Class 5 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

Class 5 English Grammar Quiz with Answers has been prepared for the grammatical knowledge of class 5 students. Students will get encouragement from the Class 5 English Grammar Quiz with answers to learn English Grammar, develop their skills, and make self-assess their knowledge of English Grammar with fun.

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Class 5 English Grammar Quiz with Answers

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Ravi is playing football. (What kind of sentence it is)

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Amar is a college student. He is my brother. ( find out the pronoun)

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I need some money.( What is the kind of Adjective)

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"Parent" is the example of ___ gender.

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She said to them, ‘ Don’t go there.’ ?( Find out adverb)

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He is ______ european. ( Fill in the Blanks)

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Use the appropriate suffix with the word, merry.

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A herd of elephants attacked them. (what kind of noun the bold word is)

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A lot of books __________ been written on home remedies. ( Fill in the blanks)

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Bread and butter ______ his only food. (Fill in the blanks)

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