Wings Class 4 Answers Key in English

Wings Class 4 answers key in English is a very valuable and necessary solution for the children of class – IV to learn their books named Wings. All activity answers of Wings Class 4 are given as Wings Class 4 answers key in English from Wings Part-1 book under WBBPE. This will help the students to correct their answers and to be knowledgeable in English vocabulary and grammatical structure.

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Wings Class 4 answers key in English তৈরী করা হয়েছে চতুর্থ শ্রেণীর পার্ট ১ বইটির প্রশ্ন অনুযায়ী। নীচে This Wings Class 4 answers key গুলি পৃষ্ঠা নম্বর অনুসারে পর পর Activity অনুযায়ী সাজিয়ে দেওয়া হয়েছে। এতে ছাত্র ছাত্রীরা সহজেই Wings Class 4 answers key গুলি অতি সহজে খুঁজে পাবে।

ছাত্র-ছাত্রীদের উদ্দেশ্যে: Wings Class 4 answers key গুলি দেখবার আগে Class 4 এর Wings Text বইটি খুঁটিয়ে খুঁটিয়ে পড়বে। এতে সমস্ত উত্তরগুলি সহজে বুজতে পারা যাবে।

Wings Class 4 answers key in English এ সর্বমোট চারটি Lesson আছে। Wings Class 4 এর প্রত্যেকটি Lesson এর Answers গুলি নীচে দেওয়া হল।

  • Revision Lesson
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3

Revision Lesson Wings Class 4 Answers

Wings Class 4 answers solution from the Revision Lesson are given below Page No & Activitiy-wise.

Page no – 1

Activity – 1

Fill in the table by choosing appropriate pairs from the help box. 

Domestic Animals           Babies                  Sounds
a) Dog a) Puppya) Bark
b) Cowb) Calfb) Moo
e) Horsee) Colte) Neigh
f) Donkeyf) Foalf) Bray
g) Duckg)Ducklingd)Calf

Page no – 2

Activity – 2

Fill in the table by choosing appropriate pairs from the help box.

Wild AnimalsBabiesSounds
h) bearcubgrowl

Page no – 4

Activity – 3

Write the correct Male /female forms of the following.


Activity – 4

Write the name of animals that have the following home.


Page no -5

Activity – 5

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the help box.

1) A vulture  screams

2) A parrot screeches

3)A duck quacks

4) A sparrow chirps

5) A robin whistles

6) A crow caws

7) A cock crows

8) A Pigeon coos

9) An eagle screams

10) A raven croaks

11) An owl hoots

12) A black bird talks

Page – 6

Activity – 6

Match the birds with their food habit. 

1DuckSnails, aquatic plants
2parrothey weeds, vegetables, greens, worms
3owlplay on small animals like a rat, chick snakes, fish, and squirrel
5Bulbulfruits, grains, and grasshoppers

Page no-7

Activity – 7

Complete the following sentences by choosing the appropriate set of words given in the word basket.

1) A Peacock can dance in the rain.

2) A parrot can talk like us

3) A duck  can swim in the pond

4) An eagle can fly high in the Sky.

5) A Crow can eat from garbage

6) A Kingfisher can catch fish.

7) A cuckoo can sing a beautiful note.

8) A weaver bird can weave a nest.

9) An owl can see at night

10) A vulture can stand long beside Lake to catch fish

11) A hen can lay eggs

12) A tailorbird can drink nectar from Flowers

13) A crane can catch a prey

14) A pigeon can carry messages far away

page number 8

Activity 8

Activity 9

Arrange the letters to form meaningful words.

1. cockroach

2. butterfly

3. grasshopper

4. mosquito

 Page No 9

Activity 10

1.    An insect has two pairs of wings

2.    Some insects have long thin tentacles.

3.    A bee has a string to-byte.

4.    Butterfly sucks nectar phone flower.

5.    A warm glow emits light.

6.    A cockroach spoils pad food

7.    A mosquito sucks our blood and spreads malaria.

8.     House fly spreads digits like Cholera.

9.    Insects have antennae to feel or sense.

10.  Insects have compound eyes.

11.  Prawn is not a fish but an insect.

12. An insect’s body is divided into three parts: head, thorax and abdomen.

13.  A bee builds beehive and stores honey.

14.  Ants moves in a row.

Page No – 10

Activity – 11

Match column A with column B

Fisheshas no backbone
prawnsLives in Saline water
 turtleshide inside their shells
 frog have webbed feet
crabshave pincers to pinch
rohuis a freshwater fish
Bhetkiswim in water with the help of fins

Activity – 12

Tick (✔) that is friendly to the environment and cross which are harmful to it.

