Active and Passive Voice Quiz for Practice

Enhance your grammar prowess with our comprehensive active and passive voice quiz. Test your knowledge of voice change and learn how to switch between active and passive voices effortlessly.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering English’s active and passive voices through an engaging quiz and insightful explanations. The active and passive voices are two fundamental grammatical structures that transform how sentences are constructed.

In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of active and passive voice, delve into the art of voice change, and provide you with an interactive quiz to reinforce your understanding.

Test Voice Change Quiz

It’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test! Take our interactive quiz to practice transforming sentences between active and passive voices. This quiz is designed to help you solidify your understanding of voice change and enhance your grammar skills.

Active and Passive Voice Quiz

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering English's active and passive voices Quiz through an engaging and insightful explanations

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What cannot be cured must be endured. (Turn into active voice)

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The work is to be completed by me.(turn into active voice)

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We can gain nothing without labour. (Turn into passive voice)

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The book is being printed. (Turn into active voice)

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One should keep one’s promise.(change into passive voice)

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He laughed at me. (Change into passive voice)

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He teaches us English. (Change into passive voice)

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You were called a fool by him. (Change into active voice)

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The man killed himself. (Change into passive voice)

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Let my duty be done by me. (Change into active voice)

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Let the light be put out.(change into active voice)

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Why did you beat him? (Change into passive voice)

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Should you be accompanied by me? (Change into active voice)

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Does he know me? (Change into passive voice)

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I cannot help you. (Change into passive voice)

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He was building a new house in the town. (Turn into passive voice)

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The dog was wounded by you. (Turn into active voice)

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I have drawn the picture. (Turn into passive voice)

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The work is being done by me. (Turn into active voice)

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They are eating rice. (Change into passive voice)

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FAQs about Active and Passive Voice

Q: Can I use passive voice in all types of writing?

A: Yes, passive voice is suitable for various types of writing, including formal essays, scientific papers, and creative pieces.

Q: What is the primary benefit of using active voice?

A: Active voice creates straightforward and impactful sentences, making your writing engaging and easier to comprehend.

Q: Are there instances where passive voice is preferred?

A: Passive voice is preferred when the action or receiver is more crucial than the doer, or when the doer is unknown or irrelevant.

Q: How can I identify the agent in a passive voice sentence?

A: Look for phrases like “by,” “was done by,” or other prepositions that reveal the agent responsible for the action.

Q: What is the key to mastering voice change?

A: Practice and familiarity with sentence structures are essential. Keep practicing and analyzing sentences to improve your skills.