Revision Lesson Wings Class 5 Activity Answers

Revision Lesson Wings Class 5 Answers have been prepared in the following according to the syllabus which is given under WBBPE of Class 5. There is a total of 19 activities in this lesson. All activity answers are made according to the syllabus of class 5.

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Revision Lesson Wings Class 5 Activity Answers have been explored from Wings Class 5 textbook provided by WBBPE. So, before studying, the answers to Revision Lesson Wings Class 5, the Wings Class 5 textbook is referred to consult for better understanding.

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Activity – 1

Rearrange the words to make sentences :

Example: Bristi is leaving Kolkata today.

(a) The sun is setting in the west.

(b) Jayati is a music teacher at Chinsurah High School

(c) Samantha teaches his students maths sincerely.

(d) The cat is sleeping under the table.

(e) Yoga is a unique form of meditation.

(f) Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad was a great scientist.

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Match Column A, Column B and Column C to make sentences. Rewrite the sentences. One is done for you :

Column AColumn BColumn C singinga song.
The cowis grazingin the field.
The Moonis shiningin the sky.
The teacherexaminedthe answer scripts.
A noticewas put up.On the notice board.
Moumitais bathingin the river.


Look at the words and pictures given below and read the features of the season. Write a few sentences on the season and give a title.


This is the month of September and October. The sun is bright in the sky. At this season we feel less heat and creates less sweat. The dew is seen on the leaves. Lotus is found to bloom in the ditch. Cloudlets are found floating in the sky. Low breeze is blowing at this time. The weather is pleasant. ‘Cash flowers’ are also seen swaying in the breeze.


Carefully study the following hints and write six sentences on the season. Add a title to the paragraph :

Rainy season

After summer , it comes rain. In rainy season, thick black clouds overcast the sky. The sun is covered with clouds most of the time. Occasional flashes of lightning and thunderstorm found in the sky. We can hear rumbling clouds. Most of the low-lying places get waterlogged because of heavy rain. It is difficult to dry wet clothes at this season. We  also see some natural things like kadam flower at this season.


Read the passage carefully and find out the singular and plural numbers. Underline the singular numbers and circle the plural ones:

One day some boys  (plural) were playing beside a lake ( singular). They saw to their surprise an old man (singular) with two monkeys (plural). He had a stick (singular) and a sack (singular) in his hand (singular). The old man (singular) stood in front of a playground ( singular) nearby. Many men (plural) and women (plural) of different ages(plural) gathered there. Then the old man (singular) started showing tricks (plural). with the monkeys (plural). A cow ( singular) also enjoyed the funny show (singular).


Change the Singular numbers into Plural numbers:



Read the given sentences carefully and make a list of present and ‘past tenses of the verbs used in the sentences. Write the words in the appropriate boxes :

(a) writes(b) sang
(c) is(d) died
(f) are(e) loved
(g) works(h) exclaimed


Write the present/past form of the following words in the space provided below. One is done for you:


Noun : A Noun is a word that is used as the name of a person, a thing, a place.

Examples : Sundar Pichai, boy, pen , pencil, Kolkata, city.

Proper Noun: When a Noun refers to a name of a particular person , place, it is called Proper Noun. Proper Noun always begins with Capital Letter.

Examples: Sundar Pichai, Kolkata

Common Noun:  When a Noun refers to a name common in every person or thing of the same class or kind, it is called a Common Noun.

Example: boy, pen, pencil, city.

Pronoun: A pronoun is  a word that is used in placed of a Noun.

Personal Pronoun: When a pronoun refers to a person, it is called a Personal Pronoun.

Examples: I, we, you, He, She, They, Me, Us, Our, Your, his, her, them, their.


Select the Proper Nouns and Common Nouns from the Help Box and put them in the proper columns:

Proper NounCommon Noun
 Help Box : Shaoli, Delhi, author, village, book, Kalidas, Iqbal, Japan 


Let’s read:

Read the passage and underline the personal pronouns :

Their bus started from Chandannagar. On their way, the teacher asked them whether anyone had visited Bandel Church before. Most of them had not, so they remained silent. Mita was an exception. She said with enthusiasm, “Yes, Madam. have visited the place before.”


Fill in the blanks with personal pronouns given in the Help Box.

(a) Ishita has closed  her  book.

(b) It is my own house.

(c) Bristi loves her sister very much.

(d) They  are working hard.

(e) It is their school.

(f) She learns Rabindra Sangeet in a Music School.

(g) Are you going to school today?

Help Box: his, her, my, they, their, he, you, she.


Read the following sentences. Underline the singular number and circle the plural number :

(a) There are many stars in the sky.

Ans : Stars – Plural Number

(b) My pencil  is black.

Ans : pencil – Singular Number.

(c) There are buffaloes in the field.

Ans : Buffaloes – Plural Number

(d) He has a book in his hand.

Ans : book – Singular Number.

(e) Babies cry when they are hungry.

Ans : Babies – Plural Number

(f) Trees have many branches.

Ans : Trees – Plural Number

(g) A fox has caught a hen.

Ans : fox – Singular Number.


Fill in the blanks with singular/plural numbers. Select the words from the Help Box:

(a) The book is on the table.

(b) Children love chocolates.

(c) Lions roar in the forest.

(d) Cowper wrote many poems.

(e) The windows are open.

(f) Fruits are full of vitamins.

(g) Mothers love their children.

Help Box : book, mothers, apples, fruits, poems, lions, children, Windows


Take words from the box given below and fill in the chart:

Common GenderNeuter Gender
pen, bus, pencil, car, friend, student, teacher, infant, singer, baby, car, book, tree, computer, television, horse, box, street, leader, artist, enemy, neighbour, dancer, ocean, words, train, school, road.


Underline the adverbs in the given sentences :

1. My brother shouts loudly.

2. Salman drives carelessly.

3. He runs fast.

4. My grandfather cannot walk steadily.

5. The girl is very quiet.

6. I saw him yesterday.

7. We shall meet him tomorrow.

8. He lives here.

9. I have seen him there.

10. The old man always speaks angrily.


Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the brackets :

1. I  am (am/is/are) working.

2. We  are (am/is/are) walking.

3. They are (am/is/are) singing

4. He is (am/is/are) dancing.

5. She is (am/is/are) fighting.

6. They are (am/is/are) playing.

7. It is (am/is/are) running.

8. Paolo is painting (painting/painted/paint).

9. Imran and Sujit are  working (working/worked/work).

10. Mithu and Arup are  studying (studying/studied/study).


Fill in the banks with describing words’ (Adjectives) from the Help Box.

1. The doctors wear white coats.

2. Mi Maumder is a strict teacher

3. I don’t have many friends.

4. Look at those beautiful flowers!

5. I saw a big elephant in the zoo.

6. You don’t have much time left

7. We need clean water.

Help box : clean, strict, much, big, beautiful, many, white


Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives given in the brackets :

1. The thief was running (run/ran/running).

2. He worked (worked/work/working) hard.

3. I saw (saw/sees/seen) him yesterday.

4. They met (met/meets/meet) last night.

5. My brother came (come/came/coming) from Mumbai.

6. Sougata ran (run/ran/running) very fast.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles :

Ajoy and Misha went to a bookshop to buy stationery items. Ajoy wanted to buy a book. Misha wanted to have a pink eraser. They entered the shop and asked the shopkeeper for a pink eraser and a book. But the shopkeeper could not give her an eraser of pink colour. He had an eraser of yellow colour. He gave Misha a  yellow eraser. Ajoy pointed at the book he wanted. The shopkeeper gave him that.