Wings Class 5 Lesson 2 Answers Activity 1 to Activity 15

Wings Class 5 Lesson 2 all Activity answers are arranged in the following. The answers to those 15 activities from Wings Class 5 Lesson 2  have been made in a simple way for the students of class 5.

At the end of Wings Class 5 Lesson 2, students will be able to learn about Nouns and their kinds, and gender, and make sentences, and paragraph writing.

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Class 5 Wings Book pdf with Answers Download


Let’s do :


Answer the following questions :

(a) Who undertook trekking in December 2018?

Ans: A group of young doctors from Kolkata went on trekking in December 2018.

(b) What refreshed their tired mind?

Ans: On their uphill journey, the beauty of nature refreshed their tired mind.

(c) What are ‘Lomris’?

Ans: ‘Lomris’ are one kind of wild animal found in the hilly region.

(d) Who was the leader of the expedition of 2018?

Ans: Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya was the leader of the expedition of 2018.


Complete the following sentences with information from the text

(a) Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya thanked the guide for active cooperation.

(b) The guide forbade them to encounter lomris all of a sudden.

(c) The team on the top of Kedarkantak took group photos and enjoyed only a brief stay as the weather was inclement.

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Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given.

(a) On the way the trekkers faced obstacles. (T).

(b) The ‘lomris’ were moving around the tents. (F).

(c) On the top of the hill the weather was very bad. (T).

(d) The doctors took a rest in luxury hotels. (F).

Let’s learn.

Let’s read the words:

Anirban Bhattacharya, Mr. Sharma, lomri, Kedarkantak, Kolkata, photos, tent, torches,

All these words are names. So naming words are called Nouns.

Let’s do:


Now classify the nouns and fill in the table. One is done for you:

Name of Person /AnimalName of PlaceName of Things 
Anirban BhattacharyaKolkataPhotos
Mr. Sharma,Kedarkantak,tent,
lomri, torches,


Give two Proper Nouns for each Common Noun. One is done for you:

Common NounProper Noun
BoyPijush, Ranju
GirlAnkita, Srijeeta
SchoolLoyola High School, St. Xavier’s High School
PenRollerball Pen, Fountain Pen
Indoor gamesLudo, Chess
NewspaperTimes of India, The Indian Express

Activity – 6

Classify the following words into Common Nouns and Proper Nouns :

Rintu, Bhutan, Kalpana, Somnath, the Sundarbans, pencil, garden, house, clock, tower, the Ganga, the Himalayas, train, glass, chair.

Common NounProper Noun
tower,the Sundarbans,
train,the Ganga,
glass,the Himalayas,

Activity-6 (a)

Look at the picture. Then underline the words showing masculine gender and circle the words showing feminine gender in the passage:

A few days ago, we had a short tour of Kalimpong. We had a picnic in a beautiful village. Many women of the locality participated in it. A little girl sang beautiful Nepali songs. We were very much pleased with her sweet voice and gave her some gifts. The villagers call her princess of the land. A gentleman, present at the picnic, recited a poem. A peacock danced at a measurable distance. Some little boys playing nearby stood still to enjoy the dance. An ox was grazing, and a dog was chasing a goat. At the end of the day, the master of the farmhouse thanked us sincerely and bade us farewell.

Activity-6 (b)

Find out from the passage and write the Masculine Gender with the corresponding Feminine Gender in the table. One is done for you

Masculine GenderFeminine Gender


Fill in the blanks with words from the Word Trove :

(a) Rakesh hugged his friend after winning the match.

(b) On the summit of Mt. Everest they had a brief stay.

(c) I encountered a difficulty in solving the problem.

(d) The trekkers are planning to start a new expedition.


Make sentences with the following words:

encounter: The trekkers encountered some wild animals.

discover: Vasco Da ga discovered the sea route to reach India.

climb: My grandmother could climb a tree even at the age of sixty.

summit: On reaching the summit the climbers took some rest.

Let’s rhyme :

Let’s rhyme by using appropriate words. You may take words from the Help Box:

1. hug3. summit
i) mugi) fit
ii) tugii) pit
2. supply4. climbers
i) implyi) timbers
ii) applyii) creepers
 Help Box:  mug, fit, imply, pit, timbers, apply, creepers, tug 


Write six sentences about an outing with friends. Use the points from the Help Box:

Help Box: Date – time-place of the journey – (from …. to … ) – by bus/train/waterways –  return – enjoyment 

An Outing to Digha

I recently made an outing to Digha with my parents. It was the morning of 13th March when we boarded the train to reach there. We reached there at 10 am. Then we took some rest in the hotel room and took our lunch. After we visited the sea beach, Science Museum, and Amaravati Park. Then at 8 pm, we boarded the train to make our return journey home. We enjoyed the moment very much.


Answer the following questions :

(a) When did an expedition team trek on Sonmarg Glacier?

Ans: Some years ago in February an expedition team started trekking on Sonmarg Glacier.

(b) What did the twelve climbers discover?

Ans: The twelve climbers discovered a wild fox buried under the frozen tract of land.

(c) What was the cause of the joy of the climbers?

Ans: The cause of the joy of the climbers was that after severe strain they reached the summit and they were very happy and hugged each other.


Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given

(a) Some years ago, in December, an expedition team started trekking. ( F )

(b) The climbers defrosted their coats. ( F )

(c) A wild fox was found frozen. ( T )

(d) On reaching the summit the climbers were very happy. ( T )


Underline the adjectives in the following sentences. One is done for you:

(a) Jibanananda was a famous poet of Bengal.

(b) The sun shines on the snowy mountaintops.

(c) The broken chair was removed from the room.

(d) A foul smell hovers (o/1965) in the kitchen.


Take one word from Box-A and one from Box-B and write the pair of opposite words in the given space. One is done for you.

Box-A: hard, difficult, wild, happy, severe, renowned, foul.
Box-B: easy, gentle, fragrant, unknown, sad, soft, domestic
i) hard i) soft
ii) difficultii) easy
iii) wildiii) domestic
iv) happyiv) sad,
v) renowned,v) unknown,
vi) foulvi) gentle,
vii) severe,vii) fragrant,


Suppose you went to attend a birthday party. Write in six sentences about your experience:

You may begin like this:

A birthday party celebration

Last Saturday I went to attend my friend’s birthday. I met my other friends there. We all are in a joyous mood. My friend Cut the cake on her birthday. We all said, ‘Happy Birthday to you.’ She gave all of us the pieces of cake. Her parents arranged dinner for us. After dinner, we played and enjoyed the moment together.


Last year you visited Sitong Valley with your parents. You liked the place very much. Write a paragraph on Sitong Valley in 5 or 6 sentences. Use the points from the Help Box :

Help Box: situated in Darjeeling Hills – known as Orange Valley – the entire area has many orange trees – cool and calm weather –  many varieties of birds seen 

Visit Sitong Valley

Last year I visited Sitong Valley with my parents. Sitong valley is situated in Darjeeling Hills. It is also known as the Orange Valley. The entire area is full of orange trees. Here the weather is very cool and calm. We had seen many varieties of birds there. I like the place very much and wished to visit here again.