Do As Directed Class 4 English Grammar

Do As Directed Class 4 in English Grammar has been prepared in Questions Answers form for class 4 to practice with different English Grammar Questions.

Different types of Do As Directed Class 4 English Grammar are found in recent question papers. English Grammar questions that cover Do As Directed Class 4 English Grammar are given below.

Questions Set 1

Do as Directed

1. We had visited __________ Andamans last year. [ Fill in  the blanks with the article]

2. The police caught the thief. [ Find out the common gender]

3. Rivu and Gouri loved Bengali dishes. Rivu and Gouri enjoyed hilsa fish in mustered. [Put a pronoun instead of the underline words]

4.  Water falls down from the clouds as rain. [ Underline the neuter gender]

5.  A warm relationship quickly developed among the cousins. [ Rewrite the sentence with the similar meaning of the underlined word]

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Questions Set 2

Do as Directed

1. Sudha has a pet dog. [ Find out the Noun]

2. Sound of the horse is _______ . [Fill in the blanks

3. The plural form of ‘leaf’ is __________ . [Use ‘more’ in the sentence]

4. I read a book yesterday. I like _________ very much. [ Fill in the blanks with pronoun]

5. The servant is sweeping the floor. [Find out the common gender]

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Questions Set 3

Do as Directed

1. India is our motherland. [Pick out the Proper Noun]

2. The calender is on the wall. [ Find out the Neuter gender]

3. New Delhi is the capital of our country. [Find out the Proper Noun]

4. Taj Mahal is ion Agra. [Underline the naming word]

5. The teacher is writing on the blackboard. [ Find out the Neuter gender]

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Questions Set 4

Do as Directed

1. Find out the syllable of the word, ‘Carpenter’. [Repalce with correct  phrasal verb]

2. milk/us/cows/give. [Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentence]

3. Write the type of noun, ‘Chair’ [Type of Noun]

4. Mita is dancing on the stage. [Find out the tense of the sentence

5. I felt a severe bite on my right leg. [ Find out an Adjective ]

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Questions Set 5

Do as Directed

1. We have a Kabadi match there. [ Find out the pronoun]

2. The boy _______ (climb) a rock. [ Fill in the blanks with present continuous tense]

3. The dense trees blocked sunlight.[ Identify the Tense]

4. Suddenly the boy went out of the class. [Find out Adverb]

5. The child is laughing. [Find out the Tense]

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Questions Set 6

Do as Directed

1. The soldiers fought for their country. [Regular Verb/Irregular Verb]

2. The teacher is thinking deeply. [Unlined the adverb]

3. N I C U S O. [ Rearrange the letters to make them meaningful ]

4. The man sleeps _________  night. [Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition]

5. Two ladies ____________ (go/going/went) to a mall yesterday. [ Pick out the correct option]

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Questions Set 7

Do as Directed

1. Wednesday comes _________ (after/before) Thursday.  [Fill in the blanks]

2. Did you feel _______ ?  [ Fill in the blanks with adverb]

3. Soldiers fight for their country. [ Find out the tense]

4. Rabindranath is a great ________ (poet/poetess). [Pick out the right option]

5. Gopal is a good girl. [ Correct the sentence]

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Questions Set 8

Do as Directed

1. Give me one-kilo mango [Write in the plural form]

2. I have five knifes. [ Correct the sentence]

3. As he is ill, he can not attend the class. [Find out the conjunction from the sentence]

4. The train will arrive at night.  [Find out the preposition from the sentence]

5. He is an dishonest man. [Correct the sentence]

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Questions Set 9

Do as Directed

1.  I go to school. [ Write it in the present continuous tense]

2. Bimal babu is rich. He is not happy. [Join with conjunction]

3. Let us go ______ dinner. [ Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition]

4. Write the past and past participle form of ‘Begin’. [Past and past participle form]

5. He __________ (does /do) not know this. [Pick out the correct option]

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Questions Set 10

Do as Directed

1. He stood first in the class. [ Make it an interrogative sentence]

2. what a beautiful bird [Punctuate the sentence]

3. He has done it. [ Write it in the simple past tense]

4. Grandmother reads Ramayana’ [Put article in proper place]

5. Sun the light us give the. [Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentence]

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