Linking Verbs Class 3 worksheets and Answers

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Linking Verbs Class 3 worksheets be and the present tense

We will see how linking Verbsbe’ can be used in the present tense. Let’s get started.

Linking Verbs Am is Are: Class 3

Worksheet 1

 A. Complete these sentences with is, am, and are.

1. Grandmother ___________  in the kitchen.

2. You ___________ my neighbor.

3. We ___________  in the dance competition.

4. Swati ___________  tired of waiting for Dina.

5. I ___________  in Kerala now.

6. Sam ___________  the captain of the football team.

7. It ___________  an interesting story.

8. Lily and Huma ___________  good at playing tennis.

Linking Verbs Class 3 worksheets be and the Past Tense

We will see how the linking Verb ‘be’ can be used in the past tense. Let’s get started.

Linking Verbs was were: class 3

Worksheet 2

B. Circle was or were to complete these sentences correctly.

1. I was were in Mumbai last week.

2. We was/were at the zoo last Sunday.

3. Tara was/were at the cinema yesterday evening.

4. Hina and Jaya was/were Kumar’s classmates.

5. The mouse was/were under the table.

6. You was/were busy on Friday.

7. They was/were in front of the supermarket.

8. The Sun (was/were behind a cloud.

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Worksheet 3

C. Rewrite these sentences using was or were.

1. I am alone at home.


2. Deepa and her friend are in class three.


3. The children are with their aunt.


4. She is asleep on the sofa.


5. The car is two years old.


6. We are ready to give the test.


7. He is a famous doctor.


8. There are dark grey clouds in the sky.


Linking Verbs Class 3 worksheets be and Negative sentences

We make negative sentences by adding not after was or were.

●I was not hungry.

●We were not in school.

When speaking, we can shorten these forms to wasn’t/weren’t.

●I wasn’t, hungry.

●We weren’t in school.

Worksheet 4

D. Change the words in bold to was/wasn’t/were/weren’t.

It is a beautiful summer’s day and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Mother, Father, and I are in the garden. Father is in the vegetable garden, planting some seeds. Mother and I are busy with other jobs. The sun is hot and soon I am tired. Mother and Father aren’t tired at all. They are in the garden for a long time. I am glad when it is time to go home.

Linking Verbs Class 3 worksheets Questions with Was and Were

You can ask questions by using was and were at the beginning of sentences.

●Was the door closed?

●Was she in the park?

●Were you home last night?

●Were they in the park?

Worksheet 5

E. Complete these questions with was or were. Then, choose the correct answers to complete these conversations.

1. Anu: __________ you unwell yesterday evening?

Renu: __________.

a. Yes, I were. b. Yes, I was.

2. David: __________ that very small for you?

Ben: ______________

a. Sorry, it was. b. No, it wasn’t.

3. Nita: __________ they in Chennai last week?

Gita: __________ 

a. Yes, they were. b. They was.

4. Paul: __________ the sandwich tasty?

Sam: __________  

a. No, it wasn’t. b. Yes, it wasn’t.

5. Abu: __________ Susan and Priya in the library yesterday

Kala: __________

a. Yes, they are. b. Yes, they were.

6. Mohan: __________ the train late?

Suman: __________

a. No, it wasn’t. b. No, it weren’t.

Worksheet 6

F. Complete this passage with was/were/wasn’t/weren’t.

It __________ 10 o’clock on Saturday night. Shyam and Golu __________ in their room. Their parents __________ at home. Grandmother __________ well.  Their parents __________ at Grandmother’s house to look after her. Shyam and Golu __________ in bed. Though both of them __________  tired, only Golu __________ asleep. Shyam __________ wide awake. It __________ dark outside. There __________ any cars on the road. Suddenly, there __________  a loud crashing sound.

Worksheet 7

G. Work in pairs. Give clues to your partner about where you were yesterday. You can also imagine the place. However, you cannot mention the place. Your partner has to ask you questions with ‘was’ and ‘were’ to guess it. You can give clues till your partner can guess the correct answer.

For example-

Clues: There were birds. There were animals.

Student 1: Were you in the park? / Were you in the zoo?

Student 2: No, I wasn’t in the park. / Yes, I was in the zoo.

Worksheet 8

H. Complete these sentences with the correct linking verbs.

1. I _______ unwell. (is/am)

2. We _______  a test tomorrow. (has/have)

3. They _______  tired. (are/am)

4. You _______  not at home yesterday. (was/were)

5. It _______  very cold today. (is/am)

6. We _______  very busy. (have/are)

7. Shiv _______  two cats. (have/has)

8. I cannot find my wallet. It _______  on the table. (was/were)