The Snail Class 10 Questions Answers with Bengali Meaning

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The Snail Class 10 Questions Answers with Bengali Meaning for Madhyamik Exam have been prepared in the following according to the trend and types of questions. The snail, a poem, has been appended in Bliss: English textbook for class 10 under WBBSE. 

Bengali Meaning of The Snail Class 10

1st stanza:

ঘাস, পাতা, ফল বা দেয়ালে,
শামুক নিবিড়ভাবে আটকে থাকে, পড়ার ভয় সে করে না,
যেন সেখানেই বেড়ে উঠেছে, ঘর-বাড়ি আর সব
এক সাথে।

2nd stanza:

বাড়ির মধ্যে নিশ্চিন্তে লুকিয়ে থাকে,
যখন বিপদ আসন্ন,
ঝড়ের কারণে, বা অন্য কোনো ক্ষতি ঘটে
আবহাওয়ার কারণে।

3rd stanza:

ওর শুঁড়ে সামান্য স্পর্শ করো,
এত বেশি আত্মসংবরণের ক্ষমতা যে—
গুটিয়ে যায় নিজের ঘরের মধ্যে খুব
যেখানেই বাস করে, সে একা বাস করে,

4th stanza:

নিজে ছাড়া আর কোনো সম্পত্তিই নেই,
আর খুবই তৃপ্ত নিজেই নিজের
অসন্তোষের সাথে।
সম্পূর্ণ সম্পদ হিসেবে।

5th stanza:

এমন সন্ন্যাসীর মত তার জীবন সে করে অতিবাহিত
সঙ্গী নয় তার ভোজসভায় প্রয়োজন
এবং যদি সে পায় কারও সাক্ষাৎ কেবল ভাজন করে
সে দ্রুততর তখনই।

6th stanza:

যে খোঁজে তাকে, হয় সে অবশ্যই অন্ধের থেকেও জঘন্য
(সে এবং তার গৃহ হ’ল এতটাই নিবদ্ধ)
যদি, এটি খুঁজে পায়, সে পরাস্ত হয় খুঁজতে
এর প্রভুকে।

Summary of the Poem, The Snail Class 10

1. The snail remains attached to grass, a leaf, a fruit, or a wall

2. He does not fear falling from them.

3. He remains safe inside his house (shell) from danger.

4. He with much displeasure enters into his shell at the slightest touch.

5. He lives all alone, without any personal belongings.

6. He is contented to be his own treasure.

Important Word Notes from the Poem, The Snail Class 10

1. danger: – peril, risk; বিপদ, ঝুঁকি

2. imminent: – likely to happen / impending; আসন্ন

3. betide: – happen; ঘটা

4. storm: a violent disturbance of

5. slightest: very little; সবচেয়ে কম, খুব কম, অল্প

6. self-collecting: withdrawing oneself from surrounding; পারিপার্শ্বিক থেকে নিজেকে গুটিয়ে নেওয়া।

7. shrink: to contract, shorten; সংকুচিত হওয়া বা করা

8. displeasure: annoyance;অসন্তোষ, বিরক্তি

9. dwell: to live, to reside; বাস করা

10. chattels: movable possession, personal belongings;অস্থাবর সম্পত্তি, ব্যক্তিগত সম্পত্তি

11. satisfied: pleased; তৃপ্ত, সন্তুষ্ট

12. treasure: wealth; সঞ্জিত সম্পদ

Bliss: Lesson-wise Textual Questions Answers Solution

1. Father’s Help by R.K Narayan5. Our Runaway Kite by Lucy Maud Montgomery
2. Fable by Ralph Waldo Emerson6. Sea Fever by John Masefield
3. The Passing Away of Bapu by Nayantara Sehgal7. The Cat by Andrew Barton Paterson
4. My Own True Family by Ted Hughes8. The Snail by William Cowper
Class 10 All Textual Writing

Questions and Answers from The Snail for 2024

Important Questions and answers from the poem The Snail Class 10 have been provided in the following.

Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences.

