The Simple Past Tense Class 3 Worksheet and Answers

Explore the simple past tense class 3 worksheet and answers that are an invaluable resource for students in Class 3. Understanding The Simple Past Tense is a crucial step in their language development.

We use the simple past tense to talk about things that have already happened. The action is over.

The Simple Past Tense -d or -ed

●I closed the window.

●Mrs. Das picked some flowers.

●The kangaroo jumped very high.

Worksheet 1

A. Circle the verbs in the simple past tense.

1. Father closed the box.

2. It purred softly.

3. Gaurav tasted the curry.

4. She knocked on the door.

5. Ajay helped the teacher to carry the books.

6. Sara and Anuj (laughed loudly in class.

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Worksheet 2

B.  Complete these sentences by adding -d or -ed to the verbs in the brackets.

1. Jaya __________  her room yesterday. (clean)

2. She __________ at the little baby. (smile)

3. The lion __________ into the pond. (jump)

4. They __________ football last week. (play

5. I __________ clothes and put them for drying. (wash)

6. We__________ all day and all night. (work)

Worksheet 3

C. Rewrite these sentences in the simple past tense.

1. I play hockey. __________________ 

2. You bake very well. __________________ 

3. He watches the 9 p.m. news. __________________ 

4. She talks to my mother. __________________ 

5. Aisha likes the blue jacket. __________________ 

6. Ali and I play the guitar. __________________ 

Negative sentences

We form negative sentences in the simple past tense as follows-

We use the form did + not + base form of the verb.

● Jo did not swim yesterday. →

did (past tense of do) not + swim (base form of the verb)

●Gaja raced Ravi to school. →

● Gaja did not raced Ravi to school. ✖

●Gaja did not race Ravi to school. ✔

● Note:  When we use did, we use the base form of the verb and not the past tense for

Worksheet 4

D. Rewrite these sentences in the negative.

1. I played hockey on Sunday.

2. Mother watched the basketball match.

3. Jion finished his homework yesterday.

4. We cooked Chinese food.

5. I opened the window.

6. Gulu enjoyed playing the piano.

7. I liked the dance show.

8. Wasim and Virat dropped the glass bowl.

Questions in the Simple Past Tense

We form questions in the past tense with-

a. Wh-question words with the word did and the base form of the verb.

● What did you wash this morning?

I washed my doll’s dresses this morning.

b. Did and the base form of the verb.

The answer usually begins with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. So, these are sometimes called Yes/No questions.

● Did bake a chocolate cake yesterday?

Yes, I baked a chocolate cake yesterday. / Yes, I did.

● Did Haider watch the match on Sunday?

No, Haider did not watch the match on Sunday. / No, Haider did not.

Worksheet 5

E. Answers these questions using the words given in the brackets.

1. Q. What did do yesterday? (play with Julie)

A. __________________________ 

2. Q. Did you live in Vizag? (No)

A.  __________________________ 

3. Q. What did Dora do after school? (play in the park)

A.  __________________________ 

4. Q. What did Father do last Sunday? (cook lunch)

A.  __________________________ 

5. Q. Did you listen to Amaya playing the violin? (No)

A.  __________________________ 

6. Q. Did Mother scold this morning? (Yes)

A.  __________________________ 

We sometimes ask questions beginning with Who?, What? and Which? without using did.

1. Somebody went to the market last week. (Ask who.) →

● Who went to the market last week?

2. A train came off the rails. (Ask which one.) →

Which train came off the rails?

3. Something happened at school last Tuesday. (Ask what.) →

● What happened at school last Tuesday?

Worksheet 6

F.  Write questions using Who?, What? or Which? without using did.

1. Somebody taught you Science last term. (Ask who)


2. A cricketer scored a century. (Ask which cricketer)


3. Some of you enjoyed the film. (Ask which)


4. Somebody stayed with their grandparents last week. (Ask who)


5. Something seemed to taste bad at lunch. (Ask what)


Worksheet 7

G. Complete the sentences with statements, negative sentences, and questions in the simple past tense.

Raja bowled well in the matchRaja did not bowl well in the match.Did Raja bowl well in the match?
The lion growled loudly.The lion did not growl loudly.
I talked to Jaya yesterday.Did you talk to Jaya yesterday?
She did not walk to the shop.Did she walk to the shop?
Did the monkey enter the kitchen?
The bus did not stop at the bus stop.

Worksheet 8

H. Complete this story with the words given in the box.

[Stopped, worked,  wandered, bumped, gifted, showed, cooked, lived]

There was a little girl __________ Anya. She __________ with her mother. They often had very little to eat. One day, Anya sadly __________ into the nearby forest. She __________  into an old woman. The old woman looked at Anya’s sad face. She __________ her a little pot. It was a magical pot. She __________ Anya how it __________. When she said, “Cook, little pot, cook,” the pot __________ good, sweet porridge, and when she said, “Stop, little pot, stop,” it __________ cooking.

Worksheet 9

Work in pairs. Look at the words in the box. Say each word aloud to each other and see which one matches the sound of the words given in the table. Write the words rhyming with ‘worked’ in column A, the words rhyming with ‘stayed’ in column B and the words rhyming with ‘tasted’ in column C.

[Wasted, added, hugged, laughed, helped, fished, waited, signed, peeled]