English Grammar Do As Directed Class 8

English Grammar Do As Directed Class 8 is an important part for the class 8 students as different Grammar topics are set in the English Exam.

Different topics on English Grammar Do As Directed Class 8 have been prepared for practice and get efficiency for the exam.

Questions Set 1

Do as Directed

1. How happy we are here! [ Make it assertive]

2. Rina tried all her plans. [ Make it Negative]

3. I know a man who is very wise.  [Turn into a simple sentence]

4.  The sky was overcast. It did not rain. [Turn into a complex sentence]

5.  The sun set. We started our work. [ Join using nominative absolute]

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Questions Set 2

Do as Directed

I said to Mary Kom, “Congratulations!” [ correct the sentence]

2. He is known for his honesty. [Rewrite using the adjective form of the underlined word

3. Do not hate anyone. [Replace the underlined word with the appropriate phrasal verb]

4. Unfortunately he can not achieve his target. [ Split into two simple sentences]

5. Was made the president. [Change the voice]

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Questions Set 3

Do as Directed

1. Where do you live? I want to know. [Join into a simple sentence]

2. Mita did __________ (worse/more badly) than Rupa in the drawing competition. [ Choose the correct word]

3. “What a rough fellow you are!”, the old man said. [Change the mode of Narration]

4. It may rain today. I shall not go out.  [Join into a complex sentence]

5. The flower smells sweet.  [Change the voice]

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Questions Set 4

Do as Directed

1. What he said is true. [Identify the principal and subordinate clause]

2. He has completed the work. [Change into future perfect tense]

3. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. [Make it simple]

4. I saw the eclipse of the moon. [Shorten the sentence using the adjective form of ‘moon’

5. Radha is a good singer. She is also a good dancer [ Join using ‘not only … but also’]

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Questions Set 5

Do as Directed

1. I have two daughters. I have to educate them. [ Join with infinitive]

2. I am your neighbor. You did not help me. [ Join the sentences with an Adverbial clause]

3. I know his address. [ Make it complex]

4. As soon as he reached the station, the train left. [Make it negative]

5. Kaushiki blamed her friend for the trouble.[Rewrite the sentence using the noun form of ‘blame’]

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Questions Set 6

Do as Directed

1. Naturally, the cat does not like to leave his country. [Make it complex]

2. He committed the crime under extreme mental pressure. [Change the voice

3. He is too weak to walk. [ Make it complex]

4. Nilima was very upset and left for home early. [Make it simple]

5. Raju was afraid ___________ ghosts. [ Appropriate preposition]

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Questions Set 7

Do as Directed

1. I can not but go to his house. [ Rewrite the sentence using ‘help’]

2. Do to avoid death. [ Make it compound]

3. He said, “Goodbye, my friend!”. [ Change the mode of narration]

4. As soon as heard the news, he fainted. [Begin with ‘Hardly’]

5. They elected Sourav Ganguly as the President of BCCI. [ Change the voice]

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Questions Set 8

Do as Directed

1. Everyone believes that he is honest. [Make it simple ]

2. Whom does she love? [Change the voice]

3. A barking dog seldom bites. [Make it complex ]

4. Only the truthful can be happy. [Make it negative ]

5. They ate a pickle made of mango.  [Underline the phrase and mention its kind]

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Questions Set 9

Do as Directed

1.  He keeps some dogs. They will guard his house [ Join with infinitive]

2. We ___________ obey our teachers.  [Fill in the blanks with a modal verb]

3. He returned home when it was evening.  [Name the underlined clause]

4. Man is mortal.  [Make it negative ]

5. He said something. I could not understand it. [Change into complex sentence]

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Questions Set 10

Do as Directed

1. He is a man of great prestige.  [ Underline the phrase and mention its kind]

2. My father said to me, “ Did you go there?”  [Change the mode of narration]

3. The boy painted the wall. Nobody helped him.  [Join using reflexive pronoun]

4. This is the house. Dr. Roy was born here. [Join with relative clause]

5. He is blind ________ the fault of his son. [Appropriate preposition]

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