1.    To plant a tree – Friendly

2.    To throw garbage in rivers. – harmful

3.    To dump chemicals in seas. – harmful

4.    To take care of a garden. –  friendly

5.    To use less care on streets. – friendly

6.    To make drinking water sources clean. – friendly

7.    To decrease the use of air-conditioned machines.  – friendly

 Page No – 11

Activity – 13

Circle the naming words.

a.    See, draw, mango, Shout.

b.    Sing, listen, call, potato.

c.     Remember, Tiger, play, hear.

d.    Hot, coldKolkata, small.

e.    Raju, he, she, they.

Activity  – 14

write  for countable nouns and un for uncountable nouns.

1.    Sugar – un

2.    Apples c

3.    Coins – c

4.    Water un

5.    Butter – un

6.    Goats – c

7.    Road c

8.    Huts  – c

Page No -12

Activity – 15

Underline the naming words in the following sentences.

1.    Read the book Patabahar.

2.    The name of my pet cat is Kutus.

3.    We went to Mumbai last week.

4.    Sealdah is a railway station.

Activity – 16 

Circle the describing words.

1.    The tall man rides on a bus.

2.    See drive a beautiful picture.

3.    That is an old tree.

4.    There was a small hut in the village.

5.    I took a wooden boat to cross the River.

Activity – 17

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate describing words from the help box.

1.    That is a ripe banana.

2.    Green mango is sour.

3.    The old man walks with a stick.

4.    I have a beautiful dress.

5.    That is a sharp nail.

Page No -13

Activity – 18

Write the plural forms of the following words.

1 bookbooks

Activity 19

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the brackets.

1.    I see a tram on the street.

2.    He thinks I am clever.

3.    They read the book several times.

4.    We go to school everyday.

5.    My brother comes home from market.

6.    The cow moos to tell that she is hungry.

7.    Butterflies fly over the flower.

8.    Mosquito sucksare blood.

9.    Men causej pollution of water resources.

10.     She says good morning.

Page No 13

Activity – 20

Add  ‘-d /-ed’ at the end of the words.

1. killedDied
2. playedSolved
3. pickedDecided
4. talkedRuled
5. startedBelieved
6. helpeddivided

Activity – 21

Complete the following table.

1. goWent
2. giveGave
3. takeTook
4. eatAte
5. shakeShook
6. understandUnderstood
7. fallFell
8. seesaw
9. loseLost
10. feelfelt

Page no – 14

Activity – 22

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the brackets.

Today I go to school with my father. Yesterday I took my mother with me. Last afternoon I came late from school. Today I have milk and bread. Yesterday we left home early.

Wings Class 4 Answers Lesson 1

Wings Class 4 answers solution from Lesson 1 are given below Page No & Activitiy-wise.

Wings Class 4 Answers from Page no – 17

Activity 1

Write T  for true statements and F for false statements in the boxes given.

a) “ Fairy tales” always have a fairy. – F

b) “Fairy tales” have imaginary events. – T

c) Cinderella Is a fairy tale.  – T

Activity – 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the given options.

a) Fairy tales almost always have some (funny /valuable) messages.

b) A fairy tale is a (horror /wonder) tale.

Activity – 3

Answer the following questions.

a) Two  characters we meet in  “Fairy tales” are Aladdin and Cinderella

b) The name of the “fairy tale “that I have read is “Selfish Giant “

Wings Class 4 Answers Page No – 18

Activity – 4

From the above passage identify the words which indicate the names of persons, places, or things. Now complete the following table appropriately.


Activity – 5

Underline the words which are names of Persons, places, or things.

