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The Importance of Interjections

Interjections are a fascinating part of speech. They add emotion and emphasis to our language, helping us convey our feelings and reactions effectively.

It’s essential for class 3 students to grasp the concept of interjections to become proficient in English communication.


We use interjections to show a strong or sudden feeling of happiness, sadness, surprise, or hurt.

Oh! Oh dear! Wow! Ouch!

These words are followed by an exclamation mark. We use a capital letter after the exclamation mark.

Wow! This is lovely.

Ouch! I hurt my toe.

Note:  All interjections are exclamations, but all exclamations are not interjections.

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Interjections Class 3 worksheets 1

A. Underline the interjections and add exclamation marks in the correct places.

1. Ouch  You stepped on my toe.

2. Hurrah We won the match.

3. Alas She cannot find her purse.

4. Oh dear A rat is in the kitchen.

5. Yuck Look at the garbage on the road.

6. What Are you serious?

7. Oh I left the keys behind.

8. Ow It hurts.

worksheets 2

B. Complete these sentences with the correct interjections from the words given in the brackets.

1. _________ He shouldn’t have said that. (Good!/Goodness!)

2. _________ I spilled the milk on the carpet. (Oops!/Yeah!)

3. _________! What a cute baby. (Oh no!/Aww!)

4. _________You scared me. (Oh!/Yeah!)

5. _________ We lost the battle. (Alas!/What!)

6. _________ What a beautiful dress! (Aww!/Wow!)

7. _________ Is that a lizard? (What!/Ouch!)

8. _________ I missed the bus. (Oh dear!/What!)

Interjections Class 3 worksheets 3

C. Tick (✓) the sentences where the correct interjections have been used.

1. Yes! Now I can ride my own bicycle.

2. Goodness me! I dropped your beautiful vase.

3. What! Have you really won the gold medal?

4. Oops! I don’t want a haircut.

5. Hurrah! I did very well in Maths.

6. Oh dear! How did they catch the thief?

7. Zap! And the cat disappeared.

8. Oh no! We won the match.

Interjections Class 3 worksheets 4

D. Complete these sentences with the correct interjections from the box.

[Yuck, Hurrah, Yum, Ouch, Oh, Sure, Oh dear, Look out]

1. __________ ! Our team just scored another goal.

2. __________ ! That box is very heavy.

3. __________Watch where you are going.

4. __________! I think that bee stung me.

5. __________! The milk is not fresh.

6. __________! This cake is so delicious.

7. __________! Go ahead.

8. __________! I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Interjections Class 3 worksheets 5

E. Fill in the correct letters in the word triangle. Use the clues given.

Interjection worksheet class 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these worksheets suitable for Grade 7 students?

Absolutely! These worksheets are tailored to the needs of Grade 7 students, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

How can I access these worksheets?

You can download these worksheets in PDF format for easy printing and distribution.

Do I need any special materials or resources?

No, these worksheets are designed to be simple and accessible. You only need basic stationery and a printer.

Can I modify the worksheets to suit my teaching style?

Of course! Feel free to adapt these worksheets to meet your specific teaching goals and methods.

Are the answer keys included with the worksheets?

Yes, answer keys are provided for your convenience.

How do I make learning interjections fun for my students?

Incorporate interactive activities and storytelling into your lessons. Encourage students to use interjections in their everyday conversations.


Teaching Interjections Class 3 is a rewarding experience, and with the right resources, it can be both enjoyable and effective. Our Interjections Class 3 worksheets with Answers are designed to make learning fun while providing educators with valuable tools