Class 10 English Writing Textual Questions and Answers

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Class 10 English Writing Questions

We have prepared these Class 10 English Writing questions answers from the textual activity questions of Class 10 English Textbook, Bliss under the syllabus of WBBSE. Class 10 English Writing exercises are solved here. Study them and practice.

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 contains a letter writing and it is given below with an answer.

Activity 12

1. Write a letter to the Editor of an English newspaper complaining about the danger of reckless driving by the drivers of buses and mini-buses.

132/1, B. B. Ganguli Street
Kolkata-700 012
16 August 2017

The Editor
The Telegraph
Kolkata-700 001

Sub: Reckless Driving.


I shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly publish this representation against reckless driving in your esteemed daily. At present journey by bus or mini-bus has been awfully perilous. The happy-go-lucky drivers drive their vehicles at break-neck speed. They seem to have no respect for traffic rules. In most cases, road accidents take place on account of reckless driving. Over-taking is common to all drivers. Several accidents were caused in the past for overtaking. There are control the traffic. But everybody knows that reckless driving does not affect the traffic police. They keep standing as policemen to as passive onlookers. Should we then think that there is an unholy nexus between the police and the erring bus drivers?

Please insert this representation in your daily and draw the attention of the appropriate authority to this problem.

Yours faithfully,
Sovan Sil.

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Lesson 2

Lesson 2 contains a letter writing and a paragraph writing given below with answers.

Activity 6

1. Write a letter to your friend within 100 words advising him or her to visit the public library in her or his locality as frequently as possible. 

Sumit Kotal

10th March 2020

Dear Hans,
I received your letter today. I am completely disappointed to know your examination result. You mentioned in the letter that there is a lack of good books and a peaceful atmosphere at your home so you could not study properly. Here is the solution to your problem. I know of a famous public library in your locality. Go there and get a membership today. Public libraries are open to all and you can go there anytime to study peacefully. It is a very useful institution. You can read a huge number of books on various subjects and can even borrow books. It is an appropriate place for close and careful study.

You must visit the library as frequently as possible. When you will find so many readers there absorbed in books you will naturally develop a desire to read. So going to the library will help you develop a reading habit. You can pass all your leisure time going to the library. It will surely become your best friend, philosopher, and guide.

No more today. Will discuss the rest on we meet.

Yours ever,
Sanjoy Ray

Ashim Ray
C/O – Sanjay Ray

Activity 7

2. Write a paragraph within 100 words on the benefits of early morning exercises using the following points.
[Points: good for health – fresh air – keeps one active throughout the day] 

Benefits of Morning Exercises

The human body is a valuable performance vehicle. To boost our energy level, we need to get up early and take some exercises. To wake up with the sun itself is a gift of life. The air is cool and the mind is calm. It helps us to master the time of the day. A few miles on the treadmill, or in the open air supply oxygen to our body and mind. Star jumps, jogging, squatting, sit-ups, push-ups, etc help us to stay fit for years. Regular exercise improves health, clears thoughts, hones up creativity, and manages stress. It’s said that in a sound body rests a sound mind. Those who don’t make time for exercise must eventually make time for illness. Exercises not only add years to life, but add life to years also.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 contains biography writing and a flowchart paragraph writing is given below with answers.

Activity 15

Write a biography of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad within 100 words based on the hints given below.

[Hints: born on 11 November 1888 – composed poetry in Urdu – worked as a journalist protested against British Raj – an enthusiastic supporter of Gandhiji’s ideas – wrote many boobs – like ‘India win Freedom’ ‘Gobar-e-Khatri’ etc -first Education Minister of independent India – birthday celebrated as a national Education Day – died on 22nd February 1958] 

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was one of the greatest educationists and a prominent political leader of the Indian Independence Movement. He was born on 11 Nov. 1888 in Mecca. Azad’s family descended from a line of eminent Islamic scholars. He had multifarious talents. He composed poetry in Urdu. Moulana Azad worked successfully as a journalist. He played a significant role in the protest against British Raj. During this period he became an enthusiastic supporter of Gandhiji’s ideas. Azad wrote too many books, many of which won high acclaim all over India. ‘India Wins Freedom’, ‘Ghubar-e-Khatir’ etc are some of his most remarkable works. We celebrate his birthday as National Education Day to pay tribute to this great educationist. This great Indian breathed his last on 22 February 1958 creating a real vacuum for us.

Activity 16

2. Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how a building is constructed.

[Drawing of a plan of the building by the architect- getting the plan sanctioned by the corporation or Municipal authorities- Engaging Masons and labourers-  starting the construction with brick, cement, and sand –  lifting doors and windows –  plastering of walls –  wearing –  electric and water connections –  painting –  building completed –  it for living.] 


We need a building to live in. Constructing a building requires a sequence of planning. The following steps are to be followed to construct a building. Firstly, the architect is supposed to draw a plan of the building that is to be made. Then the plan has to get sanctioned by the Corporation or the municipal authorities. Then begins the job of the masons and the labourers who start to get the building built with bricks, cement, and sand. After that doors and windows are fitted, followed by plastering of the walls. Power and water connections are to be set up before lending a final touch to the building by painting it beautifully. Thus, a building is ready for staying in.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 contains a notice writing and an imaginary dialogue writing given below with answers.

Activity 7

1. Your school is going to host the Inter School district sports competition. suppose you are the secretary of the Sports Club of your school. Write a notice within 100 words calling students to participate in the competition. mention the date time and venue of the competition. Your notice should be Counterside by the headmaster or headmistress of your school

Agrabani Bidyamandir, Kalyani



Inter School District Sports Competition

All the students are hereby informed that this year our school has been given the responsibility of organizing the Inter School District Sports Competition. The competition will be held on our school grounds between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on 22.01.2016. There will be different events with which the students are acquainted through their school sports activities. So the willing students are requested to register their names to their respective class teachers by 16.04.2020. A student can compete in a maximum of three events. You may contact the sports teacher of our school for further enquiry.

