Articles in English Class 3 Worksheet and Answers: Chapter 5

“Articles in English Class 3 Worksheet and Answers: Chapter 5” is a comprehensive guide that offers answers to common questions and valuable insights to enhance language proficiency.

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Indefinite Articles

We use the articles ‘a‘ or ‘an‘ before a singular noun. We use a or an

when we talk about a common noun for the first time. A and an are indefinite articles.

We use a where the noun is singular and begins with a consonant sound.

1. This is a parrot.

2. I can see a giraffe.

Indefinite Articles  A, An Examples

Indefinite Articles A, An Examples

We use an when the noun is singular and begins with a vowel sound.

1. This is an orange.

2. Golu has an egg every day.

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Articles in English Class 3 Worksheet 1

A.  Complete these sentences with a or an.

1. Gina is reading __________  book.

2. I want __________  ruler and  __________ pencil.

3. There is  __________  entrance on the other side.

4.  __________  elephant can eat ten sugarcanes at once.

5. She always eats  __________  orange after lunch.

6. He wants to live on  __________  island.

7. Jay is buying  __________  school bag.

8. Ravi has  __________  bicycle and his brother has  __________  motorcycle.

Definite Article

The word the is also an article. We call it the definite article.

1. We use the before nouns starting with consonants as well as vowels.

We use the-

1. As we have already talked about the thing → I am reading a new book now. The book is very good.

2. when we talk about something in particular → The principal is busy.

3. when there is only one of something → The Earth moves around the Sun.

4. before a plural noun → The watermelons are in a basket.

5. before the names of buildings, rivers, seas, oceans, hills, mountains and mountain ranges → The Indian Ocean.

Worksheet 2

B. Complete these sentences with a, an or the.

1.  Where is __________ moon? It is in __________sky.

2. I have __________ pet cat. She plays with me in __________ garden.

3. Leela eats __________ egg for breakfast. __________egg is boiled or scrambled.

4. Mother wants to visit __________Taj Mahal. __________Taj Mahal is in Agra.

5. __________ crow is a common bird. It has __________ sharp beak.

6. There is __________ frog in the garden. __________frog is green.

7. Kirti is going to see__________ doctor. She is meeting __________ doctor at 2 p.m. today.

8. I enjoy sitting on the shores of __________ Arabian Sea. I also enjoy the bathing in __________ Arabian Sea. 

Worksheet 3

C. Tick() the correct sentences.

1. a. Father is sitting in the garden. ___

b. Father is sitting in an garden.___

2. a. Tina is watching a film.___

b. Tina is watching an film.___

3. a. The Moon rises in the evening,___

b. A Moon rises in the evening.___

4. a. Mother is giving me a engine for my birthday.___

b. Mother is giving me an engine for my birthday,___

5. a. An elephants are walking in a line.___

b. The elephants are walking in a line.___

6. a. The Pamban Bridge is on the Indian Ocean.___

b. The Pamban Bridge is on an Indian Ocean.___

Articles in English Class 3 Worksheet 4

D. Rewrite these sentences with a, an, or the in the correct places.

1. My mother is doctor and my father is engineer.

Ans: _________________________________

2. Kiran is new student.

Ans: _________________________________

3. I want to see Sahara Desert in Egypt.

Ans: _________________________________

4. He works in steel factory.

Ans: _________________________________

5. I eat banana, two toasts and cornflakes for breakfast.

Ans: _________________________________

6. Lila is clever and hardworking.

Ans: _________________________________

7. This is boy who helps us.

Ans: _________________________________

8. Gateway of India is in Mumbai and India Gate is in New Delhi.

Ans: _________________________________

Articles in English Class 3 Worksheet 5

E. Complete this story with a, an or the.

Tina likes to watch  __________ birds in her garden.  Every morning, she lies on__________ grass and watches __________birds. Then, she brings some grains in __________ bowl and __________  bowl of water. __________ little birds fly down and hop to __________ bowls. Tina sits and watches them eat the grains and drink water. There are two birds which are very friendly-__________and __________mynah. They come close to Tina and often sit on her shoulder or knee. Then they fly back to __________  tree. 

Worksheet 6

Read this story.

Samir was very nervous at breakfast table. “No, thanks,” he said, as he buttered toast. “No, thanks,” he said, as he drank orange juice. Off he went to school. That afternoon was school play. All parents came to see children acting in play. Play began and at last Samir came on stage. “No, thanks,” he said politely and walked off stage. “So, he was practising this at breakfast, was he?” laughed Samir’s mother. Audience clapped for Samir. He had said his two words very well indeed.

Now, read again. Is something missing? Wherever you feel that the article the is missing, mark ^ and write the above it. Enjoy the amusing story.

For example-


Samir was very nervous at ^ breakfast table.

FAQs on Articles in English Class 3

Q: Why is language proficiency important?

A: Language proficiency enhances communication, enabling individuals to express themselves more clearly and effectively.

Q: How can I expand my vocabulary?

A: Regular reading, using flashcards, and learning a new word every day are effective strategies for vocabulary expansion.

Q: Are the exercises in Chapter 5 suitable for self-study?

A: Yes, the exercises in this chapter are designed to be accessible for both classroom use and self-study.

Q: What should I do if I find reading comprehension challenging?

A: Start with simpler texts and gradually progress to more complex ones. Practice and patience are key.

Q: Can you recommend resources for improving language skills?

A: Certainly! Online language courses, language learning apps, and language exchange programs are excellent resources for language learners.

Q: How can teachers make Chapter 5 engaging for students?

A: Teachers can incorporate interactive activities, group discussions, and real-life examples to make learning more engaging and relatable.


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