Preposition Quiz for Practice

Preposition Quiz is the perfect opportunity to polish your language skills. Are prepositions causing you confusion? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Prepositions are those tiny words that can make a big difference in how we convey relationships between words.

If you’re looking to improve your English grammar skills, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to take our Preposition Quiz and shine a light on this often tricky aspect of language!

Unveiling the Power of Prepositions

Prepositions might seem like mere connectors, but they play a vital role in sentences. They show us location, time, direction, and more. Without prepositions, sentences can feel incomplete and unclear. Let’s delve into the world of prepositions and put your understanding to the test!

Why Prepositions Matter

Prepositions might be small, but they have a big impact. They can change the entire meaning of a sentence and help us paint a vivid picture with our words. Whether you’re crafting a formal essay, a creative story, or an important email, using prepositions correctly is essential for effective communication.

The Significance of Accurate Prepositions

The value of precise prepositions extends beyond grammar. They shape the clarity and elegance of your writing, leaving a lasting impression on your readers. No matter your writing style or purpose, mastering prepositions contributes to effective communication.

The Preposition Quiz

It’s time to put your preposition knowledge to the test! Below, you’ll find a set of sentences, each missing a crucial preposition. Your mission is to select the correct preposition to complete each sentence. Get ready to exercise your grammatical finesse:


Preposition Quiz

Proper use of prepositions ensures that your writing is clear and easy to understand. Let's get started.

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He is not ashamed _______________ the   badd things hehh had done.

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What a beautiful house! It’s __________ a palace.

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We are afraid __________ making him angry.

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They went ________ the door.

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Playing game is beneficial _________ health.

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I am going to paris ___________ two weeks.

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The week begins ____________ Sunday.

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He swam ___________ the pond.

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There is an ice cream shop ________ the store.

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There is an ice cream shop ________ the store.

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He is very adept _______________ making people feel at ease.

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The book was published ________ 2023

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I am not very good _________ repairing things.

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The flowers will bloom _________ spring.

15 / 20

He is hiding _________ the table.

16 / 20

I don’t approve ___________ his speech.

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She is anxious ___________ something happening to her children.

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They are bad  ______________ English.

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Sacrifice and hard work are essential ___________ success.

20 / 20

She came ____________ of the house.

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The average score is 58%


Congratulations on completing our Preposition Quiz! You’ve taken a significant step toward enhancing your language skills. By mastering prepositions, you’re better equipped to express yourself clearly and connect with your audience effectively. Keep honing your skills and sharing your newfound knowledge with others who might find prepositions perplexing.

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