1) Rohan is a boy.  – person

2) He lived in Kalimpong.  – place

3) He came to see Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata.  – place

4) He saw the Hooghly River there.  – things

Activity – 6

???? what is proper noun ? 

✍ A proper noun is a noun that is used to denote a  particular person, place or a thing. 

???? Such as -  Vidyasagar , Kolkata , the Ganga etc. 

???? প্রপার  নাউন ( PROPER NOUN) কাকে বলে?
✍  যে নাউন নির্দিষ্টভাবে কোন বিশেষ ব্যক্তি বা বস্তু বা কোন জায়গার নাম কে প্রকাশ করে তাকে প্রপার নাউন বল
???? উদাহরণস্বরূপ বলা যায়  -  বিদ্যাসাগর, কলকাতা , গঙ্গা

Circle the word in each series that is not a proper noun

a) Rita, Rakesh, Circle, Shilu.

b) Agra, City, Kolkata, Darjeeling.

c) Sanjib Rupam Sujay Children.

d)  Saina, Player, Maradona, Jhulan

e) Hut, Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial,

f) Moumita , Niloy, Mamtaj,  Adrina , Mother,

আমরা একটু আগে উপরের???? যে শব্দগুলোতে লাল রং করলাম এগুলো কিন্তু নির্দিষ্ট করে কোন বিশেষ ব্যক্তি বা বস্তু বা কোন জায়গাকে বোঝাচ্ছে না। এই শব্দগুলি একজাতীয় ব্যক্তি বা বস্তুর প্রত্যেককেই সাধারন ভাবে বুঝাচ্ছে। সেই জন্য এই জাতীয় ব্যাক্তি বস্তু বা জায়গার নাম কে বলা হয় কমন নাউন(COMMON NOUN) 


A common noun is a noun that may be preceded by an article or other limiting modifier and that denotes any or all of a class of entities and not an individual.

Example: Man, city, horse, music.

Activity – 7

In the following passage, you will meet with proper nouns and common nouns. Find out them and mention them in the space given below. To are done for you.

Proper NounsCommon Nouns
Alipur ZooName

Activity – 8

Pick out the common nouns from the sentences and write them in the box below.

a) Children are playing football.

b) We read books in school.

c) The woman swept all the dust with the broom.

d) The boy made a toy with mud.

e) The teacher opens the book.

f) Health is our wealth

                             COMMON NOUNS
 children, football, books, school, woman, broom, boy teacher, Health, Wealth
NEUTER GENDER (refer to the names of things without life)

ক্লীভ  লিঙ্গ –  যে কোন প্রাণহীন  বিশেষ্য  পদকে বোঝায়। 
COMMON GENDER (indicates either male or female) 

উভয়  লিঙ্গ – স্ত্রী  অথবা  পুরুষ উভয়কেই  বোঝায়

Wings Class 4 Answers Page No – 22

Activity – 9

Identify the neuter gender and the common gender from the words written in bold.

a) Her ring is made of gold.  – N

b) The baby is drinking milk. C

c) Ruma is my best friend.  – C

d) The doors are made of wood.  – N

e) Girls are going to school in the morning – N

f) Mister Sharma is a very kind person.  – C

g) Students are reading books in the school library.     –    N

h) Always try to keep good relations with your neighbors.  – C

Wings Class 4 Answers Page No – 24

 Activity – 10

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate quotes from the help box.

a) Mother stretched her hand to hand her child.

b) Mira swept the floor with the broom.

c) The moon shone brightly at night.

d) The boy is suffering from a cold and flu. He is sneezing and coughing.

e) Tublu rose early morning every morning to go to school.

f) Sabina hugs her mother in fear of thunder.

Activity – 11

Make sentences with the following words. You can use the help box.

1.    Dust –  we used a broom to clean the dust.

2.    Thunder – My brother is afraid of Thunder.

3.    Sky – The stars shine in the Sky.

Wings Class 4 Answers Page no – 25

Let’s Rhyme :

Let’s rhyme by using appropriate words. You may take what’s from the health box.


