Wings Class 5 Answers Lesson 5 Activity 1 to Activity 23

Wings Class 5 Answers Lesson 5 Activity 1 to Activity 23 have been prepared for class 5 from Wings, a supported material book, and has been included in the class 5 syllabus of WBBSE.  

Activity Answers from 1 to 23 of wings class 5

Let’s do :


Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

1. Akash reads in five.

2. Akash goes to school with his friends.

3. Akash loves to go to school.

4. Ankit, Sahil and Sujoy are Akash’s friends.

5. Akash and his friends play different games during their tiffin break.

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Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given :

1. Akash’s teachers do not love him. F

2. Akash and his friends always sit on the front bench. T

3. Akash never eats midday meal. F

4. Akash’s favourite subjects are English and Mathematics. T

5. Akash always neglects his class. F

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Tick ()the correct alternative :

1. Akash is a student of class –

(a) five  (b) four (c) six.

2. Akash goes to school with his –

(a) father (b) mother (c) friends.

3. During tiffin break Akash plays –

(a) football (b) cricket (c) different games.

4. Akash’s favourite subjects are Math and

(a) Bengali  (b) English  (c) Science.

5. Akash studies hard to achieve –

(a) good result (b) bad result (c) average result.

Let’s learn :

A. Subject and Predicate

The person or thing we speak about is called the Subject. What is said about the subject is called the Predicate. 
The girlis playing with her doll.
Birdsare flying in the sky.
Starsare twinkling in the sky
The dogbarks at night.

Let’s do :


Underline Subject and Predicate in the following sentences. One done for you:

1. Cows are grazing in the field.

2. Amrita can sing sweetly.

3. Aman is the first boy in the class.

4. India is a great country.

5. The rose is a beautiful flower.

Ans :

Cowsare grazing in the field.
Amritacan sing sweetly.
Amanis the first boy in the class.
Indiais a great country.
The roseis a beautiful flower.


Match the Subjects with their Predicates in the following chart The first one has been done for you:

1. Our teamplayed well.
2. The manis working in the field.
3. The tigeris chasing a deer
4. The kingruled his kingdom.
5. My mothercooks delicious food.
6. Nazmaloves her brother Afridi.
7. Swapnais skipping with her friends.
8. The guardianspeaks to the teacher.
9.  My fatherteaches me English.
10. The birdis singing on the tree.

B. Present Continuous Tense

Let’s read:

·        Students are going to school.

·        My grandmother is telling me a story.

·        I am planting a tree.

When an action goes on at the time of speaking, the verb is said to be in Present Continuous Tense. Structure : Subject + am / is / are + verb + ing  + object. 
1stI am eating rice.We are eating rice.
2ndYou are eating rice.You are eating rice.
3rdHe / She / It /(any single name) is eating rice.They/ (more than one name)are eating rice.


Use the verb + ing form of the words to make sentences:

1. act    :  He is acting like a professional actor.

2. walk : The old man is walking slowly.

3. sing :  The girl is singing beautifully.

4. go    :  He is going to school.


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs:

1. The man is working (work) in his office room.

2. Maqubul and Rahul are enjoying (enjoy) their midday meal.

3. We are going (go) to celebrate the Vidyasagar Week in our school.

4. The students are cleaning (clean) their hands before their meal.

5. Karishma is speaking (speak) in her room.

6. The teacher is speaking (speak) English.


Look around. Your class is a busy buzzing class. Look at all and write five sentences about actions that are happening in your classroom now. Underline the words that show the action happening. One has been done for you:

1. The light is coming from the open windows.

2. Some students are reading textbooks.

3. The fan is moving over my head.

4. Some students are doing sums.

5. A student in front of me is eating something.

6. I am drinking water.


Find out the verbs from the Column A and use them in Column to rewrite sentences in Present Continuous Tense in Column One is done for you:

Column AColumn B
1. Samita carries a bag.Samita is carrying a bag.
2. He tries to cook rice.He is trying to cook rice.
3. My uncle and aunt return from Patna.My uncle and aunt are coming from Patna.
4. The soldiers march in the field.The soldiers are marching in the field.
5. The birds fly in the sky.The birds are flying in the field.
6. The tree bears fruits.The tree is bearing fruits.
7. They run aften the bus.They are running after the bus.
8. He puts the books in order.He is putting the books in order.


Write four sentences on how you enjoy your time in school:

1. I am plying with my friends.

2. I am doing my classwork.

3. I am listening to my teacher attentively.

4. I am learning drawing and singing song from my teacher.

Let’s do :


Change the given verbs into verb + ing forms and make sentences. One is done for you :

VerbsVerb + ingSentence
readread + ing = readingI am reading a story book.
playplay + ing = playingHe is laying football.
singsing + ing = singingShe is singing song.
talktalk + ing = talkingI am talking to you.
sleepsleep + ing = sleepingThe baby is sleeping.
gogo+  ing = goingThey are going to school.


Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense of the verbs given in brackets. One is done for you:

1. The boys are jumping (jump) on the sand.

2. Rima is dancing (dance) on the stage.

3. Sufi and Kamal are reading (read) a story.

4. I am eating (eat) rice now.

5. Soumen is riding (ride) his bicycle.

6. The boys and girls are doing (do) their class-work.


Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense of verbs given in brackets:

1. The cat  is sleeping  (sleep) under the table.

2. I  am visiting  (visit) the zoo.

3. Ruby and Shabnam  are singing (sing) a song.

4. Rajib  is reciting (recite) a poem.

5. The boys are playing  (play) football in the field.


Make sentences in Present Continuous Tense using the following verbs. One is done for you.

Walk : I am walking on the road.

speak :  He is speaking with his friend.

stand : She is standing under a tree.

move : The fan is moving over my head.

Drink : I am drinking milk.

Run : The boy is running in the field.

Make : The boys are making noise in the class.

Live : A frog is living in the pond.

Watch :  I am watching a cricket match.


Study the pictures given below and complete the sentences with Present Continuous Tense. One is done for you:

1. A girl is reading book.

2. Boys are running in the field.

3. Grandfather is drinking water.

4. An old man is walking on the road.

5. Birds are flying in the sky.

6. A girl is dancing.


Fill in the blanks choosing suitable words from the Help Box given below:

1. I went for shopping with my parents.

2. Piu’s father is a rich merchant .

3. Trekking is an adventure sport.

4. Anik is suffering from fever.

5. I screamed on seeing a snake.

Help Box: suffering, merchant, screamed, shopping, trekking 


Make sentences with the following words:

1. ceremony : He was given the charge of decorating the Hall for Prize distribution ceremony.

2. surrounded : The pond was surrounded by big trees.

3. gesture : His gesture seems to me very good.

4. essence : She tries to paint the picture from the essence of the story.

5. horizontal : The horizontal part of the letter ‘T’ was not clearly written.

Let’s write :


Write six sentences on what you do in your daily life. You may begin like this:

My Daily Routine

I get up early in the morning from bed. Then I wash my hands and face. After that I have my breakfast. Then I begin to do my homework up to 9:30 AM. At 10 a.m. I bathe and get ready for school. I reach school on foot at 10:30AM. I came back from school at 4:30PM.Then I take light tiffin and go to play with friends in the nearby field. At 6PM I return home from playground and start doing homework. At 10PM I take my dinner and go to bed at 10:30PM.


Answer the following questions :

(a) Who used to carry salt bag on the back of his donkey to the market?

Ans: A salt seller used to carry salt bag on the back of his donkey to the market.

(b) Where did the donkey tumble down?

Ans: The donkey tumble down the stream.

(c) Why did the bag become light?

Ans: The bag became light as the salt dissolved in the water.

(d) Which trick did the donkey play?

Ans: The trick that the donkey played was to stumble down the stream.

(e) What did the salt seller do to teach the donkey a lesson ?

Ans: To teach the donkey a lesson, the salt seller loaded a cotton bag on the back of the donkey.


Tick() the correct alternative :

(a) A (donkey/horse) used to carry salt on his back.

(b) They had to cross a (river/stream) on the way to market.

(c) The donkey with a salt bag fell (on the road / into the water).

(d) To teach the donkey a lesson the salt seller loaded a (jute/cotton) bag on its back.

(e) The cotton bag became very (heavy/light).


Fill in the blanks with the words from the passage

In my childhood I used to take bath in a stream with my father. One day suddenly I stumbled  down the water. I suffered painin my legs. Father decided  to take me to a doctor with my wet  shirt and shoes.


Match column -A, column-B and column-C to make sentences. One has been done for you:


Column – AColumn – BColumn-C
(a) The boysare flying kitesin the afternoon.
(b) Titliis drawinga picture
(c) Fatheris carryinghis office bag
(d) Raquibis quarrellingwith his sister Salma,
(e) A tigeris roaringin the jungle
(f) Some peopleare travellingby train


Write a short story within six or seven sentences with the of the hints given in the box:

A fox and the Grapes

One day a hungry fox got into a vineyard. Suddenly, he saw rope grapes hanging high from the tree. The fox wished to have those grapes to satisfy his hunger. So, he started to jump again and again to reach the grapes. But every time he missed to have those grapes. Still, he continued to jump to get those hanging grapes. But the grapes were too high to reach them. At last, the fox became sad when he could not get it. At last, the fox said, ‘Grapes are sour.’ And went away.

Moral : Grapes are sour.

Hints: hungry fox – got into a vineyard – saw ripe grape hanging high – jumped again and again to reach the grapes –  missed –  became sad – grapes are sour.