Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestion with Answers 2024

Enhance your Madhyamik English writing skill with our expert suggestions and answers in 2024. Our comprehensive guide covers important writing techniques and provides examples to help you improve. From structuring your essays to using correct grammar and vocabulary, our suggestions will guide you in creating effective and impressive writing. The answers to our writing exercises will give you valuable feedback and allow you to assess your progress. Get ready to ace your Madhyamik English writing exams with our suggestions and answers today!

Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestion 2024 is a suggestive effort for the students of class 10 appearing in the 2024 Madhyamik Examination. The probable questions from writing skills have been discussed below that are important in 2024.

Last Minute Madhyamik English Suggestions 2024

Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion with Answers pdf 2024

Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion with Answers pdf 2024 provides precise answers to various grammar topics, ensuring students are well-prepared for the Madhyamik Exam 2024, and ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.


Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestion with Answers pdf 2024

Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestion with Answers pdf 2024 is one of the most important and probable resources for students in 2024. It offers comprehensive guidance with English Writing Skill answers, aiding in honing crucial writing skills for the upcoming Madhyamik Examination 2024.

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Madhyamik writing skill Suggestion for 2024 has been arranged and provided below according to the trend and types of questions found in previous years’ Madhyamik English Exams and in different question papers.

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Madhyamik English Writing Skill Last Six Years Board Questions

Before we look into the Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestions 2024, we will check the question type and format of the Madhyamik English writing Skill for the last six years’ board Exams ( 20217 – 2023).

2024 ✔⭐✔⭐✔⭐✔⭐✔⭐
2023Letter to editor about the frequent road accidents due to rash driving1.Celebration of Independence Day in your school 
2. Short biography about Sukumar Roy 
2022Letter to friend to maintain covid rules strictlySchool magazinewriter story about the hare and the tortoise
2020Letter to friend about a cultural program you have attendedthe most memorable day in your life About an accident
2019Letter to editor about the ban of plastic carry bagsInter school drama competition Story about children 
2018Letter to Inspector in charge about the loss of mobile phone. Biography of Virat KohliNewspaper report about the fire breakout in the local market. 
2017Letter to friend about the place you live in. A Shepherd boy and a wolfRihydration mixture 

Madhyamik English Writing Skill Topics 2024

The Important topics for Madhyamik English Writing Skill 2024 are as follows with questions Answers:-

1. Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik English Writing Skill

A. General Paragraph

Write a paragraph (within 100 words) about –

★Your best friend.

★The usefulness of morning walk

★Early Morning Exercises

★the importance of water conservation. :

★A Journey by Train

★Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

★Visit to a place of historical interest

★Celebration of Independence Day in your school

★Ragging, a social curse

★The mobile phone its uses and abuses

★Traveling as a part of Education

★ ‘The person you like most’
★‘A film you have recently seen’ with the basis of the following points.
★The importance of the school library
★Discipline in school life/Discipline in student life
★The Usefulness of a morning walk
★A book you have recently read
★A family get together
★Your last day at school
★A memorable school day
★Your favorite teacher
★The Value of newspaper reading
★Your aim in life/The career you want to adopt
★The Benefits of using a good dictionary
★Plastic pollution
★On ‘Benefits of Early Rising
★The Kanyashree project
★Duties of students
★Mid-day meal
★The Uses and abuses of the internet
★75 years of India’s Independence
★Your favorite author
★The Usefulness of trees

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B. Biography Writing

★ Mahatma Gandhi
★ Swami Vivekananda
★Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
★ Sister Nivedita
★ P. V. Sindhu
★ Mother Teresa
★ Amartya Sen
★Abhijit Binayak Banerjee
★ Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
★ Sister Nivedita

2. Letter Writing for Madhyamik English Writing Skill

A. Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper about the

★Bad effects of using Polythene bags.
★Recent high price of essential commodities.
★Random feeling of Roadside trees.
★Indiscriminate use of loudspeakers.
★Smoking in public places.
★Unsanitary and unhygienic conditions.
★Bad road conditions in your locality.
★Irregular clearance of garbage in your locality.
★Immediate steps to prevent the spread of malaria and dengue.
★Complaint against large-scale deforestation/Thoughtless cutting of trees.
★Nuisance of burning crackers during festivals, particularly during Kali Puja and Diwali.
★Banning of plastic carry bags and also cite the reasons against it.
★Random misuse and harmful effects of mobile phones.
★Felling of trees at random in your locality.
★Miserable condition of hospitals in your locality.
★Anti-Social activities are disturbing normal life in your area.
★Relevance and utility of online classes during the lockdown period.
★Expressing your grievances about the reckless driving on the Road

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B. Application

Write an application to the Bank Manager

★to open an account for Govt. Scholarship.