MCQs Questions Answers

1. When the snail sticks closer to a wall, he has-

ⓐ no joy in mind

ⓑ no fear to fall

ⓒno sorrow to cry out

ⓓ none of the above

2. When there is any danger, the snail hides

ⓐ beside a wall

ⓑ under a leaf

ⓒ within his own house

ⓓ under a big fruit

3. The snail’s chattel is

ⓐ the snail’s house

ⓑ the snail itself

ⓒ the snail’s horns

ⓓ the hidden treasure

4. The snail has

ⓐ no personal belongings

ⓑ only a pair of shoes

ⓒ a garden

ⓓ a tree

5. The snail is not scared to drop down from a higher level to a lower level of the

ⓐ attic

ⓑ Flower

ⓒ branch

ⓓ wall

6. The slightest touch makes the snail to

ⓐ conceal in his home

ⓑ run fast

ⓒ retreat and attack its tormentors

ⓓ express gratefulness

7. Troubles and Stormy weather compel the snail to search for

ⓐ safe shelter

ⓑ leafy banners

ⓒ vault

ⓓ running stream

8. The snail is highly satisfied to lead life like a

ⓐ monarch

ⓑ pirate

ⓒ solitary

ⓓ Merchant

Tick the Correct Option

9. The snail is not afraid of

ⓐ jump

ⓑ storms

ⓒ human being

ⓓ fall

10. When the snail sees danger, he

ⓐ hides

ⓑ flees

ⓒ fights

Ⓓ remains passive

11. “When danger imminent betides” – Here ‘imminent’ means

ⓐ Impossible

ⓑ impending

ⓒ illusory


12. “Within that house secure he hides” – Here ‘house’ refers to

ⓐ the house of a man

Ⓑ the hole in the tree

Ⓒ snail’s shell

ⓓ bunker

13. The snail hides inside

ⓐ a leaf

ⓑ a fruit

ⓒ his own house

ⓓ none of the above

14. The snail lives

ⓐ with his brother

ⓑ with his parents

ⓒ alone

ⓓ with his children

15. If touched, the snail is –

ⓐ angry

ⓑ displeased

ⓒ afraid

ⓓ satisfied

16. The snail has no fear of

ⓐ falling

Ⓑ being touched

ⓒ storm

ⓓ drowning

Choose the right alternatives

17. The snail leads a life that is

ⓐ self-sufficient

ⓑ absolutely dependent on others

ⓒ like a parasite

ⓓ partly dependent on others

18. The snail retreats into his house

ⓐ at the slightest touch of a leaf

ⓑ to take shelter from the storm

ⓒ to be alone

ⓓ to eat grass or leaves

19. With the slightest touch, the snail shrinks into his house with

ⓐ pleasure

ⓑ displeasure

ⓒ surprise

ⓓ pain

20. The most sensitive part of the snail’s body is his

ⓐ legs

ⓑ shells

ⓒ horns

ⓓ sting

21. When danger is likely to happen, the snail –

ⓐ fears to fall

ⓑ soon falls

ⓒ hides in a secure place

ⓓ sticks close as usual

22. Once the snail’s horns are touched, it –

ⓐleaves the place

ⓑ opens itself

ⓒ shrinks

Ⓓshows no reaction

23. The snail dwells

ⓐ with companions

ⓑ with a partner only

ⓒ in solitude

ⓓ with a few belongings

24. The snail leads

ⓐ a risky life

ⓑ a powerful life

ⓒ a self-satisfied life

ⓓ a dependent life

Extra MCQ Questions Answers

25. When there is a storm, the snail

ⓐ comes out of his house

ⓑ goes far away

ⓒ feels very delighted

ⓓ hides within his house

26. The snail sticks

ⓐ loosely

ⓑ closely


ⓓ fearfully

27. The snail seems to be

ⓐ tensed

ⓑ fearless

ⓒ anxious

ⓓ powerless

28. The Snail Securely hides

ⓐ In a shed

ⓑ In a burrow

ⓒ in a hole

ⓓ in his house

29. “Except himself has chatells none” – Here ‘chatells’ means

ⓐ chappals

ⓑ citadels

ⓒ horns

Ⓓ personal belongings

30. The snail

ⓐ never feels any displeasure

ⓑsometimes feels much displeasure

ⓒalways feels displeasure

ⓓ is never satisfied

31.The snail lives

ⓐ with others nails

ⓑ alone

ⓒ in a permanent place

ⓓ with other tiny creatures

32. The poem takes us to

ⓐthe world of human beings

ⓑ the private world of a snail

ⓒ the dwelling place of a snail

ⓓ the world of plants and trees

MCQs from Test Papers

33.A snail sticks to a leaf

ⓐ with fear

ⓑ without any fear

ⓒ with less fear

ⓓ sometimes with fear

34.Finding himself in danger, the snail seeks

ⓐ secure place

ⓑ place of waramth

ⓒ cold place

ⓓ hiding place

35.Being disturbed, the snail shrinks into his house

ⓐ with fear

ⓑ with irritation

ⓒ with pleasure

ⓓ without any pleasure

36.To be his own whole treasure, a snail is

