Adverbs Class 3 Worksheets with Answers

Here we will discuss Adverbs Class 3 Worksheets with Answers and if this is your search, you have come to the right place.  Adverbs Class 3 Worksheets play an important role in class 3 grades. So, let’s start.

Adverbs Class 3

An Adverb tells you more about verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

Examples: easily, now, today, tonight, etc.

Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of manner describe the way people do things. They answer the question word how

●Tia writes neatly.

●He eats quietly.

We usually add -ly to an adjective to form an adverb of manner.

neatly + ly → neatly

quiet + ly → quietly

Neatly and quietly tell us how the action is done. They describe the way people do things. They answer the question word how.


Spelling of words ending with y

y + ly → ily

angry + ly angrily

easy + ly → easily

lazy + ly → lazily

heavy + ly heavily

pretty + ly → prettily

greedy + ly → greedily

hungry + ly → hungrily

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Adverbs Class 3 Worksheets 1

A.  Match the words in column A with the correct words in column B.

1. People work hard,a. not loudly.
2. Some people spell badly,b. not lazily. 
3. You whisper softly,c. not rudely.-
4. Most people eat slowly,d. not correctly.
5. You smile politely,e. not badly. 
6. Most people behave well,f. not greedily.

Adverbs Class 3 Worksheets 2

B. Choose the correct adverbs to complete these sentences.

1. The tortoise moves ______________.

a. badly b. Slowly c. busily

2. The horse ran  ______________.

a. Quickly b. Nicely c. foolishly

3. Drive the car  ______________.

a. Loudly b. Carefully c. politely

4. You will win the match  ______________.

a. Lazily b. Quietly c. easily

5. He waited  ______________.

a. Poorly b. Selfishly c. patiently

6. They spoke cheerfully  ______________.

a. cheerfully b. safely c. hungrily

Adverbs of Time 

Adverbs of time tell us when an action takes place. These adverbs answer the question When?..

●I am moving to my new house tomorrow.

●Ria is sleeping now.

Tomorrow and now are adverbs of time. They tell you when the action takes place.

Other adverbs of time include – then, now, today, late, tonight, yesterday, early, and tomorrow.

Worksheet 3

C. Underline the adverbs that answer the question word When?.

1. The exam starts tomorrow.

2. We will watch the movie now.

3. She will meet us early.

4. It rained heavily yesterday.

5. Is school closed today?

6. I am taking the train tonight.

Adverbs of Place 

Adverbs of place show where an action takes place. These adverbs answer the question Where?..

●It is dark outside.

●They are all downstairs.

Outside and downstairs are adverbs of place. They tell you where the action takes place.

Other adverbs of the place include – here, there, everywhere, outside, inside, above, below, and forward.

Worksheet 4

D. Choose the correct adverbs to complete these sentences.

1. They asked me to wait ___________  (here/everywhere)

2. I am going ___________  to my village. (back/there)

3. Madan looked ___________  at the moon, (in/up)

4. She looked ___________  for her lost ring. (everywhere/forward)

5. Mother put her bag ___________  (down/downward)

6. Farida left her purse ___________. (there/around)

Worksheet 5

E Choose the correct adverbs to complete these sentences.

1. Ravi has a good handwriting. He writes _________. (neatly/cleanly)

2. I like playing _________ in winter. (outdoors/above)

3. He was feeling sick _________(early/yesterday)

4. He is well-behaved and speaks _________y with everyone. (gracefully/politely)

5. Mother asked Raju to hurry up and finish his homework _________. (late/quickly)

6. Feroz stands on the bridge and looks _________. (downstairs/below)

Worksheet 6

F. Read this passage. Write the different kinds of adverbs in the table below.

One night, there was a big storm in the forest. The next morning, the animals looked around unhappily. There were fallen tree trunks and branches all around. There were many things floating on the pond. “Our forest has become so dirty,” said Bear sadly, sitting beside the pond. Crow, who was sitting near Bear, said, “Let us clean it up.” Monkey quickly jumped down from a high rock and started to pick up the leaves and twigs to help Crow. Frog, who was sitting near the rock, jumped into the river and asked the fish to help him clean the river. They gladly agreed. Bear and Elephant lifted the heavy tree trunks and branches. Soon the forest was clean. The animals were happy and danced around a banyan tree.

Adverbs of mannerAdverbs of timeAdverbs of place

Worksheet 7

Work in pairs. Each of you thinks of an action verb. Then, think of an adverb to match the verb. You have to act this out. You cannot talk. Your partner has to guess. Each of you will get turns to act and ask.

For example-

run slowly

eat quickly