Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar has been prepared for learning English Grammar of Class 5 under CBSE, ICSE, and Other State boards as Lesson No 16. Class 5 students in their English Grammar learning process will get help from the Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar to achieve better speaking and writing skills in English.

This Lesson 16, Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar contains – What Simple Past Tense is? and Simple Past Tense Formula, Uses, with a practice worksheet at the end for better knowledge for class 5.

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Example: Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar

  • They did the work.
  • Ravi was absent.
  • We had many friends in the school.
  • She would play Tennis every afternoon.
  • The servants used to tell them stories.
  • You began learning English at the age of ten.

All the above-highlighted words talk about actions that are completed in the past at a definite point in time or talk about past habits.

When a verb is used to express an action that was completed in the past at a definite point in time or to express a past habit, it is in the Simple Past tense.

Formula: Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Past Tense Formula with Positive, Negative, Interrogative, and Negative-interrogative sentences has been discussed in the following.

Simple Past Tense (Positive)

Formula: Subject + Verb ( past form) + Object.

Chart 1

1stI played football.We played football.
2ndYou played football.You played football.
3rdHe / She / It played football.They played football.

Simple Past Tense (Negative)

Formula: Subject + did + not + Verb (present form) + Object.

Chart 2

1stI did not play football.We did not play football.
2ndYou did not play football.You did not play football.
3rdHe / She / It did not play football.They did not play football.

Simple Past Tense (Interrogative)

Formula: Did + Subject + Verb (present form) + Object?

Chart 3

1stDid I play football?Did we play football?
2ndDid you play football?Did you play football?
3rdDid he/she/it play football?Did they play football?

Wh-Word Question

Formula: Wh-Word + did + Subject + Verb (present form) + Object?


  • Where did you live?
  • Why did Ravi cry?
  • How did she draw it? 
  • What did they plan?

Questions for information are made with the ‘Wh-word’who, which, what, why, whose, whom, how are called ‘Wh-word’.

Simple Past Tense (Negative-Interrogative)

Formula: Did + Subject + not + Verb (present form) + Object?

Chart 4

1stDid I not play football?Did we not play football?
2ndDid you not play football?Did you not play football?
3rdDid he/she/it not play football?Did they not play football?

In the Negative-Interrogative sentence ‘not’ is placed before the subject noun and after the subject pronoun.


  • Did not Ravi play football? (Before subject noun)
  • Did he not play football? (After subject pronoun)

Uses: Simple Past Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Past Tense is used to express

1. actions are done at some time in the past.


  • wrote to her last week,
  • They called the electrician to repair the table fan.

2. some actions that were done in the past as a matter of habit.


  • We often went away for the weekend.
  • They always invited us over for festivals.

3. a past habitual action


  • He would swim in the pond during his boyhood.

4. a regular habitual past action


  • We used to swim in the pond.

5. an action with the mention of some definite pastime.


  • Swami Vivekananda was born in 1863.

Used to indicate a regular past habitual action. Would indicate irregular past habitual action.


Exercise – 1

A. Re-write the sentences with the simple past tense of the verbs.

1. I go on a holiday with my family.

2. we usually travel by plane.

3. we always stay in a hotel.

4. I get up late.

5. my brother and I swim in the sea.

6. we meet a lot of new people.

7. I send a postcard to my best friend.

8. we visit my grandparents in August.

9. He goes to school.

10. They have left Kanpur.

11. Amartya will go tomorrow.

12.  He is eating an apple.

13.  Inu runs a race.

Exercise –2

B. Complete with verbs in the simple past tense.

Friend A: What _______ (you, do) last weekend? __________ (you, stay)at home?

Friend B: No, we _______ (visit) my cousins in Amritsar.

Friend A: Really? _______ (you, have) a nice time?

Friend B: Yes! It _______ (be) lovely! What about you? Where _______ (you, go)

Friend A: Well, I _______ (go) to the shopping center with Mona and Mohit on Saturday. And guess what? We _______ (see) the shooting of Planet Wars on the way there.

Friend B: Planet Wars? The famous series? Wow! _______ (you, go) meet the stars?

Friend A: Yes, we _______ (do)! And I _______ (get) some autographs as well from them.

Exercise –3

C. Make sentences (declarative, negative, and yes/no interrogative) in the simple past tense with the following words. Underline the verbs in the past tense.

1. draw a landscape.

2. watch television

3. buy many things

4. have some fun

5. drink milk

6. run a race

7. swim in the pond

8. build a sandcastle

9. teach English

Exercise –4

D. Fill in the blanks with the Past Tense of the verbs given in the brackets:

(a) I quite hurt (feel).

(b) A river near their house (flow).

(c) The game at 8 a.m. (begin).

(d) He only English (speak).

(e) Amlan the ball (throw).

Exercise –5

E. Fill in the blanks using the past form’ of the verbs given in the brackets

1. Last Sunday, Reba. (visit) the zoo.

2. Teacher. (tell) us a story.

3. Subir (sing) an English folk song yesterday.

4. Robin (paint) a picture yesterday.

5. Yesterday the fisherman (catch) a big fish.

6. They. (play) hockey yesterday.

7. They (come) to school yesterday.

8. He (helps) the poor lady.

9. I (understand) my mistake.

10. He (leave) the house before the owner.

11. The man (meet) him at the restaurant.

12. They (enjoy) the football match.

13. The lion (kill) a deer.

Exercise –6

F. Give the ‘Past Form’ of the following words
















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