Class 6 English Gender Worksheets with Answers Chapter 5

English Gender Worksheets for Class 6 with Answers provide comprehensive practice exercises aimed at teaching students about grammatical gender in English nouns. 

These worksheets include various activities such as identifying the gender of nouns, filling in the correct gender forms.

Class 6 English Gender

When we classify Nouns as ‘masculine’,’feminine’, ‘common’, or ‘neuter’, it is called Gender in English Grammar. 

For example, “boy” is masculine, “girl” is feminine, “child”, is common and “book” is neuter.

Grade 6 English Noun Gender Types

There are four kinds of gender.

1. Masculine gender: 

A noun which is used for a male person or a male animal is said to be in the masculine gender. For example, father, manservant, he-goat, milkman.’

2. Feminine gender: 

A noun which is used for a female person or a female animal is said to be in the feminine gender. For example, mother, maidservant, she-goat, milkmaid.

English Grammar Ebook for Class 6

3. Neuter gender: 

Nonliving things cannot be distinguished as male or female, so they are said to be in the neuter gender. For example, table, water, forest, sky.

4. Common gender: 

Nouns that can be used for both males and females are said to be in the common gender. For example, parent, child, friend, student, baby, doctor.

Class 6 English Gender Worksheets with Answers

Worksheet 1

A. Underline the nouns and identify their gender.

1. The officers are busy.

2. Her brother is a soldier.

3. Mala tripped over a cable.

4. The tribals live in the deep forests.

5. The bridegroom was greeted by his friend.

6. Her son-in-law is a pilot.

7. The children played tricks on their parents.

8. The staff on the plane was very friendly.

9. The clerk is waiting for the postmaster.

10. Yesterday, a thief broke into my neighbour’s house.

Worksheet 2

B.  Circle the nouns in the neuter gender with a red crayon. Circle the nouns in the common gender with a blue crayon.

computer, teacher, paper, pilot, mountain, child, book, pencil, cousin, friend, car, servant, neighbour, table, worker.

Worksheet 3

C. Write the feminine gender of these nouns by adding ess. Some words may require a little change in spelling.

1. heir

2. host

3. lion

4. master

5. prince 

6. duke

7. priest

8. tiger

9. emperor

10. waiter

11. mayor 

12. god

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter-Wise Contents:

1: The Sentences

2: Subject and Predicate

3: Nouns

4: Singular Plural Nouns

5: Gender

6: Case

7: Pronouns

8: Verbs

9: Modal Auxiliaries

10: Adjectives

11: Degrees of Comparison

12: Adverbs

13: The Simple Tense

14: The Continuous Tense

15: The Perfect Tense

16: Phrases and Clauses

17: Prepositions

18: Conjunctions

19: Articles

20: Subject Verb Agreement

21: Active and Passive Voice

22: Direct and Indirect Speech

23: Punctuation Marks