Revision Lesson Butterfly Class 4 Activity Answers

Revision Lesson Butterfly Class 4 Activity Answers are given below for the students of class 4 under WBBPE. These Revision Lesson Butterfly Class 4 Activity Answers solutions will help them to practice the lesson easily.

Activity 1

Look at the pictures. Match the animals in Group A with their babies in Group B.


Activity 2

Look at the pictures of the insects. Can you identify them? Arrange the letters in the right order.

  • FLY
  • WASP

Class 4 Wings Book Activity Answers Part 1 with pdf Download

Answers for Class 4 Wings Book Activity Part 1,
including a downloadable PDF, are provided for students following the WBBPE syllabus. The material is aligned with the Butterfly book for Class IV and includes Bengali meanings. This Class 4 Wings resource has been developed to complement the content in the Butterfly book for Class IV.

Wings Class 4 Activity Answers Part 1 with pdf Download


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Activity 3

Match the following animals with the sounds they make.

(a) cowsmoo
(b) shipbleat
(c) horsesneigh
(d) snakeshiss
(e) tigersroar

Activity 4

Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences.

(a) Cows give us milk.

(b) Dogs love to eat meat.

(c) The Tiger lives in the forest.

(d) We see zebras in the African forest.

(e) The baby of a horse is a colt /A colt is the baby of the horse.

Activity 5

Fill in the blank spaces in the given chart. You can use the help box. On his dance for you.


Activity 6

Tick(✔) the appropriate answer.

(a) There are many (Tiger/ ✔Tigers )in West Bengal.

(b) An (✔eagle/ Eagles) can fly very high in the Sky.

(c) The( ✔Peacock /Peacocks )is our national bird.

(d) (Cat /✔cats )love to drink milk.

(e) The (✔cuckoo/ cuckoos )sings sweetly.

Activity 7

Identify the animal or the bird on the basis of the hints provided. One is down for you.

(a) I have Yellow and Brown stripes on my body. I eat flesh. People find me in the deep forest. Who am I?

Answer: Tiger

(b) I am the King of the animals. I have a mane. I roar. Who am I?

Answer: Lion

(c) I eat grass. I give milk. I bleat. Who am I?

Answer: Goat

(d) I come out in the dark. I can fly. I hoot. Who am I?

Answers: Owl

(e) I eat meat. I work my tail. My baby is called up a full stop who am I?

Answers: Dog

(f) I have a huge body. I also have a trunk. My cry is called a trumpet. Who am I?

Answer: Elephant

(g) I have webbed feet. I lay eggs. I eat water plants. Who am I?

Answer: Goose/Duck

Activity 8

Select the odd one out. One is down for you.

(a) Delhi/Kolkata/West Bengal/Patna/Chennai.

(b) Tiger/bear/Fox/vulture/ Wolf.

(c) Egret/hen/parrot/pigeon/squirrel.

(d) Cream/milk/water/syrup/ink.

(e) Vessel/ship/boat/steamer/van.

Activity 9

Tick(✔) the correct answer

We (✔see/ sees) trams in Kolkata. The trams (✔run /runs )on electricity. In India, we( ✔can /cannot) find trams only in Kolkata. The River Hooghly (flow/✔flows) beside Kolkata. The River( separate /✔separates )Kolkata from Howrah.

Activity 10

Write 5 sentences to describe the Tiger. The first one is done for you.

  1. A Tiger is a wild animal
  2. It has black stripes on its yellow body.
  3. It has four legs, two ears, two eyes, and a long tail.
  4. It is a very fierce animal.
  5. But it is our national animal.

Activity 11(b)

Make new words by adding a letter. Some examples of given here.


Activity 12(a)

Use the picture cues and solve the crossword.




Train, car

Activity 12(b)

Write four sentences about Tram or a Train. You can use the hits from the help box.

  1. Tram runs on wheels.
  2. It needs electricity.
  3. It has compartments.
  4. It moves on the track.

Activity 13

The Tiger below is holding a list of verbs. Complete the list of the verbs the bear is holding with the past form of the given words. One is down for you.








Activity 14

Choose the appropriate opposite words from the help box and fill in the blanks. On his down for you.

(a) happy: sad

(b) slow: fast

(c) tall: short

(d) heavy: light

(e) little: big

(f) young: old