Adjective Worksheets for Class 3 with Examples

Within the pages of our Class 3 Adjective Worksheets with Examples, students will discover a treasure trove of inspiration.

From the captivating New Adjective Worksheet For Class 3 Examples to the engaging Adjectives Exercises, our collection of Grade 3 Adjectives Worksheets is designed to nurture young minds and foster a deep appreciation for descriptive language.

Adjective Examples for Class 3

Adjectives describe nouns. They tell us more about people, places, and things.


1. He is a fat man.

2. Mumbai is a big city.

3. This is a pretty house.

There are different kinds of adjectives – adjectives of shape, size, taste, color, touch, time, age, and number. 

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Adjective Worksheets for Class 3

With the Adjective Worksheets for Class 3 With examples in hand, students can confidently delve into the art of adjectives, knowing they have a guiding light to illuminate their path.

Adjective Worksheets 1 for Class 3

1. Circle the adjectives in these sentences.

1. Miss Sarkar is a strict teacher.

2. Raju cannot do the difficult sum.

3. A bright light shines through the window.

4. Chikku is a shy child.

5. The small boy is crying.

6. The teacher is scolding the rude girl.

7. I do not like sour lemons.

8. The little girl gives me flowers every day.

Adjective Worksheets 2 for Class 3

2. Match the words in column A with the pictures in column B. Then, write the adjectives and the nouns in the space given below.

1. sweetman
2. shadysky
3. sleepyanimal
4. tallstair
5. fluffyhare
6. bluetree

1. __________________

2. __________________

3. __________________

4. __________________

5. __________________

6. __________________

Worksheet 3

Adjectives of Quality

There are two main types of adjectives – adjectives of quality and adjectives of quantity.

Adjectives of quality describe the quality of people or things. They answer the question “What kind?”


1. She is an old

2. It is a hot drink.

3. Raj is a naughty boy.

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3. Write words from the box that mean the opposite of these adjectives.

[Words: easy, well, rough, dull, thin, short]

1. thick _______________

2. difficult _______________

3. bright _______________

4.ill _______________

5. smooth _______________

6. tall _______________

Worksheet 4

Adjectives of Quantity

Adjectives of quantity describe the quantity of people or things. They answer the questions “How much?” or “How many?

If the noun can be counted, the adjective answers the question “How many?


1. There are four candles on the cake.

2. I have ten fingers.

3. Rita eats two apples every day.

If the noun cannot be counted, the adjective answers the question “How much?


1. There is enough money to buy two lollypops.

2. There is little time left.

3. I will have some milk.

4. Underline the correct words to complete these sentences.

1. He drinks some/few orange juice.

2. There are very little/few seats on the bus.

3. Many/Much boys play cricket.

4. Mala has to do many/some work.

5. He has a lot of/much books.

6. There is too many/much salt in the soup.

Worksheet 5

5. Underline the words that describe someone or something. Then, write QL if the word describes quality or QN if it describes quantity.

1. They have to cross a wide river. _______________

2. Some soldiers are back home. _______________

3. Few leaves are lying on the ground. _______________

4. The lazy boy is sleeping. _______________

5. Susan is a clever girl. _______________

6. She has many friends. _______________

7. I eat a little rice for lunch. _______________

8. Please give me three mangoes. _______________

Worksheet 6

Most adjectives can come before the noun.


1. I have an empty cup.

2. I have a big cupboard.

Most adjectives can also come after the linking verbs is and are.


1. The cup is empty.

2. The beds are big.

6. Look at these pairs of sentences. Read the first sentence and rewrite it by changing the position of the underlined word.

1. She has beautiful hair. ______________ 

2. That is a naughty monkey.  ______________ 

3. It is a heavy bag.  ______________ 

4. I am wearing a pink dress. ______________ 

5. He lives in an old house. ______________ 

6. This is a narrow road. ______________ 

Worksheet 7

7. Complete this story using the adjectives in the box.

[Words: Wicked, Stout, little, Dark, red, sick, girl., little]

Red Riding Hood is a little girl. She goes to visit her ________ grandmother. Red Riding Hood wears a ______ coat with a hood. She carries a basket full of food. Red Riding Hood has to go through _______ food.

She has to go through a ________ as dark forest. In the forest, lives a ______  wolf. He enters

grandmother’s house and frightens her. She hides in a cupboard. When Red Riding Hood reaches grandmother’s house, she sees her grandmother lying in her big __________  bed. But grandmother looks different. Red Riding Hood goes closer and sees that it is the wolf. She takes a ___________ stick and beats the wolf with it. The wolf jumps out of the bed and runs away into the woods. Grandmother comes out of the cupboard. She and Red Riding Hood hug each other.