The Sea Class 8 Blossoms Questions Answers

The Sea Class 8 Blossoms is given in lesson 6 and it is a nice poem by James Reeves. All activity Questions and answers are discussed in the following with Bengali meanings.

Bengali Meaning of The Sea

সমুদ্র একটা ক্ষুধার্ত কুকুর,
রাক্ষুসে আর ধূসর
তীরে সে গড়াগড়ি দেয় দিনভর।
তার ঝনঝন দাঁতে আর রুক্ষ চোয়ালে চেপে
সে কুরেকুরে খায় প্রহরের পর প্রহর ব্যেপে
লম্ফঝম্প করতে থাকা পাথর,
আর ‘হাড়, হাড়, হাড়!’
বিলাপ করে অতিকায় সাগর-কুকুর
তার পিচ্ছিল থাবা চেটে চেটে।
আর যখন রাতের হাওয়া গর্জায়
আর ঝোড়ো মেঘে টলমল করে চাঁদ,
সে দু’পায়ে লাফায় আর নাক টানে আর গন্ধ শোঁকে,
তার ভেজা শরীর ঝাড়ে খাড়া পাথরের বুকে,
আর গর্জন করে আর হাঁক পাড়ে দীর্ঘ উচ্চনাদ।
এই কাতর
বৈশাখ বা জ্যৈষ্ঠ মাসের স্তব্ধ দিনে তবে,
এমনকি বালিয়াড়ির তৃণরাও যবে
বাজায় না আর তাদের সুর তীক্ষ্ণ রবে,
দু’থাবার মাঝে মাথা পেতে
সে শুয়ে থাকে বেলে সৈকতে,
এত শান্ত; এত শান্ত, সে নাক ডাকায় কোনোমতে।

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Word notes: The Sea Class 8 Blossoms

  1. Sea – Endless water body সমুদ্র
  2. Hungry – one who suffers from one of food ক্ষুধার্ত
  3. Giant – very large দৈত্যাকৃতির বিশাল আকার
  4. Rolls- goes round and round পাক খায় বা গড়াগড়ি দেয়
  5. Beach- sandy area by body of water সমুদ্রতট
  6. Clashing – Entering into collision or conflict পরস্পর ঘর্ষণ করছে এমন
  7. Shaggy – rough রুক্ষ
  8. Jaws – Bones of chin চোয়াল গুলো
  9. Gnaws – bites and chews
  10. Rumbling – Making a series of long deep sounds গুড়গুড় শব্দ করে এমন
  11. Tumbling – falling downward গড়িয়ে পড়ছে এমন
  12. Bones – pieces of animate skeleton হাড় গুলো
  13. Moans – laments heavily বিলাপ করে
  14. Licking – moving the tongue over something চাটছে এমন
  15. Night wind – Wind blowing at night রাতের বাতাস
  16. Roares – howls গর্জন করে
  17. rocks – moves gently to and fro এখানে দুলতে থাকে
  1. Stormy cloud – cloud full of storm ঝড়ো মেঘ
  2. Bounds – jums লাফায়
  3. Sniffs – inhale noisily জোরে জোরে শব্দ টানা
  4. Snuffs – smell something by breathing in noisily through the nose
  5. Cliffs – steep Rock faces খাড়া পাহাড়
  6. Howls – to make a long loud cry গর্জন করে
  7. Shaking – moving up and down or from side to side ঝাকুনি দিয়ে
  8. Hollows – Makes loud noise জোরে চিৎকার করা
  9. Quiet – calm or peaceful শান্ত
  10. Dune – a small heel of blown sand বালিয়াড়ি
  11. Tune – melody সুর
  12. Reedy – Ethun aur high sound তীক্ষ্ণ বাঁশির মতো শব্দ
  13. Sandy – filled with sand বালুকাময়
  14. Shores – the land along the edge of sea বালুকাময় তীর গুলো
  15. Scarcely – rarely কদাচিৎ

33. snores – breathes Noisily while asleep নাক ডাকে

The Sea Class 8 Blossoms Activity Answers

The Sea: Activity 1

  1. Hungry dog
  2. All day
  3. Greasy paws
  4. Middle of the year

Activity 2

  • ……clashing teeth and shaggy jaws
  • …….bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs
  • . . ….. do not play their reedy tune
  • . ……. His head between his paws

Activity 3

Answer: –

During the month of May or June, the weather remains pleasant and the sea is not disturbed by violent storms. So, the sea becomes quiet at a certain time of the year.

Activity 4

Done by whom

  1. The sea
  2. The night wind
  3. The Moon
  4. The grasses on the dune

Activity 5

1. The sea looks like a giant hungry dog.

2. The moon rocks in the stormy cloud.

3. The sea shakes his wet sides over the cliffs like a dog shakes his wet sides.

4. The grasses on the dune do not play their reeds tune in May or June.

Activity 6 (a)

1 to lie

2. To disturb

3. To retire

4. 2 to err

The Sea: Activity – 6 b

  1. Food and shelter – noun phrase
  2. Pleasing to the air- adjective phrase
  3. A jewel of a boy – noun phrase
  4. At home – adverbial phrase

Activity 6 – (c)

  1. I know a man – main clause, who is a doctor- dependent clause
  2. Tell me- main clause, who opened the door- dependent clause
  3. She is the girl- main clause, who always takes care of her friends- dependent clause
  4. We shall stay at home- main clause, if it rains- dependent clause.

Activity – 7

Giant- I never saw a giant in reality
Moans- Bhola’s grandmother moans when her husband died
Dune- when we visited Puri, we saw a dune
Quiet- when my father uh rebuked me I remained quiet.

Activity 8(a)

Write a story in about 80 words using the following hints.

[ King proud of his power-tells he can control everything on earth – text his courtiers to the sea shore – orders the webs to move back – the waves lash at the feet of the king – the king moves back in fear. ]

Once upon a time, there was a king named James Augustine in medicine. He was very boastful of the powerful stuff he used to say to his courtiers, “I m the strongest King on earth and I can control everything on earth.” show all his courtiers feared him much. One day the king asked his courtiers, “I will show you my power. Come with me.” The king stopped in front of the sea and said, “Waves move back.” But the waves lashed at his feet without paying heed to his order. The king moved back in fear.

Activity 8(b)

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals.

Dear Vishwaroop,

Hope your studies progressing well. Today I will tell you about how to behave with the animals. you have learned that sympathy for living creatures is the great virtue of man. I flinch to watch the news on the TV that a few human girls beat to death 13 dogs. Sometimes I watch naughty boys throw stones at monkeys. That is very bad. I say this to you because you should never do this unkind act. Animals are resources of our nature. They the keep balance of our earth and they have the equal right to live with freedom as we human beings have. you should always be kind to them. Please give them food and rejoice yourself to see them. Nurse them if they are affected by diseases.
No more today. Best of luck.

Yours ever
Your name