Actually, it is a wasteland.

(d) Medically, he is unfit.

Help Box: medically, actually,  confidently, successfully

Let’s write :


You have your playmates in your locality. Write in six sentences about your experience in the playground:

Our Playground

There is a big playground near our house. It is rectangular in shape. The ground is covered with soft green grass. There are also big trees around the playground. We play cricket and football in this ground. Different football and cricket tournament are also held every year on this ground.