Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet

Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet have been prepared for learning English Grammar of Class 5 under CBSE, ICSE, and Other State boards as Lesson No1. Class 5 students in their English Grammar learning process will get help from this Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet to achieve better speaking and writing skills in English.

Parts of speech are the English words that are used in sentences with different functions and use. Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet and answers are discussed for the students of Class 5.

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What are parts of Speech in English?

Parts of Speech are the different kinds of words that are used in a sentence according to their function. Words used in sentences are divided into Eight Categories.

1. Noun (Naming word)

2. Pronoun (words used in place of Nouns)

3. Adjective (words describing noun or Pronoun)

4. Verb (Action word or doing word)

5. Adverb (Words modifying Verb, Adjective, Adverb)

6. Preposition (Relating words)

7. Conjunction (Connecting word)

8. Interjection (Words expressing emotions)

Definition of Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet.

The definition of Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet are brought in the following that is designed for class 5 under CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards syllabus.

1. Noun

Noun is a word used as a name of a person, thing, place, animal, a quality. So, a Noun is called a Naming word.


  • Nayan is my friend. (Name of person)
  • We go to school every day. (Name of place)
  • Tiger is a fierce animal. (Name of animal)
  • I bought a pencil. (Name of thing)
  • Kindness is a great Virtue. (Name of quality)

2. Pronoun

A Pronoun is a word used in place of a Noun.


  • I am your best friend.
  • This house is mine.
  • We shall visit the Taj Mahal.
  • He will give me a present.
  • She said to them, ‘ Don’t shout here.’

3. Adjective

An Adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. It modifies Quality, Quantity, State, and Number of Nouns. 


  • Sohon is a brave boy.
  • She is intelligent.
  • They have won two matches.
  • Many men are poor.
  • This pen is mine.

4. Verb

Verb is a doing or action word. It tells what someone or something does, is, or has.


  • We won the match. (Action word)
  • He has a big house. (Possession)
  • They are good students. (Being)
  • The bird flies in the sky. (Doing word)
  • You make me laugh. (Causing)

5. Adverb

An Adverb is a word that adds to the meaning of a verb, adjective, or another adverb.


  • She sang the song nicely. (Modifying the verb ‘sang’)
  • The horse runs very fast. (Modifying the adverb ‘fast’)
  • He is quite strong. (Modifying the adjective ‘strong’ )
  • He never came. (Modifying the verb ‘came’ )
  • You are very tall. (Modifying the adjective ‘tall’)

6. Preposition 

A Preposition is a word that shows the relation between a noun or a pronoun and some other words in a sentence.


  • He puts the book on the table.
  • The cat is under the table.
  • He came of a rich family.
  • He plays every day in the evening.
  • The dog shouted at night.

7. Conjunction

conjunction is a word that is used to join two words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.


  • Ram and Shyam are good friends.
  • Study hard or you will fail.
  • He is poor but honest
  • I asked if he was ill.
  • She could not attend the meeting as she was ill.

8. Interjection

An Interjection is a word or a group of words used to express an emotion in a sentence. An exclamation mark ( ! ) is generally used to mark an interjection in a sentence.


  • Hurrah! We have won the match.
  • Alas! He is no more.
  • Fie! You are a coward.
  • Ouch! That’s hurts.
  • Hush! Your mother is sleeping.
  • Ah! What a sad news that was!

Table of Parts of Speech for Class 5


Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet

Worksheet on Parts of Speech for Class 5 is an important part to make learners’ evaluation for which this worksheet on parts of speech has been provided below.

Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet 1

1. Find out Nouns from the following sentences.

(a) Plato was an influential Greek philosopher

(b) Love is a wonderful emotion.

(c) A swarm of bees is flying in the garden.

(d) Elephants never forget anything.

(e) Tigers are fond of flesh.

(f) Soyabean has great nutritional value.

Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet 2

2. Underline Pronouns from the following sentences.

(a) Amar is a college student. He is my brother.

