The Happy Prince Class 8 Blossoms Questions Answers

The Happy Prince Class 8 Blossoms is given in lesson 8 and it is one of the best short stories in English. All activity Questions and answers from The Happy Prince Class 8 Blossoms are discussed in the following.

Word notes: The Happy Prince Class 8 Blossoms

Part 1

(1)Curtain – screen পর্দা
(2)Pedestal – base বেদি
(3) Stiffly – firm like a statue দৃঢ়তার সঙ্গে
(4) Tunic – a coat worn as a part of a military or other uniform পোশাক
(5)Resembling – looking like সদৃশ্য
(6)Apart – away from each other একে অপরের চাইতে দূরে
(7) Resting on – placed on রয়েছে
(8)Hilt – handle of a sword হাতল
(9)Individually – separately আলাদা আলাদাভাবে
(10) Lightly – gently হালকা ভাবে
(11) Glue – gum আঠা
(12) Audience – spectators দর্শক
(13) Left wing – the left part of the stage মঞ্চের বাম দিকের অংশ
(14) Is lit – is lighted আলোকিত হওয়া
(15) Pause – stop থামা
(16)Gather – assemble সংগ্রহ করা
(17)Well known – familiar পরিচিত
(18)Palace – royal building রাজপ্রাসাদ
(19)Limps – to work with labour jerky movement হলে ঘুরে চলা
(20)Immediately – instantly তৎক্ষণাৎ
(21)Muttering – murmuring বিড়বিড় করে বলা
(22)Statue – a large sculpture of a person or an animal made of stone or metal প্রতিমূর্তি
(23)Exit -door for departure প্রস্থান
(24)Admiringly – appreciatively প্রশংসার সুরে
(25)Twittering – chirruping কিচিরমিচির শব্দ

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Part 2

(26)Perches – lands and stays on a branch পাখিদের দারানো
(27)Entered ; to come or go in প্রবেশ
(28)Puzzled – perplexed হতভম্ব
(29)Jerks – springs ঝাকুনি
(30)Precious – costly মূল্যবান
(31)Sapphire – a precious stone in blue colour নীলকান্তমণি
(32)Ruby – a gem of dark red colour লাল চুনি পাথর
(33)Shape – size আকার
(34)Awe – wonder অবাক হওয়া
(35)Tired looking – one looking exhausted ক্লান্ত
(36)Emerges – comes out বেরিয়ে আসছে
(37)Dragging – pulling টানতে টানতে
(38)Background – behind the stage স্টেজ এর পিছনের দিক
(39)Cardboard wings – Wings made of stiff thick paper মোটা কাগজের তৈরি
(40)Attached – fixed স্থির
(41)Tripping – dancing with quick light steps লঘু পথে চলা
(42)Flaps – moves Wings up and down ডানা ঝাপটানো
(43)To indicate – to show নির্দেশ করা
(44)Shelter – resting place আশ্রয়
(45)Tired – fatigued ক্লান্ত
(46)Loudly – aloud জোরে
(47)Expression – appearance অভিব্যক্তি
(48)Drag – draw টানা
(49)Understand – make out বুঝতে পারা
(50)Dressed – clad পোশাক পরিহিত

Part 3

(51)Joyously – gladly আনন্দ সঙ্গে
(52)Beneath – below নিচে
(53)Spent – passed কাটানো
(54)Delay – gate let দেরি
(55)Darkened – switched off the light অন্ধকার হয়ে যাবা
(56)Enter – get in প্রবেশ
(57)Attached – connected সংযুক্ত
(58)Cottage – tiny house ছোট্ট কুঁড়ে ঘর
(59)Tripping – moving with quick light steps লঘু পদে তাড়াতাড়ি চলা
(60)Flap – flutter ডানা ঝাপটানো
(61)Perch – to sit on something high দারে বসা
(62)Jerk – a sudden movement ঝাকুনি দেওয়া
(63)Delay – Linger দেরি করা
(64)Tossing – moving restlessly এপাশ-ওপাশ ছটফট করা
(65)Luxor – a town in Egypt ইজিপ্টের একটি শহর
(66)Attic – a room on the terrace চিলেকোঠা
(67)Playwright – dramatist নাট্যকার
(68)Overjoyed – very pleased অত্যন্ত আনন্দিত
(69)Spotlight – a device that directs in narrow bright beam of light on a small areaএকটি ছোট্ট জায়গার উপরে একটি যন্ত্রের মাধ্যমে উজ্জ্বল আলো নিক্ষেপ করা
(70)Track – follow by someone foot mark পায়ের ছাপ ধরে অনুসরণ করা
(71)Miserable – wretched শোচনীয়
(72)Clustered – gathered একত্রিত হয়েছিল
(73)Drooping – hanging the head down মাথা হেঁট করেছে
(74)Mayor – the head of the town corporation নগরপাল
(75) Councillors – members of the council. পৌর পিতা গণ