Sanat Mukherjee
Sports Club
Agrabani Bidyamandir

Countersigned By

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 contains an imaginary dialogue writing and a story writing given below with answers.

Activity 11

1. Suppose your bicycle has a sudden tire puncture on your way to school. you have taken the cycle to a repair shop. Write an imaginary dialogue of 100 words between the shopkeeper and you.

I: Hello uncle. I am in a great problem.
Shopkeeper: Yes, what is your problem?

I: I am on my way to school. The tire of my cycle gets punctured. I have very little time. Uncle please, repair my cycle as soon as possible. 
Shopkeeper: But I am already in repairing work. well, I will help you.

I: Thanks, uncle.
Shopkeeper: You will have to give me at least 5 minutes.

I: Okay uncle, please try.
Shopkeeper: (After about 4 minutes), Here it is. It is okay now, but still there are some other problems.

I: I will come another day for them. Now, please tell me how much I have to pay.
Shopkeeper: Just 5 rupees.

I: Here it is. Thank you uncle for your help.
Shopkeeper: It’s okay. 

Activity 12

2. Write a story within 100 words within the given hints. give a title to the story.

[Hints: crow sitting on a tree –  a piece of meat in its beak –  Fox passing under the tree –  wants the meet –  ask the crow to sing –  close keeps meet under its feet and sink –  fooled, fox leaves.]

The Clever Crow and the Fox

One day a crow found a piece of meat. It sat on the branch of a tree. The piece of the meet was in its beak. At that time a fox was passing under the tree. The fox noticed the piece of meat in the crow’s beak. The fox was really greedy. He wanted to get the piece. So the sly fox requested the crow to sing a song. The fox expected that as the crow would start singing the piece of meat would fall from its beak. But the crow had enough wit. It understood the fox’s cunning. So keeping the meat under its feet, the crow started to sing. The crow was able to fool the fox successfully. Disheartened, the fox departed.

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 contains summary writing and newspaper report writing given below with answers.

Activity 5

1. Write a summary of the following passage within 100 words.


Pharaohs are the Kings in Egypt. Pharaoh Tutankhamun ascended the throne only at the age of ten and ruled between 1332 and 1323 BC. He took up many building projects and rebuilt many temples in ruins. He required the help of a cane to walk because of these disabilities. As per custom prevalent in ancient Egypt the body of Tutankhamun was mummified and preserved. Howard Carter discovered the body of Tutankhamun in 1922, an Englishman, It was almost intact. The discovery grew a great interest in Egypt and all over the world.

Activity 6

2. Write a newspaper report within hundred words on the incident of burglary in a flat in Kolkata using the following points.

[Points: Date and place –  time –  occupants of the house –  number of robots –  list of articles stolen –  police investigation.] 

Flat Burgled in Kolkata

By a Staff Reporter

Oct. 7, 2020, Kolkata: There is yet another burglary in a flat in the B.D. Block Indrolok Housing today at about 2 pm when only an old lady was present. Her only son and daughter-in-law were in their respective offices in B.B.D. Bag. The burglars, three in number tapped the doorbell and said they had come to give service to their defective gas oven which, in fact, was giving them trouble. As soon as she opened the door the three miscreants stormed in and gagged her. They bolted the door from the inside, broke open the almirah, and virtually plundered everything including money of about rupees 1,00,000 (one lac), some cash certificates, and all gold pieces of jewelry of the lady herself and of daughter-in-law worth 2 lacs of rupees. Police have started an investigation.

Lesson 7

Lesson 7 contains a notice writing and a letter to the editor given below with answers.

Activity 12

1. Suppose you are the secondary of a club that has decided to open a library. Write a notice within 100 words to the members of your club inviting them to actively join this program by donating books to the library.

Milani Sangha, Hooghly

January 12, 2021


Opening a Public Library.

This is to inform all the club members of Milani Sangha that in the last Managing Committee meeting, we unanimously decided that a library section will be opened by the club for the benefit of the students of our area. So the club members are hereby requested to donate books to the library. Donations of books will be thankfully received by the authority. Wholehearted co-operation from all is highly expected. To know further details, please contact the secretary of the club during office hours.

Asit Hansda
Milani Sangha, 

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 contains a letter writing is given below with answers.

Activity 5

1. Write a letter within 100 words to the editor of an English daily about the disturbance caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers. 

Egra, PurbaMedinipur


The Editor
The Statesman
Kolkata 700001

Sub: Use of Loudspeakers


I am driven to write about our displeasure caused by the misuse of loudspeakers in our locality. During every feast and festival, the use of speakers has become an awful fashion. Now youngsters organize the pujas. And in the name of worship, they use the loudspeaker at a top pitch from dawn to midnight. It gives out film songs. The organizers have no consideration for the patients and students. At night the sound becomes so high that it disturbs our sleep. Appeals to their good sense go to deaf ears. They do not understand that the din causes inconveniences to the public and unrest to the patient. Besides these festivals, the music is also used during marriage ceremonies, political meetings, and any public gatherings.

Of late Calcutta High Court has issued orders restricting the use of loudspeakers. But the rules are observed more in violation than in observation. There is a reason that the police at present are indifferent to such a social nuisance. It is a serious source of sound pollution.

Will the authorities wake up to exercise an effective step to put an end to this social nuisance?

Yours faithfully
Anirban Maiti