(b) A bird eats with its beak.

(c) Those pens are mine.

(d) I have heard this news.

(e) They cannot be able to swim in the pond.

(f) These documents are yours.

Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet 3

3. Find out Adjectives from the following sentences.

(a) The woman has many storybooks.

(b) Be kind to others.

(c) Aditya is a brilliant student.

(d) It was an awesome experience.

(e) He showed enough tolerance.

(f) Alexander was a great emperor.

Parts of Speech for Class 5 with Examples and Worksheet 4

4. Underline Verbs from the following sentences.

(a) Father does not allow me to go outside alone.

(b) He did something noble.

(c) My brother was sleeping when I entered his room

(d) The boy was caught in a storm.

(e) It is I who caged the bird yesterday.

(f) No one had the courage to meet him.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 5

5. Find out Adverbs from the following sentences.

(a) Always speak the truth.

(b)  She is absolutely right.

(c) I am much better now.

(d) I will certainly come.

(e)  She dances gracefully.

(f) The man is completely mad.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 6

6. Find out Prepositions from the following sentences. 

(a) We are playing at present.

(b) The axe slipped into the river.

(c) Mangoes grow in summer.

(d) The school is closed on Sunday

(e) He is going to the stadium.

(f) He was suffering from malaria.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 7

7. Find out Conjunctions from the following sentences.

(a) The man is rich but unhappy.

b) We are having cakes and chocolates.

(c) He cannot join us because he is out of the station.

(d) Obey your teacher or you may fail.

(e) As my mother was busy, I prepared my lessons myself.

(f) Although fast food is delicious, they are unhealthy Practise.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 8

8. Write Parts of Speech of each word of the following sentences:

(a) Nantu is a student.

(b) He reads the Ramayana.

(c) Bhola heard the sound.

(d) He was passing by.

(e) Nazrul was a rebel poet.

(f) The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

(g) She ran very quickly.

(h) He jumped into the river.

(i) Begum Rokeya was a kind and generous lady.

(j) Help! help! save me!

(k) Alas! My pet is dead.

Indicate A, An, The as Adjective )

Parts of Speech Worksheet 9

9. Read these sentences carefully. Mention the part of speech of the words in each sentence.

1. Look At the rainbow in the sky

2. Stop! Don’t jump into the pool. The water is filthy.

3. The Rajdhani Express was delayed because of a technical snag-problem

4. Several areas of Bihar and West Bengal were flooded.

5. The police could barely control the crowd that ran onto the streets.

6. Wow! India won the match.

7. Our school will remain closed on Monday as the teachers have to attend a meeting

8. He was driving very fast on the highway.

9. This cute litter of puppies was born yesterday.

10. Hush! The child is asleep.

11. Birds of a feather flock together.

12. Oh no! I hope that isn’t true.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 10

10. Fill in the blanks with suitable words according to the direction :

(a) I shall not __________ (verb) to school.

(b) Iron __________ (verb) a useful __________ (noun).

(c) Rice is a __________ (adjective) food.

(d) The cow is a __________ (adjective) animal.

(e) He is the __________ (noun) __________ (preposition) our school.

(f) The river flows __________ (adverb).

(g) The boy is __________ (adverb) good.

(h) Babu __________ (conjunction) Inu sat together.

(i) __________ (pronoun) went to __________ (pronoun)

(j) __________ ! (Interjection) the boy has failed.

Parts of Speech Worksheet 11

11. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from Parts of speech.

(1) To name a person, thing, or place, we use _________, such as Ram pen and town.

(2) We use ________ in place of Noun.

(3) To describe noun pronoun, we use ________ like imaginative or suggestive.

(4) The ______ means action or something done.

(5) An _______ modifies the verb adverb or an adjective

(6) A _________ relates the words in a sentence with a noun or pronoun

(7) ____________ joins words, groups of words, or sentences.

(8) ________ expresses emotions like Sorrow, joy, and fear.

Help box: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection.

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