Class 3 Subject and Predicate Worksheets and Answers

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Subject and Predicate

We can divide a sentence into two parts-subject and predicate.

The subject of a sentence-

1. tells us who or what the sentence is about.

2. is usually a noun, a pronoun or a group of words with a noun or a pronoun.

3. usually comes at the beginning of a sentence.

The predicate of a sentence-

1. is the rest of the sentence, along with the verb

2. tells us about the subject.

1. (Tina) likes ice-cream.

2. It has a long tail.

3. The lion roars.

In these sentences-

1. the bold and italicized part is the subject.

2. the underlined part is the predicate.

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Worksheets 1

A. Circle the subject parts in these sentences.

1. I like Maths.

2. The sky is cloudy.

3. The teacher is reading a poem.

4. Anu is singing a song.

5. Children love chocolates.

6. (The car crashed into a wall.

7. Students wear uniforms.

8. My cat likes to drink milk.

Worksheets 2

B. Underline the predicate parts in these sentences.

1. School closes at 3.30 p.m.

2. Maya and Mala are reading storybooks.

3. Fish live in lakes, rivers and seas.

4. We are driving to Bengaluru on Saturday.

5. The baby cries a lot.

6. Vasanti is wearing a sari,

7. The newspaper is on the table.

8. The snake catches a frog.

Worksheets 3

C. Match the subject parts with the predicate parts and write the complete sentences in the space given below.

1. Dinaa. went to the zoo with our cousins.
2. My favourite colourb. smell nice.
3. Lata and Leelac. bakes the best cakes.
4. The bicycled. likes to draw and paint.
5. Wee. shines brightly at noon.
6. The flowersf. is the colour of the sunset.
7. The sung. needs new tyres.
8. Motherh. are chatting in their garden.

Class 3 Subject and Predicate Worksheets 4

D. Complete these sentences with suitable subjects.

1. __________ give milk. copy

2. __________  bleat loudly.

3. __________  is our national flower.

4. __________  is the king of the jungle.

5. __________  has a green body and a red beak.

6. __________ , __________ , and __________ are types of flowers.

Class 3 Subject and Predicate Worksheets 5

E.  Complete these sentences with suitable predicates.

1. A little girl ____________ .

2. My father ____________ .

3. My mother ____________ .

5. A tiger ____________ .

4. The kite ____________ .

6. My best friend  ____________ .

7. My favourite storybook  ____________ .

8. My school ____________ .

Class 3 Subject and Predicate Worksheets 6

F. Read this story. Underline the subject parts in these sentences.

A poor woodcutter lived beside a forest. He used to cut dry branches of trees. One day, his axe fell into the river. The river was very deep. The woodcutter could not find his axe. The woodcutter began to cry. The river fairy appeared. She asked him why he was weeping. The woodcutter told her about his axe. The fairy dived into the water. She came back very soon. She showed the woodcutter a golden axe. The woodcutter said it was not his. He did not take it. The fairy again dived into the water. This time, she showed a silver axe. Once again, the woodcutter said it was not his. Finally, the fairy showed him his own axe. The woodcutter was overjoyed. He took it gladly. The fairy was very pleased with his honesty. She gave him the golden and silver axes as well.

Worksheets 7

G. Colour the boxes with matching subject parts and predicate parts to make complete sentences.

Subject and Predicate Worksheets Class 3