Someone Class 8 Blossoms Questions Answers

Someone Class 8 Blossoms is given in lesson 12 and it is a nice poem by Walter John de la Mare. All activity Questions and answers from Someone Class 8 Blossoms are discussed in the following with Bengali meanings.

Bengali meanings: Someone Class 8 Blossoms

কেউ একজন আমার ছোট্ট
দরজায় কড়া নেড়ে এল;
কেউ একজন কড়া নেড়ে এল;
আমি নিশ্চিত-নিশ্চিত-নিশ্চিত
আমি শুনলাম, আমি খুললাম,
আমি বামদিকে ও ডানদিকে দেখলাম,
কিন্তু সেখানে কোনও নড়াচড়া ছিল না
নিশ্চল, অন্ধকার রাত্রে

শুধু ব্যস্ত গুবরেপোকাটি
দেয়ালে মৃদু আঘাত করছিল,
শুধু অরণ্য থেকে
লক্ষ্মীপ্যাঁচার ডাক,
শুধু ঝিঁঝিপোকাটি শিস দেওয়ার মতো শব্দ করছিল
যখন শিশিরবিন্দু পড়ে,
সুতরাং আমি জানি না কে কড়া নেড়ে এল
আদৌ, আদৌ, আদৌ

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word notes: Someone Class 8 Blossoms

someone -somebody যে কেউ একজন

knocking -made sounds on the door দরজায় করাঘাত করা

wee-hey very small খুবই ছোট

listened -heard শুনেছিল

nought-nothing কোন কিছুই না

stirring-movement নাড়াচাড়া

Still-stagnant স্তব্ধ বা স্থির

Beetle-a kind of insect এখানে এক ধরনের গোবরে পোকা

tapping -beating এখানে ধাক্কা দেওয়া

screech owl -a type of owl এক ধরনের লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা

cricket -type of insect ঝিঝি পোকা

dew drops- drop of dew শিশির বিন্দু

Let’s do:

Someone Class 8 Blossoms: Activity Answers

Activity 1

(a) The door was small

(b) The poet looked to left and right

(c) The busy beetle wash tapping on the wall.

(d) The cricket was whistling.

Activity 2

(a) Someone came knocking at the poet’s small door.

(b) There was no stirring in the still-dark night.

(c) The poet heard the screech owls call from the forest.

(d) The poet did not know who came to knock.

Activity 3

Though the poet heard the knock, he saw no one. It may be natural that this reminds the poet that he’s never really alone.

Activity 4

WhoDid what
1. Someoneknocked at the poet’s small door
2. Beetletap tapping on the wall
3. owlscreeched from the forest
4. cricketwhistling

Activity 5

(a) The poet listened, opened the door, and looked left and right.

(b) The night was still and dark.

(c) Beetle and cricket are the insects mentioned in the poem.

(d) The poet used the expression “at all” thrice in the last line of the poem to suggest that he did not know who came knocking. But the still dark night gave him a mysterious feeling that there was someone knocking on the door .

Activity 6(a)

(a) The mayor will go to Pune next week.

(b) By next December we shall have stayed here for 3 years.

(c) Perhaps they will visit Dooars later.

(d) The boy has been watching television since morning .

Activity 6(b)

a. He wanted to speak to his teacher –Noun Phrase

b. At this moment it is raining hard .-Adverb Phrase

c. To do while in the competition is my aim .-Noun Phrase

d. They live in a house made of wood –Adjective Phrase

Activity 6(c)

a. The child ran away as soon as she saw the strange man .-Adverbial clause

b. I saw an old man who was carrying a child .-adjective clause

c. The dog follows his master wherever he goes .-adverbial clause

d. We all thought that it would not rain today .-Noun clause

More about Clauses

Activity 6(d)

a. The World Cup in cricket was won by India recently

b. English was being taught by the teacher

c. A beautiful song is being sung by Rani

d. The rooftops of the houses were blown away by the wind.

More about Active Passive Voice

Activity 7

Wee: It is a lovely wee kid.

Stirring: The stirring of the bushes in the dark forest made me nervous.

Busy: I am very busy now

Dewdrops: The dew drops on the tip of the grass in the morning look very beautiful.

Activity 8(a)

Suppose you spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house. Write a paragraph of about eighty words on your experience. Mention the sounds that you heard there.

A Night in a Forest Guest House

I spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house last summer The night was still and the play of light and shadow made everything mysterious. I thought I heard someone knocking on the door. I was afraid of ghosts. I thought maybe it was a wild animal. I opened the door, but there was no one on the veranda. I heard only a cricket whistling and the hooting of the nocturnal owl. I closed the door, but I still felt that there was someone watching me. Probably it was nothing but my fear of those who do not belong to our world.

Activity 8(b)

In about eighty words write an autobiography of an owl enjoying the night.

An Autobiography of an Owl

I am an owl, a screech-owl. I live in a dark forest. In moonlit I usually sit on the branch of a big tree. I can
see everything in the forest. It is my good fortune that I am a nocturnal bird. The forest looks beautiful at night. I enjoy the interplay of light and shade. When I see a mouse scampering about I feel happy at the sight of food. The dear sky, the moon, the silent forest, and my pleasure make me hoot.