Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar has been prepared for learning English Grammar of Class 5 under CBSE, ICSE, and Other State boards as Lesson No 12. Class 5 students in their English Grammar learning process will get help from the Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar to achieve better speaking and writing skills in English.

This Lesson 12, Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar contains – What Simple Present Tense is? and Simple present Tense Formula, Uses with a practice worksheet at the end for better knowledge for class 5.

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The Simple Present tense is used to talk about routines, regular actions, facts, and feelings. Common words used for it – 

  • normally
  • sometimes
  • every day
  • always.

Examples: Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar

The following examples are given in sentences to make clear what simple Present Tense is and where it is used.


  • Ravi plays football.
  • Shruti goes to school every day.
  • He wakes up at 6 a.m.
  • The sun is a big ball of fire.
  • have two brothers.
  • Obey your parents.

All the above-highlighted words are verbs as they are action words. The action words tell us about everyday happenings and daily habits or events, routines, and scientific or universal truths, to advise, request, or order.

When the action of the verbs talks about normal events, everyday habits, daily routines, scientific or universal truth, or instruction to make advice, request, or order, the verb of the sentence is in Simple Present Tense.

Formula: Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Present Tense Formula with Positive, Negative, Interrogative, and Negative- interrogative sentences has been formed and shown in the following chart.

Simple present Tense Formula (Positive)

Formula: Subject + Verb + Object.

Chart – 1

1stI play footballWe play football
2ndYou  play footballYou play football
3rdHe / She / It  plays footballThey play football

‘- s’ or ‘- es’ is added at the end of the verb, when it is in Simple present Tense 3rd Person and Singular Number.

Simple Present Tense Formula (Negative)

Formula: Subject + do / does + not + Main Verb + Object.

Chart – 2

1stI do not play footballWe do not play football
2ndYou  do not play footballYou do not play football
3rdHe / She / It  does not play footballThey do not play football

Simple Present Tense Formula (Interrogative)

Formula: Do / Does + Subject + Main Verb + Object?

Chart – 3

1stDo I play football?Do we play football?
2ndDo you play football?Do you play football?
3rdDoes he/she/it play football?Do they play football?

Wh-Word Question

Questions asking for information are made with the ‘Wh-word’. who, which, what, why, whose, whom, how are called ‘Wh-word’.

Formula: Wh-Word + do / does + Subject + Main Verb + Object?


  • Where do I play?
  • When do we take lunch?
  • Where do you go?
  • Why does he remain absent?
  • How do they celebrate? 
  • Why does Shruti laugh?

Simple Present Tense Formula (Negative-Interrogative)

Formula: Do / Does + Subject + Not + Main Verb + Object?

Chart – 4

1stDo I not play football?Do we not play football?
2ndDo you not play football?Do you not play football?
3rdDoes he/she/it not play football?Do they not play football?

In Negative-Interrogative sentences ‘not’ is placed before the subject noun and after the subject pronoun.


  • Does not Ravi play football? (Before subject noun)
  • Does he not play football? (After subject pronoun)

N.B. All Nouns are always in Third Person, when it refers to one, it will be in a Singular Number but when it refers to more than one, it will be Plural Number.

Uses: Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple Present Tense is used

1. to express actions done as a matter of habit.


  • Joy wakes up at 5 a.m.

2. to express actions done repeatedly.


  • They play cricket in the park every day.

3. to state facts or what is known to be true.


  • The earth moves round the sun

4. to give instructions or make requests.


  • Start writing your answers.
  • Obey your parents.

5. When we talk in the simple present tense, we use words such as, usually, often, always, never, generally, daily, every day, every morning, and every evening.


  • I never forget you.
  • Usually, she comes at 8 a.m.

worksheet: Simple Present Tense Class 5 English Grammar

Simple present Tense worksheets are arranged in the following for practice and Answers are also added at the end for self-check.

Worksheet – 1

A. Fill in the blanks with the simple present tense form of the verbs given in the brackets.

1. I ________ in Class 5. (study)

2. I ________football every Saturday. (play)

3. My mother________ coffee only in the morning. (drink)

4. I hope Dad ________something good this evening. (cook)

5. I________ up at 6 o’clock. (wake)

6. I ________out of bed by 6.30 a.m. (get)

7. I often ________my mother’s slippers. (wear)

8. It never ________in Delhi. (snow)

9. Miss Jones________ us English. (teach)

Worksheet – 2

B. Use the simple present tense of the verbs to make questions with these groups of words.

1. where/you/live

9. when/the baby sleep

3. which music/you/like

4. where/Gaurav/live

5. what she/write

6. how/he/speak English

7. when the plane/arrive

S. when the sun rise

Worksheet – 3

C. Fill in the blanks with Do, or Does.

1. ________ you play tennis?

2. ________ you speak English?

3. ________ Mrs Rao teach you Maths?

4. ________ your brother like his school?

5. ________ you help your mum in the kitchen?

6. ________ your brother help your mum in the kitchen?

7. ________ your parents help you with the homework?

8. ________ your brother help you with the homework?

Worksheet – 4

D. Match these sentences to their uses. More than one has the same use. Consult with the help box.

1. Rubina goes for morning walk at 7 every day.

Uses :

2. Ravi and Shyan play with each other every evening.

Uses :

3. The Earth revolves around the sun.

Uses :

4. The sun is a star.

Uses :

6. Sonali walks back home from school.

Uses :

7. I wake up at 6 every morning.

Uses :

8. Finish your homework quickly.

Uses :

Help box :

(a) to express actions done repeatedly

(b) to give instructions or make requests.

(c) actions done as a matter of habit

(d) to state facts or what is known to be true.

Worksheet – 5

E. Rewrite the following passage using the simple present tense of the verbs given in the brackets.

Yoga _______ (be) a great stress buster. It _______ (help) in improving concentration. This not only _______ (ensure) discipline but also _______ (teach) how to handle stress levels. It _______ (train) us to channelise surplus energy in a positive manner. Yoga _______ (act) as a magic healer. It _______ (unravel) many hidden qualities that we _______ (possess).

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