Class 6 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

Class 6 English Grammar Quiz has been prepared to test the grammatical knowledge of class 6 students. This Grammar Quiz for class 6 has covered almost all grammatical topics of class 6. Students of Class 6 can test his/her knowledge of English with this Class 6 English Grammar Quiz post.

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Class 6 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

Class 6 English Grammar Quiz with Answers has been prepared to check knowledge and skills in English Grammar of class 6 standard. Let's Start....

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She said to them, ‘ Don’t go there.’ ?( Find out adverb)

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your, wear, English, teacher, does, glasses? Re-arange to make a sentence)

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There is ____ institution for ____blind in this city. ( Fill in the blanks with articles)

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It absorbs water. (Make it negative)

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A ____ of stars (Choose appropriate Collective Noun)

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Two plus two is equal ______ four. ( Fill in the blanks with prepositions)

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Gandhiji believed in _______ .

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It ________ raining since 10 o clock.(Fill in the blank)

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_______ did you quit your job? (choose appropriate 'wh-word')

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Each of the guests _______ welcomed with a bouquet.(Fill in the blank)

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English Grammar Quiz is a type of educational game that will provide benefits for the standard of 6. There are ten questions in English Grammar and vocabulary. A total of 100 seconds has been given here to make answers. In the end, all answers are explained with a progress bar. From the class 5 English Grammar Quiz, students will get ideas on English Grammar and can make self-assessments for their improvement.

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