The Rainbow Poem Class 6 Activity Questions Answers

The Rainbow Poem of Class 6 with all Activity’s Questions Answers and Summary and line by line Bengali Meaning has been discussed in the following.

About the poet :

Christina Georgina Rossetti ( 1830 – 1894) is the poet of the poem, “The Rainbow”. She was an English poet. She was mainly famous for children’s poems. Her best-known poem is Goblin Market.

Summary of The Rainbow Poem Class 6 :

The poet in this poem,  The Rainbow ”, compares clouds with the boats and ships. According to her the clouds that are sailing in the sky are more beautiful than the sailing of boats and ships on the rivers and seas. She also mentions that there are so many bridges over the rivers, but the beauty of rainbow that builds a bridge from the earth to the sky is prettier than the man-made bridge.

Line by line Bengali meaning:

Line by line Bengali meaning of the poem “The Rainbow” from class 6, is given in the following with line by line. Read this to understand the poem easily.

প্রথম লাইন : নদীতে নৌকা গুলি ভেসে চলে।

দ্বিতীয় লাইন : এবং জাহাজগুলি ভেসে চলে সাগরে।

তৃতীয় লাইন : কিন্তু মেঘ গুলো যেগুলো ভেসে চলে আকাশে

চতুর্থ লাইন : এদের চাইতে অনেক বেশি সুন্দরতর

পঞ্চম লাইন : নদীর উপরে থাকে অনেক সেতু

ষষ্ঠ লাইন : সেগুলো সুন্দর যেমনটা তুমি ভাবো

সপ্তম লাইন : কিন্তু যে ধনুক গুলো আকাশকে স্পর্শ করে

অষ্টম লাইন : এবং গাছগুলোর মাথার  উপরে বিস্তৃত থাকে

নবম লাইন : আর পৃথিবী থেকে আকাশ পর্যন্ত পথ তৈরি করে

দশম লাইন : সেইগুলি(সেই রামধনু গুলি) এদের চাইতে অনেক বেশি সুন্দর।

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Word Notes :

Sail  – float পাল তুলে ভেসে চলা

Prettier – nicer  সুন্দরতর

Bridges – flyover সেতু

Please –  choose to be happy ইচ্ছে মতো খুশি হওয়া / ইচ্ছে মতো ধরে নেওয়া /মনে করা

Bow – a weapon used for shooting arrows  ধনুক

Bridges  – Joins or binds সেতু কিন্তু এখানে মানে যুক্ত করে

Heaven  – Here the word refers to the sky / paradise.স্বর্গ; কিন্তু এখানে মানে আকাশ

Overtops –  lie above মাথার উপরে বিস্তৃত

Builds  – makes .তৈরি করে

Far –  – Much অনেক বেশি

The Rainbow Poem Class 6 Activity Questions Answers

The Rainbow” poem with all activity’s questions and answers of class 6 has been discussed in the following.

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative:

(a) Ships sail on the

(i) pond

(ii) lake

(iii) sea

Ans: (iii) sea

(b) Clouds are prettier than

(i) rain and sky

(ii) boats and ships

(iii) rivers and seas

Ans: (ii) boats and ships

(c) The poet talks about a bow that bridges

(i) heaven

(ii) sea

(iii) river

Ans: (i) heaven

(d) The poet mentions that the road is from

(i) sky to earth

(ii) earth to river

(iii) earth to sky

Ans: (iii) earth to sky

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Boats sail on the rivers

(b) The sailing boats and ships are less beautiful than the clouds that sails across the sky

(c) Bridges are built over the rivers

(d) The bow builds a road from earth to sky

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

Boats and ships sail on the water, while clouds sail across the sky. State the difference in their manner of sailing.

Ans: Boats and ships are man-made things, and they are controlled by human beings. But sailing of clouds in the sky is a natural event and it is beyond our control.

Activity 4

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

What Where 
(a) Boat sails on the rivers. 
(b) Clouds sail In the sky
(c) A bow bridges heaven. 
(d) The bow overtops the trees. 

Activity 5

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) What is prettier than boats, ship and clouds?

Ans: A rainbow is prettier than boats, ships and clouds.

(b) What are the clouds compared to?

Ans: Ships and boats are compared to the Clouds.

(c) How do you think the rainbow builds a road from the earth to the sky?

Ans: I think the rainbow builds a road from the Earth to the sky as it overtops the trees, and it appears to rise from the horizon and go into the sky.

(d) Which, according to the poet, is the prettiest of all objects mentioned in the poem?

Ans: According to the poet, the rainbow is the prettiest of all objects mentioned in the poem.

Activity 6(a)

Pick out the countable and uncountable nouns and fill in the table: Countable Noun Uncountable Noun.

Countable nouns.Uncountable nouns.
Friends, Seashore, seaWeaves, breeze, Stars ,Sky.

Activity 6(b)

Circle the collective nouns and underline the abstract nouns in the following sentences:

(i) The fleet move across the ocean.

Ans: fleet – Collective Noun.

(ii) Honesty is the best policy.

Ans: Honesty – Abstract Noun.

(iii) A troop came marching on.

Ans: troop – Collective Noun.

(iv) The old man is known for his wisdom.

Ans: wisdom – Abstract Noun.

Activity 6(c)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verbs in the brackets:

(i) She ____singing a song.(be)

Ans: is

(ii) My father ____ his work last night. (do)

Ans: did

(iii) They ____to the playground.(go)

Ans: go

(iv) The football match ____ seen by many people. (be)

Ans: was

Activity 7(a)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the help box:

(i) She has a ____ blue skirt.

Ans: pretty

(ii) ____ help us to cross rivers.

Ans: bridges

(iii) Ships ____ across the ocean.

Ans: sail

(iv) We must plant trees to save our_____ .

Ans: earth

Help Box: sail, pretty, bridges, earth ]

Activity 7(b)

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

Build  – I like to build castle with sand on the seashore.

Across – The boy was walking across the field.

Bridge – I stood on the Howrah bridge.

Road – Always choose the right road to move on.

Activity 8(a)

After a heavy shower, we often see that a rainbow appears in the sky. Write a paragraph in about sixty words describing the scene as you see it. Use the following hints: time of the day-place- the clear, cloudless sky-how the rainbow looks like- colours of the rainbow- your feelings.

Activity 8(b)

Suppose you are standing on a bridge looking down. Write a paragraph in about sixty words describing the things that you see below.