Wings Class 5 Lesson 12 Activity Answers 1 to 17

Wings Class 5 Lesson 12 Activity Answers 1 to 17 have been prepared in the following from Activity 1 to Activity 17 as a supportive material book.

Let’s do :


Find out and write facts about Neil Armstrong:

(a) Year of birth : August 5, 1930

(b) Year of Apollo 11 lunar landing mission : July 20th 1969.

(c) Year of death : August 25, 2012

(d) Age at the time of death : 82 years.

(e) First words after setting foot on the moon : “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

(f) Date of return to earth: July 24th

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Class 5 Wings Book pdf with Answers Download



Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given:

(a) He was the pilot of a space craft called Apollo 11. – F

(b) Neil liked to read lots of books and build model aeroplanes. – T

(c) Neil could fly over 50 different types of aircrafts. – F

(d) They landed in Arctic Ocean. – F

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Answer the following questions :

(a) What did Armstrong want to be when he was a young boy?

Ans: Armstrong wanted to be a pilot when he was young boy.

(b) How old was Armstrong when he first went on an aeroplane?

Ans: Armstrong was 5 years old when he first went on an aeroplane.

(c) What was the name of the space craft that took Armstrong to the Moon?

Ans: The name of the space craft that took Armstrong to the Moon was the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission.


Tick the correct option:

1. There are (forty / fortieth) students in my class.

2. I will need (two / much) days to finish this work.

3. Could you pass (some/few) sugar, please?

4. He came out (second/two) in the competition.

5. There are (three/much) sandwiches for you.


Underline the adjective in each sentence :

1. This is the haunted house.

2. This dress is cheaper than the other dresses.

3. These students were loitering in the empty corridor.

4. Kapil is a good cricketer.

5. Rina has a red bag.


Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives :

1. The cake delicious had fine candles on it. (delicious, fine)

2. A colourful rainbow came up in the bright sky after a heavy rainfall. (bright, heavy, colourful)

3. We crossed a vast field of bright and yellow sunflowers. (bright, vast, yellow).


Make sentences with the following words :

(a) clever: My friend is very clever.

(b) funny: I recently watched a funny movie.

(c) colourful: I saw a colourful rainbow.

(d) intelligent: She is very intelligent student.


Suppose in your dream you visited another planet. Discuss with your classmates and write five sentences about the visit:

HINTS : [ dreamt about Mars – travelled in a space shuttle – landed – No trees – no water – red planet – saw a blue planet. Earth – great experience – woke up]


Yesterday, I dreamt about Mars. I saw I travelled in a space shuttle and landed there. There were no trees, no water. This was a red planet. From there I saw a blue planet, and this is the Earth. Suddenly, my dream broke, and I woke up. This was a great experience for me.


Write 6 sentences about “Your Aim in Life’.

HINTS : (what do you want to be? – why – How do you want to serve your country – who is your inspiration]


My Aim in Life’

I am a different kind of person. It is common for most of the students to say that their aim in life is to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, businessman etc. My aim in life is a little different. I want to do master’s in social work and take up social service. My aim is to help people in distress: the aged, who have been disowned by their very own, widows who have no one to take care of them and destitute children living on pavements and platforms. I will also encourage people to join me in this good cause.


Now, fill in the blanks using Present Continuous Tense forms of the verbs given in brackets :

1) Shabnam and Jasmine are watching (watch) cartoon

2) K.C. Deb is delivering (deliver) a short speech.

3) We are working (work) in our garden.

4) My father is reading (read) The Statesman.

5) I am leaving (leave) for Mumbai next Sunday.

6) Your parents are taking (take) tea in the drawing room.

7) The stars are twinkling (twinkle) in the night sky.

8) They are walking (walk) in the lawn.

9) Miss Banerjee is not coming (not come) to our town.

10) Ratulbabu is making (make) a good plan.


Let’s talk :

Participate in a dialogue with your friends about spacecrafts, You may begin like this:

Rohan: Hello, Rahul, how are you?

Rahul: I am fine and what about you?

Rohan: I am also fine. It seems to me that you are somewhat worried,

What are you thinking about?

Rahul: No, I am not worried at all. I am just thinking about spacecrafts. Well, there have been some exciting developments in reusable spacecrafts. Companies like SpaceX have been making significant progress with their Star ship program.

Rohan: That’s incredible! It’s amazing how far we’ve come in terms of space exploration.

Rahul: Absolutely! And speaking of reusable spacecraft, Blue Origin has been making waves too. They have their New Shepard rocket, which is designed for suborbital space tourism. It has already completed several successful crewed flights, allowing civilians to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of the Earth.

Rohan: Oh, I’ve heard about that. It’s fascinating how private companies are now actively involved in space travel. It feels like we’re entering a new era of space exploration, driven by innovation and competition.

Rahul: Definitely. And let’s not forget about the Artemis program by NASA. They’re planning to return humans to the Moon by 2024, and eventually establish a sustainable presence there.

Rohan: The Artemis program is exciting news for both scientific research and future space missions. It’s inspiring to see international collaboration and ambitious goals for human space exploration.

Rahul: Absolutely. It’s an exciting time to be alive, witnessing these breakthroughs in spacecraft technology. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for space travel and exploration.

Rohan: Agreed! The possibilities seem endless, from discovering new worlds to potentially establishing colonies on other planets.


Let’s do :

Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes given:

(a) The moon has no light of her own. – T

(b) The sun gets light from the moon. – F

(c) The moon does not look bright in the daytime. – T

(d) The moon has to depend on the sun for the light. – T


Answer the questions in brief:

(a) What is the appeal of the moon to children?

Ans: The moon is very familiar figure to all of us. She awakens a feeling of love and tenderness in our hearts.

(b) What is her appeal to poets and artists?

Ans: Ever since the stirring of the poetic faculty in man, she has furnished a theme for poets and artists.

(c) What cannot we realize about the shining moon?

Ans: When on a clear night, we look out on the magic of moonlight, it is often difficult for us to realize that the moon is shining in borrowed feathers.

Activity -14

Match the words in ‘A’ with their meanings in ‘B’:

1. TendernessTopic – 2
2. Themehold on – 3
3. Graspbe enough – 4
4. SufficeSoftness – 1


Fill in the blanks with prepositions :

(i) If the sky is clear, you can see the stars at night.

(ii)The first man walked in the moon in 1969.

(iii)I always look up at the stars in the sky.

(iv) Would you like to live in the moon?


Fill in the blanks with correct words. Use the Help Box ones extra :

1.The sun is a huge ball of fire.

2. The earth moves round the sun .

3. The earth also moves on its own axis.

4. Stars shine at night.

5.The sun rises in the east .

Help Box: sun, axis, fire, east, night, west

Let’s Write:


Write a paragraph about your visit to a place of adventure in six /seven sentences :

  • Name of the place and the time of visit.
  • Weather.
  • What you saw there.
  • Food items.
  • Dress of the people.
  • What you liked most.

You may begin this way:

Last winter I went to a hill station with my parents and some neighbours accompanied us. The weather in Darjeeling, the hill station, was very pleasant. We saw there beautiful sights of nature. There are green hills, floating clouds, and dense fog. Sometimes, it rains, and the sun shines brightly. We eat delicious food there like meat, egg curry, and rice. People of that hill station, wear different  beautiful colourful dresses looking beautiful. My visit to the hill station was very memorable to me and I liked the weather here.