Class 7 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

Class 7 English Grammar Quiz presents for the 7th standard students to cultivate the grammatical knowledge of class 7 students. English Quiz comprises all the grammatical topics included in class 7.

This English Quiz for Class 7 will encourage students to learn English Grammar. This will also develop their skills in English Grammar with fun.

The quiz consists of a variety of multiple-choice questions. It covers topics such as verb tenses, sentence structure, punctuation, and parts of speech.

Each question is to challenge students and help them improve their grammar skills. By taking this quiz, students can identify areas where they need to improve.

This gains confidence in their English language abilities.

English Grammar Quiz is an excellent resource to brush up on your grammar. This quiz is an engaging and effective way to enhance your English language skills.

Clear explanations and instant feedback on answers have been provided here.

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Class 7 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

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Have you gone there alone? (choose the 'Tense' of the sentence)

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We have a ________ classroom.( Fill in the blanks with correct word)

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He said, "I have seen the lion." (Turn it into Indirect Narration)

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Ratan accepted the proposal _________ (Put the appropriate 'Adverb')

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He has finished his homework. (Turn in into Future Perfect Tense)

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We had a discussion ________ reservation.( Fill in the blanks with Preposition)

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__________ is the best period of life .(Fill in the blank)

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Ramrn as well as Soumen ______ absent yesterday. (Fill with correct verb form)

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Do you like this picture?(Change the voice)

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Bees are small. Wasps are big.( Join the sentences with 'conjunction')

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This English Grammar Quiz is a comprehensive assessment tool. This is designed to evaluate students’ understanding of various grammatical concepts.

English Grammar Quiz is a type of educational game that will provide benefits for the standard of 7. There are ten questions in English Grammar and vocabulary. One can make answers within 100 seconds. In the end, one can have a detailed explanation of the answers. From this quiz, students will get ideas on English Grammar. They can make self-assessments for their improvement.

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