Do as Directed Class 10 Questions Answers

English Grammatical Questions as Do as Directed for Class 10 are given in Exams. Moreover, Class 10 Do as Directed is equally important for students appearing in class 10 board exams

Basically ‘Do as Directed’ indicates ‘transforming the sentences as directed‘ keeping the meaning unchanged. ‘Do as Directed class 10 associates with varieties of grammatical questions. Some of them are Transformation of Sentences, voice change, narration change, change of tense, change of degrees, etc.

Questions Answers on Do as Directed for class 10

Question Set 1

Do as directed

Q.1. As soon as he retired, his son got a job. (Use ‘no sooner)
Ans: No sooner did you retire than his son got a job.

Q.2. As soon as he arrived, he sent a message. (Use ‘no sooner)
Ans: No sooner did he arrive than he sent a message.

Q.3. Both Usha and Asha live in Australia. ( Make it compound’)
Ans: Usha as well as Asha lives in Australia.

Q.4. Some girls were playing badminton. (Use ‘ed’ word)
Ans: Badminton was being played by some girls.

Q.5. No sooner had she heard the news than she fainted. (Use ‘as soon as)
Ans: As soon as she heard the news, she fainted.

Question Set 2

Do as directed

Q.1. A rolling stone gathers no moss. (Turn into a Complex sentence)
Ans: A stone that rolls gathers no moss.

Q.2. I am too tired to go. (Omit ‘too’)
Ans: I am so tired that I cannot go.

Q.3. He is not strong. He is not brave. (Use ‘neither … nor’)
Ans: He is neither strong nor brave.

Q.4. Only adults can attend this show. (Make it negative using ‘none but’)
Ans: None but adults can attend the show.

Q.5. She does not like tea. She does not like coffee. (Use ‘neuther … nor’)
Ans: Neither does she like tea nor does she like coffee.

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Question Set 3

Do as directed

Q.1. They did the job without anyone’s help. ( Rewrite the sentence using a self word)
Ans: They did the job.

Q.2. Vivekananda did not live long. ( Make it affirmative)
Ans: Vivekananda died early./ Vivekananda was short-lived.

Q.3. Carrot is a vegetable that provides vitamin A to our body. ( Make it simple)
Ans: Carrot provides vitamin A to our body.

Q.4. The news is so good that it cannot be true. ( Make it affirmative)
Ans: The news is too good to be true.

Q.5. Deepa saw the spider and ran away. (Make it simple)
Ans: Seeing the spider, Deepa ran away.

Question Set 4

Do as directed

Q.1. He is too short to reach the fruit of the tree. (Rewrite the sentence by removing ‘too’ and ‘to’)
Ans: He is so short that he cannot reach the fruit of the tree.

Q.2. He is the tallest boy in the class. ( Change the degree of comparison)
Ans: No other boy in the class is as tall as him.

Q.3. Sheetal is the fastest runner in the school. ( Rewrite the sentence using ‘fast’)
Ans: no other runner in the school is as fast as Sheetal.

Q.4. Tell me what your name is ( Turn it into a simple sentence)
Ans: Tell me your name.

Q.5. It is not necessary for you to come (Rewrite Using ‘need’)
Ans: You need not come tomorrow.

Question Set 5

Do as directed

Q.1. St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest Church in our locality. ( Change the degree of comparison)
Ans: St Paul’s Cathedral is bigger than any other Church in our locality.

Q.2. He is so proud that he will not apologize for his mistake ( Turn into a simple sentence)
Ans: He is too proud to apologize for his mistake.

Q.3. Who does not love his parents? (Change into an assertive sentence)
Ans: Everybody loves his parents.

Q.4. As soon as he reached the station, the train left. (Re-write using ‘No sooner ….. than’)
Ans: No sooner had he reached the station than the train left.

Q.5. He was sorry that he was late. (Turn into a simple sentence)
Ans: He was sorry for being late.

Question Set 6

Do as directed

Q.1. The Silver pot was the most beautiful thing in the house. ( Change the adjective to the positive)
Ans: No other thing in the house was as beautiful as the Silver pot.

Q.2. She offered me tea but I asked for a glass of water. ( Rewrite as a complex sentence)
Ans: Though she offered me tea, I asked for a glass of water.

Q.3. The boy was too small to reach up to the branches of the tree. (Rewrite as a complex sentence)
Ans: The boy was so small that he could not reach up to the branches of the tree.

Q.4. The horses which come from Arabia are much in demand (Rewrite as a simple sentence’)
Ans: Arabian horses are much in demand.

Q.. The poem is too simple to need an explanation. (Remove ‘too’ and ‘to’)
Ans: The poem is so simple that it needs no explanation.

Question Set 7

Do as directed

Q.1. He is very old. He cannot walk fast. (Use ‘too’ and ‘to’)
Ans: He is too old to walk fast.

Q.2. The boy was so small that he could not reach up to the branches of the tree. (Rewrite as a simple sentence)
Ans: The boy was too small to reach up to the branches of the tree.

Q.3. Who does not love his motherland? (Turn into a statement )
Ans: Everybody loves his motherland.

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