Let’s Speak

The fairy tale I have read is  “the selfish giant”. It is a very interesting story and also funny. At first, the story makes me scared because there was a giant and he was very selfies. But later the giant became very kind and honest. At the end of the story, I see Jesus Christ came to the giant in the form of a small boy to take him to heaven. So I find some strange, wonderful, and surprising events in the story. The story makes me feel good and helps me to be honest and not become selfish.

Wings Class 4 Answers Page No – 26

See the picture carefully. Answer the following questions orally.

a) In the picture I see a big tree, coconut trees, some small huts, a boy, a man, the sun, the Hills and the birds, boat

b) I see the birds flying in the Sky.

c)The persons are going to the field or to make business along the road.

d) Some birds are at the bottom of the tree.

e) There is a boat in the River.

f) Aman is taking a rest under a tree

Wings Class 4 Answers Page No – 27

Activity – 12

write 5 sentences on a rainy day using the words given below.

It was the last day of June. It had been raining cats and dogs. So I could not go to school. I was watching television at home. After some time I read my books and drew some pictures. After that, I watched the rain through the window of my house. My friends were playing in the field in rain. My mother was cooking khichuri and papad on that day.

Page no – 29

  Activity – 1

Answer the following questions.

a) Badal, Megha’s six years old brother, was sitting by the window and looking outside.

b) Megha was reading a fable.

c) The sound of the raindrops was “pitter–patter”.

Activity – 2

Tick(✔) the correct answer.  

a) Badal was a six-year-old boy.

b) Badal and Megha were waiting to go to school.

c) Megha was reading a fable.

d)The children’s faces were faded up when the thunderstorm came.

Activity – 3

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

a) Suddenly there was a thunderstorm which brought with it a lot of dust.

b) Badal started to murmur.

c) The faces of the children became pale.

Page No – 30

Activity – 4

Choose the appropriate common noun, given in brackets, against the proper noun.

a) West Bengalstate
b) India  country
c)  Anandabazar Patrikanewspaper
d) Victoria memorial hallmonument
e) Holifestival

Activity 5

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the basket given below.

a) A fairytale always has magical events.

b) Dust Rose during the storm and made the street dirty.

c)  The omen came to the party wearing shining jewelry.

d) I like to see raindrops falling on a roof.

Page No 31

Activity 6

                                            MY SCHOOL

Many students read in our school. The name of our school is cylinder Pur Vidyasagar Nursery school. There are 20 teachers and 500 students in our school. Our school has a library. All the teachers at our school take care of us very much. They help us in our studies and also love us.

Wings Class 4 Answers Lesson 2

Wings Class 4 answers solution from Lesson 2 are given below Page No & Activitiy-wise.

Starting from page number –  34

           Activity 1

a) Normally a fair is organized during a famous festival.

b) Children enjoy mouth-watering food items like sweets and pakoda at the fair.

c) Play things like toys and masks are sold at the fair.

d) We enjoy merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, magic shows, and different traditional songs and dances at the fair.

               Activity 2

a) Masks

b) Merry go round

c) Handicraft

d) Puppet show


                  Activity 3

 Underline the proper nouns from the above passage and write them below.

1. Gopal

2. South Mahadev

3. Chhau

4. Charida

 Write down the common noun used in the passage

1. Name

2. Father

3. Village

4.  Dancer

5. Friend

6. Year

          Activity 4

Circle the nouns in the sentence and underline the words that replace the nouns.

a) Kavita leaves in Odisha. She visits the Rathajatra fair every year.

b) Subal went to the book fair last year. He bought many books from the fair.

c) Tahamina has a doll. It has beautiful brown hair.

d) Gopal and Seema went to Darjeeling during the summer vacation. They visited tiger hill at Darjeeling.

e) I love my brother very much. We play football every day. [the question is wrong]

What is a pronoun? 

The words that are used instead of nouns are called pronouns.

Example, I, we, you, He, She, They, Me, Us, Him, Her, Them.

সর্বনাম কাকে বলে?

বিশেষ্যের পরিবর্তে যেসব শব্দ ব্যবহৃত হয় তাকে সর্বনাম বলে।

উদাহরণ, আমি, আমরা, তুমি, সে, সে, তারা, আমি, আমরা, তাকে, তার, তারা।

The words that are used instead of nouns are called pronouns.

