Class 3 Wh-Question Words Worksheets and Answers

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Class 3 Wh-Question Words

We ask questions to find out something. A question usually begins with a Wh-question word. We put a question mark (?) at the end of a question.

We use the following words for Wh-questions-

●what for things → What is your name?

●who for people → Who painted the fence?

● where for places → Where are my keys?

●when for times of events → When is your school concert?

which if there is a choice between different things →

●Which is your bag?

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Class 3 Wh-Question Words Worksheets 1

A. Match the wh-question words in column A with the words in column B to make complete questions.

1. Whoa. is the canteen?
2. What-b. train are you taking?
3. Which-c. are you going out to play?
4. Whend. is the class monitor?
5. Wheree. did you eat for lunch?

We use the question word Why? to find out the reason for something.

●Why are you crying?

● Why is Kanta late?

●Why are you crying?

We use the question word How? to find out-

●the manner of something → How does Dona dance?

●the quality of something → How were the paintings?

We use the question phrases How much? and How many? to find out the amount or quantity of something.

How much? is used for things that we cannot count.

How much sugar is left?

How much rice do you want?

How many? is used for things that we can count.

How many girls walk to school?

How many apples are there?

Note:  Questions with How?, How much? and How many? are usually included in the group of Wh-questions, even though they begin with the letter ‘H’

Class 3 Wh-Question Words Worksheets 2

B. Read the given answers. Tick (✓) the correct questions for these answers.

1. a. Why is the baby crying?

b. What is the baby doing?

c. How is the baby?

Answer: The baby is hungry.

2. a. How are your parents?

b. Where are your parents?

c. Who are your parents?

Answer: My parents are fine.

3. a. When is your cousin coming?

b. How is your cousin coming?

c. Where is your cousin coming from?

Answer: He is coming at 9 o’clock.

4. a. Where is your class teacher?

b. What is your class teacher?

c. Who is your class teacher?

Answer: Miss Roy is my class teacher.

5. a. What sweets are there?

b. How many sweets are there?

c. How much sweets are there?

Answer: There are ten sweets.

6. a. How is the children’s park?

b. Why is the children’s park closed?

c. Where is the children’s park?

Answer: The children’s nark is near the rive

Class 3 Wh-Question Words Worksheets 3

C. Complete these sentences with How much/How many.

1. ________ ________ milk is there in the fridge?

2. ________ ________  days are there in January?

3. ________ ________  traffic is there on the road?

4. ________ ________ cousins do you have?

5. ________ ________ .coins are there in the box?

6. ________ ________  students are attending the programme?

Worksheets 4

D. Read this passage. Now, look at the answers and write questions using wh-question words, how much and how many.

Asha went to Best Grocery Shop with her mother after school. She pushed the shopping cart and her mother checked the shopping list. Asha put some chocolates and biscuits in the shopping cart. Mother put a bag of rice, some vegetables, and butter in the cart. Asha saw a bright orange and yellow lollipops. She asked her mother to buy her one. She had done very well in the spelling test, so Mother decided to buy a lollipop for her. Mother paid for all the things and they carried the bags out. Asha went home, happily licking her lollipop.

1. Q. __________________________________

A. Asha went to Best Grocery Shop with her mother.

2. Q. __________________________________

A. Asha went to the grocery shop after school.

3. Q. __________________________________

A. Asha pushed the shopping cart.

4. Q. __________________________________

A. Mother checked the shopping list.

5. Q. __________________________________

A. They put chocolates, biscuits, rice, vegetables and butter in the shopping cart.

6. Q. __________________________________

A. Asha got the lollipop because she had done very well in the spelling test.

Worksheets 5

E. Write wh-question words to complete the questions. Then, write the answers to the questions.

1. _________ old are you? I’m  ______________________

2. _________ are you from? I’m from ______________________

3. _________ is your birthday? My birthday is on ______________________

4. _________ is your best friend? My best friend is ______________________

5. _________ time do you go to school? I go to school at ______________________

6. _________ book is this? This is a ______________________

Worksheets 6

F. Work in pairs. Role-play with your partner and complete this conversation with the correct question words.

Student 1: __________  is your house?

1. Student 2: My house is near our school. __________ come to school?

2. Student 1: I come by bus. __________ about do you?

3. Student 2: I walk.

4. Student 1: __________ do you leave home?

5. Student 2: I leave home just ten minutes before school starts.

6. Student 1: I have to leave very early.

7. Student 2:__________do you live so far away?

8. Student 1: My brother’s school is near our house.

9. Student 2: __________ school does he study in?

10. Student 1: He studies in Gardenia High School.