Class 1 Punctuation Worksheet English Grammar

Punctuation Class 1 English Grammar Worksheet has been prepared for children of 6 to 7 years for CBSE, ICSE, or any State Boards. To begin learning English grammar at the foundation level, the 11th lesson is to learn about Punctuation in English. So, the English Grammar Punctuation Worksheet for class 1 will make children interested in learning English Grammar and practicing it as well with fun.

What is Punctuation in English?

  • A Proper Noun(Special name) begins with a capital Letter.
  • A sentence begins with a capital Letter.
  • A sentence ends with a full stop. (.)
  • A question begins with a capital letter.
  • A question ends with a question mark. (?)

This is called punctuation.

Types of Punctuation Class 1

Discover the diverse world of punctuation marks, from periods and commas to semicolons and exclamation points. Each has its unique purpose and usage, and we’ll break them down for you.

The Full Stop (.)

The period, a simple yet crucial punctuation mark, signifies the end of a sentence. Explore its usage and gain insights into crafting well-structured sentences.

The Comma (,)

Commas are versatile punctuation marks, used for various purposes. Learn when to use commas for separating items in a list, setting off introductory phrases, and more.

The Question Mark (?)

Questions are a fundamental part of communication. Understand when and how to use question marks to turn statements into inquiries.

The Exclamation Point (!)

Expressing excitement, surprise, or strong emotions? Exclamation points come to your rescue. Discover how to use them effectively without overdoing it.

The Colon (:)

Colons can enhance your writing by introducing lists, explanations, or quotations. Learn the rules and make your sentences more powerful.

The Semicolon (;)

Semicolons bridge the gap between two related independent clauses. Uncover their role in creating sophisticated sentences.

The Apostrophe (‘)

Apostrophes have dual purposes: indicating possession and contracting words. Master the art of apostrophes and elevate your writing style.

The Quotation Marks (” “)

Quotation marks are essential for punctuating direct speech and indicating titles. Explore their usage and avoid common pitfalls.

Lesson-wise Practice Worksheet

Letters and AlphabetAdjectives
NounsThis, That, These,
Types of NounsArticles
Singular and PluralPronouns
Is, Are, and AmPunctuation
VerbsRevision Lesson

Punctuation Class 1 Worksheet

The punctuation Worksheet has been prepared for CBSE, ICSE, or any State Boards students aged from 6 years to 7 years. This Worksheet will guide them to learn and practice English Grammar easily step by step.

Worksheet 1: Adding Full Stop

Rewrite the following sentences by adding the appropriate periods (full stops) where needed.

1. I have a cat a dog and a fish2.

2. The sun is shining the birds are singing the sky is blue

3. My favorite colors are red blue and green

4. She loves to dance she took ballet lessons for three years

5. My favorite fruits are apples bananas and strawberries

6. The sun is setting it’s time to go home

7. We went to the zoo we saw lions tigers and bears

8. I have a red ball a blue kite and a green bicycle

Worksheet 2: Adding Full Stop

Turn the following statements into questions by adding question marks.

1. You like to play soccer

2. She has a pet hamster

3. He wants ice cream

4. They went to the park

5. We are going to the movies

6. It’s a sunny day

7. The cat is sleeping

8. She enjoys reading books

9. He can swim

10. We have a new teacher

Worksheet 3: Using Capital Letters

Rewrite the following sentences, applying capital letters where needed.

1. i have a red bicycle.

2. my favorite color is blue.

3. the dog is named max.

4. we visited the eiffel tower in paris.

5. she enjoys playing chess.

6. my birthday is on january 15th.

7. we live on oak street.

8. the book was written by mark twain.

9. my teacher, mrs. smith, is very kind.

10. the sun sets in the west.

Worksheet 4: Capitalize Proper Nouns

Identify and capitalize the proper nouns in the following sentences.

1. The capital of france is paris.

2. i live in london, england.

3. my favorite movie is harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

4. the largest ocean in the world is the pacific ocean.

5. my best friend’s name is emily.

6. we visited the grand canyon in arizona.

7. the statue of liberty stands in new york harbor.

8. the nile river flows through egypt.

9. my favorite singer is taylor swift.

10. i love eating italian pizza.

      Punctuation Class 1 Worksheet 5

      Rearrange the words to form sentences. Remember to begin with capital letters and end with full stops.

      a. a this is banana


      b. those threes mangoes are


      c. sharp are pencils these


      d. the is that moon


      e. those stars are


      Punctuation Class 1 Worksheet 6

      Punctuate the dialogue between Joy and Shreya using capital letters, full stops, and question marks wherever necessary.

      Joy: hi my name is kiran   what is your name

      Shreya: my name is shreya.

      Joy: i study in st. thomas school Where do you study

      Shreya: i study in cambridge school

      Joy: are you new to this place

      Shreya: yes

      Joy: welcome to this neighbourhood

      Shreya: thank you

      Punctuation Class 1 Worksheet 7

      Suppose your brother wrote a thank you letter to his grandmother but he did not use any punctuation mark. Put in the missing punctuation marks on the letter.

      dear grandma,

      thank you for the lovely cushion you sent me did you make the cushion yourself all my friends. like it too when are you coming to see us please come soon.

      lots of love,