Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets with Answers

In this article, we’ll delve into Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets, along with answers to sharpen your child’s grammar skills.

Exploring Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets

Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets are a valuable resource for young learners. These worksheets are meticulously designed to provide students with hands-on practice in punctuating sentences correctly. They cover a wide range of punctuation marks, including:

Periods (Full Stops): These little dots signify the end of a sentence. They indicate a complete thought and are essential for well-structured sentences.

Question Marks: If a sentence poses a question, a question mark is used at the end to indicate an interrogative tone.

Exclamation Marks: These signify excitement or strong emotions. They add zest to a sentence and make it more expressive.

Commas: Commas are versatile punctuation marks used to separate items in a list, set off introductory phrases, and much more.

Apostrophes: Apostrophes are used for contractions and possessives. They help eliminate confusion in written communication.

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Punctuation: Capital Letters, Full Stops, and Question Marks

We use capital letters

●at the beginning of sentences

●for the names of people

● for the names of places

●for the names of days and months

● for titles-names of stories, poems, songs, books and movies*

●for the word I

*In titles, words like in, on, and, a, an, the do not begin with a capital letter.

We put a full stop (.) at the end of a sentence.

We put a question mark (?) at the end of a question.

Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets 1

A. Rewrite these sentences with capital letters, full stops and question marks where needed.

1. kabir is going to coorg and mysuru in february

2. father and i want to go fishing in the lake

3. when are you visiting us

4. i plan to go to my cousin’s house tomorrow

5. which way is the station

6. raj enjoys reading pinocchio and cinderella

7. sunny cannot go to school on tuesday

8. where did you find the little puppy

Punctuation: Commas

A comma (,) separates items in a list or series. We put and before the last item, not a comma.

●Mona gives me her pen, pencil, eraser and pencil-box.

●There are apples, oranges, pears, bananas and pineapples in the basket.

In a list with only two items, and separates the two items, without a comma.

●Raka is going to Surat and Ahmedabad.

Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets 2

B. Rewrite these sentences by putting commas in the correct places.

1. Amy’s favourite colours are red blue pink and orange.

2. Lalit Raju and Priya are going to the circus.

3. We packed sandwiches oranges biscuits and a bottle of apple juice for the picnic.

4. Mother buys milk butter jam and bread from that shop.

5. Tina keeps her skirts tops and frocks in the brown cupboard.

6. Would you like to paint the chair yellow blue green or pink?

Class 3 Punctuation Marks Worksheets 3

C. Tick (✓) the correct sentences.

1. He is strong, healthy and fit.

2. Father keeps the newspapers, magazines on that shelf.

3. Hema went to play with Karan, Arjun, Farida and Bunty.

4. Sheena, Savita and Tara are going to the market.

5. I have to buy red and blue and green ribbons.

6. Tigers, bears lions live in dens.

Punctuation: Exclamation Marks

We put exclamation marks (!) at the end of sentences that show feelings like surprise, anger, sadness, happiness and excitement.

Exclamation marks are also put after interjections. We use interjections to show feelings. They come at the beginning of a sentence. They are usually one or two words.

●Ouch! I cut my finger.

●Wow! We have won the match.

●Oh no! have lost my bag.

Worksheets 4

D. Rewrite these sentences by putting exclamation marks in the correct places.

1. Wow This is very good.

2. Goodness Is that true?

3. Help I am drowning.

4. Yay Rita won the first prize.

5. Congratulations You have done very well.

Worksheets 5

E. Complete these sentences with the correct interjections from the box.

[Hurrah, Alas, Yum, Ow, Wow, Oops]

1. ________ ! I dropped the bottle of milk.

2. ________! This curry is delicious, Aunty.

3. ________! My knee hurts.

4. ________! This painting is beautiful, Samir.

5. ________! Our team won the school quiz.

6. ________! The ship hit an iceberg.