A dollIt
Gopal and SeemaThey
I, brotherWe

                   Activity 5

Underline the nouns in the following sentences which are related to the pronouns in bold letters. Then fill in the given chart.

a) My name is SamI am 8 years old

b)  Kari man and I cycle to the seaside. We went there yesterday.

c) Sima, Sam, and Raja went to the playground last evening. There they played cricket.

d) Hello friend! How are you?

e) The little boy broke the flower vase. It was made of burnt clay.

f) Your room is dirty. Please clean it.

g) The students will give the test. The teacher is distributing them question papers.

WeSharry Maan and I
TheySima, Sam, and Raja

Activity 6

a) my

b) He

c) We


e) He

f) I, Her

Activity 7

  He, She, She, His, He, They, She.

  Activity 8

  Delighted, elated, various, huge, excited.

  Activity 9

 Excited – Reena was excited to see the elephant.

 Noticed – she noticed a spider in the corner of a house.

 Created – They created a beautiful project work.

Surprised – the boy was surprised to see e his teacher suddenly on the road.

Page No – 41

Page number 39 and page number 40 এই দুটি পেজে দেয়া word trove গুলি তোমরা ভালো করে পড়বে এবং meaning/ synonym গুলি জানবে।

Ending Page No – 41

Starting from Page Number 45

                  Activity 1

a) Poush Mela is celebrated in Shantiniketan.

b) The famous traditional folk song of “Poush Mela” is Baul songs.

c) Earthen wares and statues made of Terra cotta and handmade jute products and Kantha sarees are the traditional handicrafts items of “Poush Mela”.

          Activity 2

Rearrange the sentences in the correct order according to the story you read. Put the number in the given boxes. One is done for you.

[আমি তোমাদের এখানে পরপর বাক্যগুলোকে সাজিয়ে লিখে দিলাম]

1) He visited Poush Mela last year

2) A big crowd gathered in front of the stalls of jute products and Kantha sarees.

3) He went to a food stall.

4) He bought some handicraft products.

5) He was delighted to hear Baul song.

                    Activity  – 3

Write t for true statements and f for false statements in the boxes given.

a) False b) true c) true d) true

                   Activity 4

Replace the bold words with the words in the basket having similar meanings.

a) Different – various

b) Delighted – glad

c) Surprised – wondered

d) Observed – noticed

e) Thrilled – excited

f)  Big – huge

                                 Activity  – 5

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the story you read. Choose words from the help box.

Last year I went to the Alipur zoo with my family. I was very excited as it was my first visit to a zoo. We saw various animals. I was delighted to see the huge elephants. I noticed that many children gathered in front of the cage of the giraffe and were giving them food. I was surprised as it is out of the rule.

                            Activity 6

Stall – I saw many food stalls at the fair.

Famous – Virat Kohli is a famous Indian cricketer.

Delighted – I was delighted to see the gift from my father.

Visited – Last year I visited the Taj Mahal with my family.

                                    Activity 7

Change the underlined words with the correct pronoun and rewrite each sentence.

a) She made dinner for the whole family.

b) He played with Sudheer and Google.

c) He went to the movie with Mrs. Saha.

d) It needs a fresh coat of paint

                                      Activity 8

Terracotta is a traditional art of West Bengal. It is popular in Bishnupur of Bankura district. Burnt clay is used in Terracotta art as material. There are varieties of items made from Terracotta art. Products made from Terracotta art are exported.

Wings Class 4 Answers Lesson 3

Wings Class 4 answers solution from Lesson 3 are given below Page No & Activitiy-wise.

 Page No 50

Sources of foods.  Food items
Hive Honey
Tea gardenTea


Fill in the blanks with the correct words

What do you to take in your lunch?

I take rice

It is made of paddy.

Write the name of the food given in the box next to the clue it matches.

1. Rice. 2. Fish 3. Bread. 4. Egg

Page 52

Activity 1

a) Gauri goes to the cowshed with her father early in the morning.

b) In the last Puja vacation Gauri went to a food festival in a nearby town.

c) Gauri was happy at the food festival because she explored different kinds of food in the festival and she came to know that a variety of food items can be made from milk.

