Do as Directed for Class 7 Questions with Answers

Do as Directed for Class 7 Questions with Answers will provide help for practicing English Grammar for class 7 students. This Do as Directed for Class 7 Questions Answers consists of different English Grammar topics given below.

Questions with Answers Do as Directed for Class 7

Questions Set 1

Do as Directed

1. She sings a song. [ Change the voice]

2. He says,  “I am not well” [ Change the mode of narration]

3. Look at the bird.  It is dancing.  [Join the sentences using participle]

4.  The girl likes drawing pictures. [ Replace the underlined word using infinitive]

5.  Amit is the tallest boy in our class. [ change into comparative degree]

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Questions Set 2

Do as Directed

1. The children is playing in the field. [ correct the sentence]

2. __________ I leave the room? I want to drink water. [Put the proper modal verb

3. Please do the work. [Change the voice]

4. A fox that is sleeping catches no poultry. [ Rewrite using participle adjective]

5. She agreed __________ my idea. [with proper preposition]

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Questions Set 3

Do as Directed

1. Ishant Sharma is the tallest cricketer in India. [Change into comparative degree]

2. Mita did __________ (worse/more badly) than Rupa in the drawing competition. [ Choose the correct word]

3. The train _____________ (leave) before they reached the station. [Corret form of verbs]

4. One ________ go for swimming when the sea is rough. [Appropriate form negative Modal verb]

5. He said to me, “My brother is working with your brother.”. [Change the mode of narration]

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Questions Set 4

Do as Directed

1. Purulai Municipality ____________ established in the British period. [Correct form of ‘Be’ verb]

2. Raja does not help us. [Make it past continuous tense]

3. I shall take your suggestion. [Change the voice]

4. Very few schools in Kolkata are as good as Hindu School. [Change into superlative degree

5. He is a good boy. [ Make it negative]

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Questions Set 5

Do as Directed

1. We never ________ ( do/does/doing) this. [ Fill in the blanks]

2. The boy has won the first prize. He lives next door. [ Join the sentences with ‘Who’]

3. We should not take pride ___________ our wealth. [ Fill in the blanks with Preposition]

4. He wrote the book without anybody’s help. [Rewrite with ‘self’ pronoun]

5. I have not seen a __________ (bad) person than you.[Fill in the  blanks with the proper form of the Adjective]

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Questions Set 6

Do as Directed

1. It was _____________ (fortune) that he failed again [Add suitable prefix to the word and rewrite]

2. rajat can read english and hindi [Punctuate the sentence]

3. It ______________ (rain) for an hour. [ Correct form of verb]

4. I know him. [Change the voice]

5. My friend said, “I will visit you.”. [ Change the mode of narration]

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Questions Set 7

Do as Directed

1. I rarely visit her house. [ Identify the adverb and write its kind]

2. ___________ God bless you. [ Rewrite the sentence with the appropriate Modal verb]

3. He apologizes __________ his mistake. [ Appropriate Preposition]

4. English is spoken all over the world. [Change the voice]

5. This is one of the easiest books to read. [ Turn into positive degree]

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Questions Set 8

Do as Directed

1. Hunger is the best sauce. [Turn into positive degree ]

2. He was intelligent to solve the problem (enough). [Rewite placing the adverb in the right position]

3. The students thank __________ teacher. [Fill in the blanks

4. English is an interesting subject. [Pick out the participle adjective ]

5. We are late, let us hurry. (rather) [Rewite placing the adverb in the right position]

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Questions Set 9

Do as Directed

1.  Who came here? [ Change into present perfect tense]

2. I give you permission to leave now. [Rewrite using ‘May’]

3. He crossed the road _______ . [Fill in the blanks with adverb]

4. He is therefore unhappy. [Identify the part of speech ]

5. Who knows it? [Change the voice]

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Questions Set 10

Do as Directed

1. Has ______________ (anybody/somebody/nobody) found my purse? [ Fill in the blank]

2. Timir asked the girl, “How old are you?” [Change the mode of narration]

3. The exercise is easy. (too). [Place the adverb properly in the sentence]

4. Why did you spoil the game? [Change the voice]

5. A place where books are kept. [One-word substitution]

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