Wings Class 5 Lesson 10 Activity Answers 1 to 18

Wings Class 5 Lesson 10 Activity Answers 1 to 18 have been prepared in the following from Activity 1 to Activity 18 as a supportive material book.

Class 5 Wings; Lesson 10

Let’s do:


Fill in the blanks with correct words from the passage:

1. Women did not have equal rights in the early 19th century.

2. Long term malnutrition caused her demise.

3. Education make our lives  _______ .

4. Non-vegetarian food also contains protein.

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Write T for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given:

1. Girls wore colourful dresses after their husbands’ death. – F

2. Many girls died while giving birth to children. – T

3. Most of the girls were deprived of school education. – T

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Underline the correct alternative:

1. Most of the early 19th century Bengali women lived with few restrictions/many restrictions / no restriction.

2. Women had to dance/cook/do the household chores all through the day

3. Girls were not allowed to take ice-cream/rice / non-vegetarian food after their husbands’ death.

Let’s do:


Use Capital Letters and Punctuation marks where necessary :

1. my mother gave me two apples three bananas and a chocolate.

Ans: My mother gave me two apples, three bananas, and a chocolate.

2. he said to me where are you from

Ans: He said to me, “Where are you from?”

3. i live here with my parents

Ans: I live here with my parents.

4. do you want anything else

Ans: Do you want anything else?


Fill in the blanks with the correct alternative :

1. He lives (in/on/at) a big city

2. Indians celebrate Independence Day (in/on/at) 15th August

3. India won her Independence (in/on/at) 1947.

4. India was (after/under/out) the British rule.

5. They felt sorry (for/beyond/into) the poor boy.

6. There is someone (at/for/from) the door.

7. The table is made (of/into/at) wood.

8. There is a mistake (on/for/in) the first line of the second paragraph.


Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the Help Box:

1. Kumiya is the best girl in the class.

2. He put the bag on the table.

3. Let us hope for the best.

4. The cat slept under the table.

Help Box : on, under, in, for


Underline the personal and possessive pronouns in the passage and make a list of them :

Personal pronounsPossessive Pronouns

Activity 8

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the Help Box:

1. The footballer is remarkable for his skill.

2. You will get better result. Just put a little more effort.

3. The situation has improved considerably.

4. She has a generous heart.

Help Box: remarkable, effort, considerably, generous.

Activity 9

Make sentences with the following words:

(a) colourful: We wore colourful dresses on Durga Puja.

(b) pioneer: Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was the pioneer of women education in Bengal.

(c) reforms: We need reforms in progress.

(d) injustice: Netaji did not tolerate injustice.

(e) easy: This is an easy question.

(f) education: Education can bring progress.

Let’s Write:

Activity 10

Write 6 sentences about Rabindranath Tagore with the help of

the following hints :

Birth : 7th May 1861

Place of birth : Jorasanko in Calcutta

Parents : Devendra Nath Tagore and Sarada Devi.

Literary works: Wrote poems, short stories, novels, plays and essays.

Achievements : Won the Nobel prize in Literature in 1913.

Death : 7th August 1941.


Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was born on 7th May 1861. He was born at Jorasanko in Calcutta. His parents were Devendra Nath Tagore and Sarada Devi. He wrote poems, short stories, novels, plays and essays. He was the first Indian to win the Nobel prize in Literature in 1913. This great man died on 7th August 1941.


Choose the correct alternative :

1 Freedom fighter Dadu lived in our locality five years ago/a year ago/10 years ago

2. “Dadu’ was a humanist / scientist / theorist.

3. “Dadu’ treated the narrator and his friends like his own children grandchildren/grandfather.


Write T for true and F for false statements in the given boxes :

1. Freedom fighter came from a poor family. – F

2. “Dadu’ was generous to the narrator and his friends. – T

3. Freedom fighter ‘Dadu’ fought for the rights of the Disadvantaged. – T

Activity 13

Answer the questions that follow :

1. Why did the narrator and his friends like freedom fighter Dadu?

Ans: The narrator and his friends liked freedom fighter Dadu because he was very generous to them and treated them like his grandchildren, told them stories, and sometimes even played with them.

2. Why do you think the narrator and his friends still miss freedom fighter ‘Dadu”?

Ans: I think the narrator and his friends still miss freedom fighter ‘Dadu” because he was indeed a true humanist. He worked for the rights of the disadvantages and fought against social injustice. Such a man is very rare to find out.


Find out words from the text similar in meaning to the following words:

1. twelve months: – Year

2. liberal: – generous

3. inborn: – inherent


Read the following passage and use appropriate punctuation marks:

i am pamela bhowmick i am a smart and beautifu girl i am reading shakespeare do you know shakespeare he was born in england in 1564 he wrote many plays some of them are macbeth hamlet twelfth night etc.


  • I am Pamela Bhowmick.
  • I am a smart and beautiful girl.
  • I am reading Shakespeare.
  • Do you know Shakespeare?
  • He was born in England in 1564.
  • He wrote many plays.
  • Some of them are Macbeth, Hamlet, Twelfth Night etc.


Use appropriate preposition in the gaps:

1. He sits beside me in the class.

2. The fan is over my head.

3. The sun is shining in the sky

4. Netaji was born on 23 January, 1897.

5. Don’t look at me.


Use the past form of the verbs given in the Help Box:

1. Once there was a king named Dasharath.

2. He had four sons.

3. Rama was the eldest son of kind Dasarath.

4. Rama married Sita.

5. Lakshmana respected Rama.

Help Box: is, live, has, respect, marry


Write a five sentences on your favourite person:

Hints: Name of the person your relation-how he/she influences you — why you like him/her


Your favorite person

My favorite person is my mother. She is my friend, philosopher, and guide. She cares for me very much. When I feel sad, her speech, appearance, and attitude make my mind free and solve all my problems. She is all to me in this material world.