 Activity 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the passage you have read.

a) School teacher

b) Rosogolla

c) Puja vacation

Activity 3

a) Identify the proper nouns in the passage you have read and write them down below.

West Bengal, Gouri, rosogolla

b) Identify the pronouns in the passage and write them down below

 She, her,

Activity 4

Read the lines and circle the proper nouns

Rabindranath Tagore , Maharshi debendranath Tagore , Kolkata

                         Activity 5

Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.

a) Reena is reading a storybook. She bought it from a book fair.

b) Rajat gulfan and I went to see a movie last evening. we enjoyed it very much.

c) Jadhav jeenat and jubin can’t speak Bengali. They are from not Bengal.

d) Bikash is drawing a picture. He wants to be an artist in future.

e)She lost her pencil in the classroom yesterday.

Activity 6

Read the passage and pick out the proper nouns and pronouns from it. Write them in the correct columns.

Proper nounsPronouns
Krishna NagarMy

Activity 7

In the sentences given below pronounce are italics. Circle the nouns which the pronouns indicate.

1. Mrs. Majumdar is a doctor. She walks into the hospital.

2. Raju and Saira are good friends. They play together every day.

3. I have a little sister. She likes to eat sandwiches.

4. Sumit and Sujoy are sons of Mr. Das. He buys ice creams for them.

5. Mr. Sharma lives in a bungalow. It is made of white marble.

Activity 8


Activity 9

Tick (✔) the correct alternative.

a) The (boy/boys  )are playing in the playground

b) The (man/men) is driving the car

c) My mother is cooking delicious ( dish/ dishes) for lunch.

d) I saw many (monkey /monkeys) in the forest.

Activity 10

Fill in the blanks with the correct singular/ plural form of nouns.

a) Shivam has many toys

b) No room watch available in that hotel

c) The cow gives us milk.

d)  He kept all the books on the bookshelf.

e) Earth moves around the sun.

f) The seats are reserved for ladies.

g) The deer is running into the bushes

Activity 11

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the help box.

a) Suhana is an intelligent girl. She wants to go abroad for research.

b) I went to my uncle’s house to play with my cousins

c) The stars are twinkling in the vast sky.

d) They went to a hill station and explored nature.

e) The boys sat in the Courtyard of the house and ate snacks in the evening.

Activity 12

Replace the underlined words with the words given in the help box below having the same meaning (synonyms)

a) The forest is a place to discover (explore) the immense natural beauty of the world. I greatly (immensely) like the silent (quiet) atmosphere of the forest. I spent some unforgettable (memorable) days there.

Activity 13

Make sentences with the following words.

Vacation – my summer vacation is going to start

Glowing – his eyes are glowing like fire.

Immensely – she looked immensely relieved when she heard the news.

Let’s rhyme by using appropriate words.


Upto page no – 60 completed.

Starting from page number –  63

Activity 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives

a) Tuktuk’s house

b) Uncle

c) Onion pakoda

d) Boat

e) Sunday

Activity 2

Answer the following questions

a) They went near the Kansai river for the picnic.

b) Soma went to visit her friend Priti in the morning.

c) From the boat Soma watched watercresses floating on the river.

Activity 3

Write t for true statements and f for false statements in the box given

a) True

b) False

c) False

d) False

Activity 4

  Rewrite the sentences changing the number of the underlined words. Change the verbs accordingly.

a) The babies are sleeping.

b) The train is late.

c) The men in the car were wearing glasses.

d) The potatoes are on your plate.

e) The bus stops at the bus stop.

f) The knives are on the table.

Activity 5

  Fill in the blanks with proper nouns and pronouns given in the bracket.

Mr. Dutta works in a hospital. He is a doctor. Mrs. Dutta is his wife. She is a housewife. They have a daughter. Her name is RinaTheir hometown is Shiuri.

Activity 6

Column AColumn B

Activity 7

  Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the basket

a) Courtyard

b) Hearty

c) Abroad

d) Quiet

e) Learn

 Ending page number 66.

  Wings part 1 is completed.