Write an application to the Headmaster/ Headmistress of your school
★to make available text and reference books in the library.
★praying for the construction of a cycle shed.
★for issuing a transfer certificate.
★to arrange a tutorial class for the students of class 10 after the test Exam.
★the improvement of your school library.
★about organizing an educational trip of historical interest.

Write an application to the Officer-in-charge at the local police station about
★the loss of the bicycle.
★complaining about the loss of your mobile handset.

Write an application to the Postmaster about
★the change of your address and request him to send letters to your new address.

Write an application to the CMOH of the district
★seeking his permission to organize a dengue awareness camp in your locality.

Write a letter to the chairperson of your municipality
★complaining about the poor condition of roads in your locality. Mention the problems and suggest some solutions.

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C. Informal letter

Write a letter to your father
★seeking permission for joining an excursion party.

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to
★become a good human being.
★read a newspaper daily.
★not to use a mobile phone, especially at the time of crossing the road.

Write a letter to your friend
★to maintain Covid rules strictly.
★about a cultural program you have recently attended.
★how you have done in the last examination within 100 words.

★You want to visit a tourist spot during the winter vacation. Write a letter within 100 words to the manager of a hotel enquiring about the availability of rooms, the cost involved, and sites to be seen

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3. Notice Writing

Suppose you are the Students’ secretary of your school. Now write a notice for the students of ….

★Trip to Science City by school students.

★the consciousness of Safe drive save a life.

school magazine.

★to donate blood for a noble cause.

★the use of mobile phones by school students.

★Tree plantation day that will be observed by your school.

★ about the free health check-up camp.

★keep your school clean

about the problem of drinking water.

★Inter-school quiz competition.

★about the debate competition

★an educational tour

★ about the Prevention of dengue

★the coming inter-school drama competition.

★ to attend the seminar to be held in your school.

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4. Process Writing

★ Study the flow chart and describe how the newspaper is published.

★ Describe the process of preparing mustard oil after going to the following points.

★Write a paragraph on How rain is formed after studying the following flowchart.

Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph on how a building is constructed.

★ Describe the process of making guava jelly using the following points.

★Use the following hints to describe the Production of the paper.

★Study the following flow chart and write a paragraph on How salad is prepared.

Use the following flowchart to describe the Preparation of lemon squash.

Study the following flow chart and write a paragraph about the Preparation of hand sanitizer.

★Use the following flowchart to write how Candlesticks are made  

★ Write down the process (within 100 words) of preparing Potato chips. Use the following points.

★Describe the process of the Preparation of Phenyl 

★ Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph (within 100 words) on the preparation of a mixture of useful Rehydration or maintaining a balance of water in the body. 

★ Soap making 

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5. Newspaper Report Writing for Madhyamik English Writing Skill 

Write a newspaper report using the following points about the

★ road accident

★Teacher’s farewell ceremony is observed in your school.

★observation of Teachers’ day In your school.

★Boat capsize.

★Recently a terrible fire broke out in the market.

★ The severe cyclone in West Bengal.

★A cultural program in your school.

★on Chandrayaan 2 using the following information. 

★Incident of a burglary in a flat in Kolkata

★Art and model exhibition was held in your school.

★the Heavy rain in different parts of the state 

★the Blood donation camp 

★Devastating flood in North Bengal’ 

★the Terrible train accident 

★a terrible accident that took place.

★Observation of World Environment Day.

★incident of being struck by lightning.

★observance of Nirmal mission Bangla in your school. 

★Sabuj Sathi bicycle distribution 

★Plastic-free zone

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5. Story Writing for Madhyamik English Writing Skill 

★Quarrel between the sun and the wind.

★ Write a story (within 100 words) using the following hints. Give a title to the story: [Hints: A soldier-prisoner of war for some years-war ends-returns home-sees a bird- seller on the way-buys all the birds-sets them free.]

★[Points: A boy in the evil company brings home a basket of apples-keeps it on the cupboard-places a rotten apple in the basket-next day apples are found rotten-the boy learns a lesson.]

★ Write a story (in about 100 words) with the help of the points given below and add a suitable title: [Points: A disciple asked him guru about the ideal man-guru told him about a story-a man wounded by some miscreants-two people overlooked-one poor farmer helped-disciple got his answer]

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◼◼◼The probable topic of writing skill for the Madhyamik examination 2024 has been provided but, notably, writing skill needs more and more practice. 

Try to keep practicing such types of writing mentioned above for the Madhyamik examination 2023.