Class 3 English Grammar Worksheets with Answers (2025)

Introducing for the Session 2024-2025, dive into English grammar worksheets for Class 3, enriched with answers, aimed at enhancing students’ understanding and building a robust foundation in English grammar, in line with NEP 2020.

The English Grammar Class 3 Worksheets with Answers provide a comprehensive curriculum tailored for third-grade students, ensuring a thorough grasp of grammar principles.

Additionally, our expanded English Grammar series, catering to CBSE, ICSE, and other State Boards, spanning classes 3 through 6, is poised to support learners in their English Grammar journey.

Significance of English Grammar Class 3 Worksheets with Answers

Understanding grammar is essential for effective communication. This worksheet, designed for children of Class 3, plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for strong grammar skills.

Contents for English Grammar Class 3 Worksheets

These sample exercises provide a glimpse of the types of questions that can be included in an English Grammar Class 3 Worksheet. Such worksheets help students practice and reinforce their grammar skills in an interactive and engaging manner.

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Kindergarten English Worksheets 

1. English Grammar Class 3 Worksheet: Nouns: Common Nouns, Proper Nouns


A.  Underline the proper nouns and circle the common nouns in these sentences.

1. He speaks Tamil at home.

2. The Indian Ocean is very big.

3. Sarla is a dancer.

4. Miss Pushpa is my class teacher.

5. Australia is a large island.

6. The River Nile flows through Egypt.

7. The mango is the national (fruit of India.

8. Jupiter is a planet.

Grab more nouns worksheets: Chapter 1

2. English Grammar Class 3 Worksheet: Singular and Plural


A.  Match the singular nouns in column A with the correct plural nouns in column B.

1. womana. 
2. mouseb. 
3. lousec. 
4. goosed.
5. toothe.
6. footf.
7. childg.
8. ox h.

Grab more singular plural worksheets: Chapter 2

3. English Grammar Class 3 Worksheet: Gender


A.  Write M for masculine nouns and F for feminine nouns.

1. Uncle   ___________

2. tigress ___________

3. washerman ___________

4. sister ___________

5. landlord ___________

6. emperor ___________

7. airhostess ___________

8. niece ___________

Grab more gender worksheets: Chapter 3

4. Pronouns


A. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete these sentences.

1. Deepa plays in the park. _________ in the evening. (He/She)

2. Vinod is studying.  _________ He has a test tomorrow. (He/She)

3. That is a nice sari!  _________ look very pretty in it. (It/You)

4. It is going to rain.  _________ don’t have an umbrella. (I/He)

5. The house is big.  _________  has many rooms. (It/She).

6. My parents and I are in Munnar. _________  like this place. (We/They)

Grab more pronouns worksheets: Chapter 4

5. Articles


A.  Complete these sentences with a or an.

1. Gina is reading __________  book.

2. I want __________  ruler and  __________ pencil.

3. There is  __________  entrance on the other side.

4.  __________  elephant can eat ten sugarcanes at once.

5. She always eats  __________  orange after lunch.

6. He wants to live on  __________  island.

7. Jay is buying  __________  school bag.

8. Ravi has  __________  bicycle and his brother has  __________  motorcycle.

Grab more articles worksheets: Chapter 5

6. Adjectives


1. Circle the adjectives in these sentences.

1. Miss Sarkar is a strict teacher.

2. Raju cannot do the difficult sum.

3. A bright light shines through the window.

4. Chikku is a shy child.

5. The small boy is crying.

6. The teacher is scolding the rude girl.

7. I do not like sour lemons.

8. The little girl gives me flowers every day.

Grab more adjectives worksheets: Chapter 6

7. Verbs


1. circle the verbs in the sentences

1. She walks to the park every morning.

2. The cat chased the mouse around the room.

3. They are studying for the exam right now.

4. He will bake a delicious cake for the party.

5. I love to read books in my free time.

6. We should clean the entire house this weekend.

7. The birds sing beautifully in the morning.

8. She dances gracefully on the stage.

9. They have been working on the project all week.

10. The chef prepared a gourmet meal for the guests.

Grab more verbs worksheets: Chapter 7

8. The Simple Present Tense


1. Circle the verbs in the simple present tense in these sentences.

1. Plants give us oxygen.

2. They keep their toys in the red toy box.

3. His mother fries delicious samosas.

4. They swim in the village pond.

5. Radha brushes her teeth before going to bed.

6. Miss Rao teaches us Science.

Grab more simple present worksheets: Chapter 8

9. The Present Continuous Tense


1. Complete these sentences with the present continuous tense of the words given in the brackets.

1. The children ____________  every day. (swim)

2. It ____________. (rain)

3. The wind ____________ very hard today. (blow.)

4. He ____________  at the station. (wait)

5. I ____________ a really good book. (read)

6. She ____________ hard for the exams. (study)

Grab more present continuous tense worksheets: Chapter 9

10. The simple past Tense


1. Complete these sentences by adding -d or -ed to the verbs in the brackets.

1. Jaya __________  her room yesterday. (clean)

2. She __________ at the little baby. (smile)

3. The lion __________ into the pond. (jump)

4. They __________ football last week. (play

5. I __________ clothes and put them for drying. (wash)

6. We__________ all day and all night. (work)

Grab more simple past tense worksheets: Chapter 10

11. The Linking Verbs: am, is, are, was, were


A. Complete these sentences with is, am, and are.

1. Grandmother ___________ in the kitchen.

2. You ___________ my neighbor.

3. We ___________ in the dance competition.

4. Swati ___________ tired of waiting for Dina.

5. I ___________ in Kerala now.

6. Sam ___________ the captain of the football team.

7. It ___________ an interesting story.

8. Lily and Huma ___________ good at playing tennis.

Grab more linking verbs worksheets: Chapter 11

12. Adverbs


A.  Match the words in column A with the correct words in column B.

1. People work hard,a. not loudly.
2. Some people spell badly,b. not lazily. 
3. You whisper softly,c. not rudely.-
4. Most people eat slowly,d. not correctly.
5. You smile politely,e. not badly. 
6. Most people behave well,f. not greedily.