ⓐ disgusted

ⓑ amazed

ⓒ proud

ⓓ contented

37.The world in which the snail lives is

ⓐ a large one

ⓑ a self-contained one

ⓒ a world full of danger

ⓓ a beautiful one

38.In the world of a snail, it leads a

ⓐ pathetic life

ⓑ dreadful life

ⓒ self-sufficient life

ⓓ ordinary life

39.At the time of imminent danger, the snail

ⓐ faces it boldly

ⓑ hides himself in his house

ⓒ has no feeling at all

ⓓ welcomes it with a smile

40.The poem focuses on the

ⓐlife cycle of a snail

ⓑ food habits of a snail

ⓒ private World of a snail

ⓓ different species of a snail

Important MCQs questions and answers

41.The snail

ⓐ does not fear to fall

ⓑ does not fear to fail

ⓒ is not afraid of storm

ⓓ is not afraid of disaster

42.The poem, ‘The Snail’ is composed by

ⓐ William Shakespeare

ⓑ William Wordsworth

ⓒ William Cowper

ⓓ William Blake

43.When touched slightly, the snail

ⓐ starts running

ⓑ dies

ⓒ shrinks

ⓓ feels pleasure

44.With himself, the snail is

ⓐ satisfied

ⓑ dissatisfied

ⓒ sad

ⓓ annoyed

45.The snail considers himself to be

ⓐ treasure

ⓑ lovable

ⓒ worthless

ⓓ lonely

46. The snail has got

ⓐ over-confidence

ⓑ self-confidence

ⓒ self-collecting power

ⓓ none of the above

47. The snail’s chattel is

ⓐ the snail’s house

ⓑ the snail itself

ⓒ the snail’s horns

ⓓ the hidden treasure

True False with Supporting Statements

State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences/ Phrases/ words in support of your answer.

(a) The snail hides beneath the grass – False
Supporting statement: Within that house secure he hides……

(b) The snail shrinks into his house with much astonishment – False
Supporting statement: He shrinks into his house with much/ Displeasure.

(c)The snail sticks close to the grass, leaf, fruit or wall – True
Supporting statement: To grass, or leaf, or fruit or wall,/ The snail sticks close, noe fears to fall….

(d) When the snail apprehends any danger, it hides itself in its hole – False
Supporting statement: Within that house secure he hides/ when danger imminent betides…..

(e) The snail lives in his house with all his possessions – False
Supporting statement: Where’er he dwells, he dwels alone /Except himself has chatells none….

(f) While sticking firmally to the wall, leaves, grass, fruit, the snail is fearless – True
Supporting statement: To grass, a leaf, or fruit, or wall / The snail sticks close, nor fears to fall….

(g) To be his whole treasure, a snail is disgusted – False
Supporting statement: Well satisfied to be his own / Whole treasure.

(h) The snail never feels any disclosure – False
Supporting statement: He shrinks into his house with much/ Displeasure.

(i) In his home, the snail leaves with chattels – False
Supporting statement: Except himself has chattels none…..

(j) The snail and his house are inseparable – True
Supporting statement: As if he grew there, house and all / Together.

Answer the following questions.

1. When does the snail hide in his house?
Ans: When the snail senses any imminent danger like Storm etc., he hides in his house. He does so because he wants security then.

2. What is the snail’s attitude toward life?
Ans: The snail loves to live alone. He wants nothing but himself. He has no fear of falling. To him, his house is the safest place. Human touch displeases him. He is self-contained.

3. When is a snail satisfied?
Ans: A snail is a self-contained creature. He needs neither any companion nor any personal belonging. So, he is satisfied when he gets himself as his only treasure.

4. Why does the snail carry his house with him?
Ans: The snail’s house is inseparable from his body. He and his house grow together. Besides whenever he senses danger or feels displeasure, he immediately takes shelter in it.

5. How does the snail stick itself?
Ans: The snail sticks closely to grass, leaf, fruit, or wall. He does not have any fear of falling. Rather it seems that he grew up there with his house together.