Tales of Childhood Class 8 Blossoms Questions Answers

Tales of Childhood Class 8 Blossoms is given in lesson 10 and it is one of the best short stories in English. All activity Questions and answers from Tales of Childhood Class 8 Blossoms are discussed in the following.

Word Notes: Tales of Childhood Class 8 Blossoms

Prosperous – affluent সমৃদ্ধ
Chicken wire – a wire for keeping chickens মোরগ বা মুরগি রাখার তারের জাল
Shipbroker – a broker who supplies everything needed in a ship জাহাজের দালাল
Supplies – to make available for use সরবরাহ করা
Enormous – immense বৃহৎ
Imposing – impressive প্রশংসনীয়
Manson – a large and impressive house অট্টালিকা
Turrets – small towers on top of buildings ছোট গম্বুজ
Majestic – grand জমকালো
Lawns – grounds that are covered with grass and are kept mowed ছোট করে কাটা ঘাসে ঢাকা জমি
Woodland – land covered with forest বনভূমি
Terraces – flat roofs সমতল ছাদ
Sites – a place where pigs stay শুয়োরের খোঁয়াড়
Hay wagons – wagons loaded with hay খড় বোঝাই গাড়ি

Appendicitis – inflammation of the appendix বৃহদন্ত্র সংলগ্ন নলের প্রদাহ
Adored – loved very much ভালোবাসতেন
Measure – extent পরিমাপ
Literally – in a literal sense or manner আক্ষরিক অর্থে
Threat – the possibility that something bad or harmful could happen ভীতি প্রদর্শন
Survive – sustain বেঁচে থাকা
Beloved – very dear অতি প্রিয়
Gravest – most important সবচেয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ
Suburban – belonging to the suburbs outside the center of the city শহরতলি সংক্রান্ত
Villa – a country house গ্রামের বাড়ি

Blossoms English Textbook for Class VIII: All Lessons Answers

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Let’s read:

Activity – 1

(I) – 4
(II) – 6
(III) – 3
(IV) – 5
(V) – 2
(VI) – 1

Activity – 2

(A) ………….. a fairly prosperous merchant.
(B) …………… an arm when she was fourteen.
(C) ………….. supplies the ship with everything it needs.
(D) …………… Many acres of farm and Woodland.

Activity – 3

Ans: – yes, I think the narrator was very happy living in the imposing mansion and it was very clear from the description he has given in the story.

Activity – 4

(A) F.

Supporting statement – Astri was the eldest child.

(B) T.
Supporting statement – his father adult her beyond measure.

(C) F.
Supporting statement– he died of pneumonia.

(D) T.
Supporting statement – he sold the big house and move to a smaller one a few miles away in Landaff.

Activity – 5

(A) Astri was 7 years old when she died from appendicitis.

(B) In those days, penicillin or any other antibiotic cures were not in use . so pneumonia was a very dangerous disease.

(C) According to the narrator his father thought of his beloved daughter and wanted to join her in heaven. So he did not want to fight against the disease as he wished to die.

Activity – 6

(i) How little one remembers about one fly before the age of 7 or 8The narrator is astonished.
(ii)He was very small then less than 8 yearsThe narrator cannot picture the faces of Mrs cornfield and Mrs. Tucker
(iii)The journey made to and from the school where tremendously exciting.he remembers clearly recycling.
(iv) A motor car on the road was an event thenTiny children could easily go dry cycling on the highway

Activity – 7

(A) The name of the first school of the narrator was Elm Tree House

(B)He had a blurred memory of sitting on the stairs of his kindergarten school and trying over and over again to tie one of his shoelaces.

(C)The narrator’s journeys were tremendously exciting because he and his eldest sister raced their way to and from school on their tricycles.

(D)Since he was very small then, less than 8 years, he could not remember many incidents but some of the joyous moments from his kindergarten school were treasured by him. That’s why the narrator made this comment.

Activity – 8(a)


(II)Is sung


(IV)Was drawn

Activity – 8(b)

(I)He told a story. – active voice

(II)The ball was thrown by the boy – passive voice

(III)I read many books – active voice

(IV)Football is played by them – passive voice

Learn more about active passive voice

Activity – 8(c)

(I)A song was sung by Riya

(II)My brother is known to her

(III)A letter was written by me

(IV)The classroom was cleaned by them.

Activity – 9

(I)The two friends met at a garment shop

(II)I can remember my childhood days

(III)They moved to a better place

(IV)Soldiers are fighting for their country

Activity – 10(a)

Write an autobiography of a broken bicycle.

An Autobiography of a broken bicycle

I am a broken bicycle. Now I reside in a dark room. Presently I am full of shoots and dirty waste. My front tire became punctured. About 10 years ago my owner bought me. He took care of me for about 3 years. I was the regular companion of my owner. Every Sunday he used to wash me and thoroughly oil me well. On Vishwakarma puja, he adorned me with flowers and the priest used to come to worship me. As I grew older my tires became punctured quite a few times. Then his son bought a bike and the owner took retirement from his job. As a result, I am destitute. Possibly my owner will sell me someday.

Activity – 10(b)

Suppose recently you had a change of your place of residence. Write a page in your diary about the experience of shifting from a familiar neighborhood to a new place.

August, Monday,24,2020

My father has bought a new flat in Kolkata. He sold the village house at Panskura for his job transfer. It was disappointing when I heard that we would go to a new residence. I had to leave my village school, my teachers, my neighbors, and the happy moments spent in the lap of nature. The sight of the Bust Greenfields and catching fish in the pond kept flickering in my mind. I got admission to a new school in Panskura. All the memories I left there made me sad all the time. Here the children are not so friendly with me as I have come from a rural area. I go to the rooftop to enjoy the cloudlets floating in the Sky. Hence everything I recall my good old days and I sob silently.