Grab more adverbs worksheets: Chapter 12

13. Prepositions


A. Complete these sentences with the correct prepositions.

1. The butterfly is sitting _____ a yellow flower. (on/in)

2. Ali wakes up _____ 7 o’clock every morning. (on/at)

3. Mina is standing _____ the tree. (under/on)

4. Grandmother takes a short nap _____ the afternoon. (in/on)

5. The boys are swimming _____ the river. (on/in)

6. Ravi and Rani baked a cake _____ Monday. (on/at)

7. Hira keeps his toy_____ .the red box. (in/on)

8. The old man is sitting _____  the bench. (on/under)

Grab more prepositions worksheets: Chapter 13

14. Conjunctions


A. Join these sentences with and/or.

1. Is that Meena? Is that Heena?

2. It is very hot. Everybody is sweating,

3. The bus stopped. All the passengers got down.

4. Does he live in a village? Does he live in a town?

5. You can have pineapple juice. You can have orange juice.

6. She is at home. She is practising for the dance competition.

7. Are we leaving today? Are we leaving tomorrow!

8. They can go to Delhi by čar. They can go to Delhi by bus.

Grab more conjunctions worksheets: Chapter 14

15. Interjection


A. Complete these sentences with the correct interjections from the words given in the brackets.

1. _________ He shouldn’t have said that. (Good!/Goodness!)

2. _________ I spilled the milk on the carpet. (Oops!/Yeah!)

3. _________! What a cute baby. (Oh no!/Aww!)

4. _________You scared me. (Oh!/Yeah!)

5. _________ We lost the battle. (Alas!/What!)

6. _________ What a beautiful dress! (Aww!/Wow!)

7. _________ Is that a lizard? (What!/Ouch!)

8. _________ I missed the bus. (Oh dear!/What!)

Grab more interjection worksheets: Chapter 15

16. Wh-Question Words


A. Read the given answers. Tick (✓) the correct questions for these answers.

1. a. Why is the baby crying?

b. What is the baby doing?

c. How is the baby?

Answer: The baby is hungry.

2. a. How are your parents?

b. Where are your parents?

c. Who are your parents?

Answer: My parents are fine.

3. a. When is your cousin coming?

b. How is your cousin coming?

c. Where is your cousin coming from?

Answer: He is coming at 9 o’clock.

4. a. Where is your class teacher?

b. What is your class teacher?

c. Who is your class teacher?

Answer: Miss Roy is my class teacher.

5. a. What sweets are there?

b. How many sweets are there?

c. How much sweets are there?

Answer: There are ten sweets.

6. a. How is the children’s park?

b. Why is the children’s park closed?

c. Where is the children’s park?

Answer: The children’s nark is near the rive

Grab more wh-questions words worksheets: Chapter 16

17. Subject and Predicate Worksheets


A. Underline the predicate parts in these sentences.

1. School closes at 3.30 p.m.

2. Maya and Mala are reading storybooks.

3. Fish live in lakes, rivers and seas.

4. We are driving to Bengaluru on Saturday.

5. The baby cries a lot.

6. Vasanti is wearing a sari,

7. The newspaper is on the table.

8. The snake catches a frog.

Grab more subject and predicate worksheets: Chapter 17

18. Punctuation Marks Worksheets


A. Rewrite these sentences with capital letters, full stops and question marks where needed.

1. kabir is going to coorg and mysuru in february

2. father and i want to go fishing in the lake

3. when are you visiting us

4. i plan to go to my cousin’s house tomorrow

5. which way is the station

6. raj enjoys reading pinocchio and cinderella

7. sunny cannot go to school on tuesday

8. where did you find the little puppy

Grab more punctuation marks worksheets: Chapter 18

FAQs English Grammar Worksheets for Class 3

Q: Why is grammar important?

A: Grammar is the foundation of effective communication. It helps us convey our thoughts clearly and accurately.

Q: How can students improve their grammar skills?

A: Consistent practice, reading, and seeking guidance from teachers or resources like this worksheet can help students improve their grammar.

Q: Can worksheets like these be used for self-study?

A: Yes, worksheets are valuable tools for self-study, allowing students to practice grammar independently.

Q: Are grammar rules difficult to learn for Class 3 students?

A: Not at all. With age-appropriate resources and guidance, Class 3 students can grasp basic grammar concepts effectively.

Q: What are some other resources to improve grammar skills?

A: Apart from worksheets, there are grammar books, online tutorials, and educational games that can aid in grammar learning.

Q: How can teachers make grammar lessons engaging for students?

A: Incorporating interactive activities, real-life examples, and storytelling can make grammar lessons more engaging and relatable.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the significance of “English Grammar Class 3 Worksheet with Answers.”

By breaking down the importance of grammar, the components of the worksheet, and providing answers to common questions, we aim to help students and educators build a strong foundation in English grammar.