Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet with Answers: Chapter 4

Our “Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet with Answers: Chapter 4” provides a comprehensive guide to the world of pronouns, breaking it down into manageable sections and offering valuable insights.

Welcome to our comprehensive study of the “Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet with Answers: Chapter 4.”This article delves into the intricacies of pronouns in English, providing guidance for students, teachers, and language enthusiasts to understand and comprehend these concepts.

Understanding pronouns is a fundamental aspect of English grammar. Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet with Answers: Chapter 4 is a key component of grade 3.


We use a pronoun in place of a noun.


1. Gigi likes to read, She reads every night.

2. This is my pet cat. It is very playful,

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Singular and Plural Pronouns

Pronouns can be singular or plural.

We use singular pronouns to talk about only one person or thing.

Singular pronouns are I, you (when only one), he, she and it.


1. I like ice-cream.

2. You look pretty.

3. He is not at home.

4. She is sleeping.

5. It is heavy.

We use plural pronouns when talking about more than one person or thing.

Plural pronouns are we, they, and you (when more than one).

1. We like eating mangoes.

2. They go by bus.

3. You can go for the picnic, Tarun and Tej.

Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet 1

A. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete these sentences.

1. Deepa plays in the park. _________ in the evening. (He/She)

2. Vinod is studying.  _________ He has a test tomorrow. (He/She)

3. That is a nice sari!  _________ look very pretty in it. (It/You)

4. It is going to rain.  _________ don’t have an umbrella. (I/He)

5. The house is big.  _________  has many rooms. (It/She).

6. My parents and I are in Munnar. _________  like this place. (We/They)

Subject and Object Pronouns

There are two types of pronouns:-subject pronouns and object pronouns.

Subject pronouns come before the verb or the linking verb.

1. Farid buys sweets. He gives me a sweet every day,

2. Ramya is a good girl. She helps her grandmother.

3. The leopard is sitting on a tree. It is sleeping.

Object pronouns come after the verb or the linking verb.

1. My family loves me.

2. I like her very much.

3. We swim every morning. We enjoy it.

4. I call him daily.

5. He helps you in class.

6. Ask them to join the club.

7. No one knows us.


Singular subject pronouns to Object pronouns

I → me

he → him

she → her

It → it

Plural subject pronouns to object pronouns

you → you

we → us

they → them

Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet 2

B. Circle the subject pronouns and underline the object pronouns.

1. Rima is in the garden. But I cannot see her.

2. There is the blue chair. A cat is sitting on it.

3. My uncle and aunt are busy. Please do not disturb them.

4. Raju likes to wear a tie. It looks good on him.

5. Rohit and I are classmates. Mr Roy teaches us.

6. Savita dances well. She dances better than me.

7. Does he play basketball?

8. This is a nice orange. You must eat it.

Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet 3

C. Match the sentences in column A with the correct ones in column B.

1. My brother is sick.a. Father will buy it for me. 
2. The tap is open.b. You are sitting on it.
3. The Sharmas are coming for dinner.c. We must take him to the doctor.
4. I want a new bag.d. Mother is cooking for them.
5. We are going to the zooe. Turn it off. 
6. The book is on the sofa.f. You can come with 

Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet 4

D. Choose the correct pronouns to complete these sentences.

1. _________  wakes up at 7 o’clock. (Him/He)

2. Do you know _________? (they/them)

3. Mamta is baking a cake for _________(she/her.).

4. _________ play with Rahul in the evening. (Me/I)

5. I want them to choose _________ for the school play(I/me).

 6. We often meet them _________ at the market. (they/them)

7. _________ is too heavy for him to carry. (It/They)

8. We know the answer! You can ask us _________ (we/us)

Worksheet 5

E. Complete these sentences with suitable pronouns.

My name is Charu.  ________ have two sisters. ________ are older than ________. Every evening, I go to the park with ________.  I like playing with ________ because we have a lot of fun. We are going to the park today. Would you like to come with ________? ________ can all play together. Then, ________ can come to my house afterward.

Worksheet 6

F. Read this passage. Underline the pronouns. Then, write the subject pronouns and the object pronouns in the correct columns in the table.

This is Satish. He studies at a college in Mumbai. Father, mother, and are here to see him off. Rakesh and Megha are going with Satish. They are late. Satish, Rakesh, and Megha are going to study in the same college in Mumbai. I am going to miss them. Mother is a very good cook. She is carrying a basket filled with yummy food for them It is very heavy. Father is helping her carry it. We are 7 o’clock bus

Subject PronounsObject Pronouns

Worksheet 7

G. Choose the correct pronouns to complete these sentences.

1. Mamta cannot find ________ scrapbook. (she/her)

2. ________ watch television in the evening. (We/Us)

3. Where do ________ stay? (they/them)

4. Grandmother tells ________ stories every night. (I/me)

5. Have you seen my umbrella? ________ is blue in color. (It/They)

6. Please ask ________ to meet the principal. (she/her)


Q: Why are pronouns important in English?

A: Pronouns help avoid repetitive language and enhance the flow of communication.

Q: What are some common Class 3 pronouns?

A: Class 3 pronouns include “he,” “she,” and “it,” among others.

Q: Can you give an example of how Class 3 pronouns are used in sentences?

A: Certainly. “She is a talented artist,” demonstrates the use of the Class 3 pronoun “she.”

Q: Are pronouns challenging for learners of English?

A: Pronouns can be tricky, but with practice and understanding, learners can master them.

Q: How can I improve my pronoun usage?

A: Reading extensively and paying attention to how pronouns are used in context can enhance your skills.

Q: Are there any additional resources for further learning about pronouns?

A: Yes, there are various grammar books, online tutorials, and practice exercises available to strengthen your pronoun skills.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve unraveled the complexities of “Pronoun Class 3 Worksheet with Answers: Chapter 4.” By breaking down the chapter into manageable sections, providing answers to common questions, and offering valuable insights, we hope to enhance your understanding of the fascinating world of English pronouns.