Activity Questions Answers: The Happy Prince Class 8 Blossoms

Activity 1

(I) – 3
(II) – 6
(III) – 4
(IV) – 5
(V) – 1
(VI) – 2

Activity 2

(a) ……. The Happy Prince never cried for new things.
(b) …….. It looked good enough for shelter at the night
(c) ……… The teardrops of the Happy Prince
(d) ………. The poor people and all the ugly things in his land.

Activity 3

( V.V.I. )

(a) The swallow thought that the happy Prince” had a golden heart” because he felt sad for the people of his land and he was also crying seeing the people of his land suffering so badly in poverty.

Activity 4

(a) False.
Supporting statement:- it helped the Happy Prince

Supporting statement:- the swallow wanted to leave for Egypt.

(c) True.
Supporting statement:- “Little swallow, take one of my sapphire eyes and give it to him.”

(d) True.
Supporting statement:- she has shoes.

Activity 5

(a)The swallow agreed to help the happy Prince because he felt sorry looking at him and he could not say no to people.

(b)The swallow felt warm because he did something good to help someone.

(c) The playwright said,” Now I can finish my play” when he discovered the sapphire by his side and at the same time he became overjoyed and thought that someone must have liked his work and thus he was rewarded.

Activity 6

Fill in the following chart with information from the text.

(i) She got the sapphireThe little girl was happy
(ii) The happy Prince became blindThough it was called the state on with the Happy Prince
(iii) The swallow told the happy Prince that it saw many unhappy and unpaid peopleThe Happy Prince gave away his golden tunic.
(iv) The mayor did not find the statue beautiful anymore.The statue was taken away to melt in the furnace.

Activity 7

(a) The Mayor proposed that no bird could die in the town square or near the Happy Prince.

(b) The mayor and the town councillors thought the statue of the happy Prince was not beautiful anymore because the statue did not wear the Ruby in his sword the sapphire in his eyes and the golden dress. Show the statue is not beautiful anymore.

(c) The happy Prince was taken to the furnace to melt.

(d) The Mayor and the Councillors wanted statues of themselves to get honoured.

Activity 8(a)

Learn Direct and Indirect Speech: Narration Change

Activity 8(b)

(1) The shallow told the statue that he was staying with him.

(2) My mother requested me to wait for her there.

(3) Raja explained that the window was very cold.

(4)The old man told the little girl that got might bless her.

(5)The man ordered him to go away.

Activity 9

(1) The swallow will never sing.

(2)The actor exits the stage.

(3)The student cried allowed.

(4)I can see all the ugly things in my land.

Activity 10(a)

Bird 1: Hello, we’re ready to fly away to a warm country. Winter is setting in. Are you ready?
Bird 2: Sorry, I’ve to stay here. I’ll be stuck in this cold.

Bird 1: I’m shocked to hear that. Why?
Bird 2: My baby has a broken wing. I must stay here to protect him.

Bird 1: I’m sorry to hear that. But I’ve to depart.
Bird 2: Of course. Have a safe journey. I hope we’ll survive the cold.

Bird 1: My best wishes are with you.

Activity 10(b)

Recently you gave up your seat on a crowded bus to an old ailing person. Write a letter in about 80 words to your friend describing how you felt after having helped the person.

Dear Anupam,

Today I write to you this letter expressing my feeling about the noble work I have done. I was returning from the zoological garden with my friends on bus route number 115. Though it was a crowded bus, we got seats. When our bus was at Park Street, an old, man, aged about 80, got into the bus but the seats for the senior citizens were full. I, at once, left my seat and requested him to sit. He was very pleased with me and blessed me with his heart’s content. I felt extremely happy. I will remember his blessings forever.

Write to me soon. Would love to hear from you about this kind act. Best of luck, much love.

Yours ever
Your name