Summer Friends Class 8 Blossoms Questions Answers

Summer Friends Class 8 Blossoms is given in lesson 9 and it is a nice poem by Mary Lamb. All activity Questions and answers from Summer Friends Class 8 are discussed in the following with Bengali meanings.

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1. Match column A with B

(i) Peacockdances when the sky is overcast
(ii) Pigeonused to carry letters
(iii) Crowcleans surroundings

2. Which of the birds mentioned above appears to be the closest friend to mankind? Why do you think so?

Ans: Three birds have been mentioned above. Among them, the crow appears to be the closest friend to mankind. I think so because the crow cleans our surroundings by up dirty and rotten things that often litter the roads.

3. How would you feel if you are separated from your friend?

Ans: If I were separated from my friend, I would feel sad and lonely.

Bengali Meaning: Summer Friends Class 8 Blossoms

সোয়ালো একটি গ্রীষ্মকালীন পাখি;
আমাদের চিমনিগুলিতে, যখন আবহাওয়া
সুন্দর ও উন্ন, হয়তো শোনা যাবে
তার কিচিরমিচির সুরে গান, সপ্তাহের পর সপ্তাহ ধরে।

আসে যদি এক ঠান্ডা শীতল দিন,
উড়ে চলে যাবে তখন আমাদের অতিথি সোয়ালো:
এবং অনেকটা তারই মতো আমরা খুঁজে পাব সেই পথ
যে পথ অনুসরণ করবে আমুদে তরুণ কধু।

বরফ ও তুষারের বিষণ্ণ দিনগুলিতে
মানুষের বেশি কাছে আঁকড়ে থাকবে চড়ুই পাখি
পুরোনো বন্ধুরা, যদিও জীবনের পথে আমরা বিচ্ছিন্ন,
তাদের হৃদয় আমাদের প্রতি হবে না কখনও সংকীর্ণ।

আমাকে সেই পাখি দাও—আমাকে সেই বন্ধু দাও—
(যে) তুষারেও গান গাইবে—দুঃখেও ভালোবাসবে—
আজকের দিন যাই দুর্ভাগ্য আনুক না কেন,
কালই দর্শন দিয়ে আমায় শুভেচ্ছা জানাবে।

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Wordnotes: Summer Friends Class 8 Blossoms

(1) Chimneys – a structure, usually vertical, containing a passage or flue by which the smoke, gases, etc., ধূম্র নালী সমূহ
(2) Chirping – the high-pitch sound of birds কূজন রত
(3) Wintry – cold শীতল
(4) Gay- happy আনন্দদায়ক
(5) Dreary- uninteresting নিষ্প্রভ
(6) Cling – attached লেগে থাকা
(7) Crost – separated পৃথকীকরণ
(8) Mischance – Missfortune দুর্ভাগ্য
(9) Greet – welcomeস্বাগত জানানো

The substance of the poem

In this poem, we see that the poet makes us know who the real friend is by giving us two separate examples of birds. Firstly, he mentioned the swallow. This bird prefers happiness and a favorable atmosphere. So, it stays with the poet when all things are good and on behalf of his favor. But the swallow leaves the poet when misfortune comes, and the environment becomes unfavorable. On the other hand, the poet mentions a bird and that is the Sparrow which clings to the poet though there is a misfortune, hardship, and unfavorable environment. It never leaves the poet in any circumstances. The poet really wants that kind of friend who will always stay with him even on his hard days.

Let’s Do

Activity – 1

Tick the correct alternatives

(i) The swallow comes to the poet in spring
(ii) Many young friends follow the behavior of the Swallow
(iii) The Sparrow accompanies the fault in times of snow and Frost
(iv) The port wants a friend who will be like Sparrow.

Activity – 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text

(i)The Swallow chirps for weeks together when the weather is fine and warm.

(ii) On a cold day the swallow will fly away.

(iii)Even when old friends are separated, their hearts will never narrow.

(iv)The pet wishes for a bird that will sing in Frost and will love in sorrow.

Activity – 3

Q: Why do you think the swallow leaves the poet during the winter season?

Ans: The swallow is a Fair-weather friend of mankind. He always finds pleasure or happiness. So, when winter ( i.e.hardship) comes, it leaves the poet to find happiness in some other warm places.

Activity – 4

WhoDoes whatWhen
(i) The swallowchirruping his notesThe weather is fine and warm.
(ii) The sparrowclings closer to the manin the dreary days of snow and Frost.
(iii) Old friendsnever lose contact with friendsthey are separated.
(iv) A true friend of the poetwill greet him tomorrowthe poet had mischance.

Activity – 5

(1) In summer, the swallow chirps his notes for weeks together.

(2) As the swallow flies away when the winter comes a gay young friend deserts his friend in his misfortune.

(3) The poet wants a friend like a sparrow who will stand by him in his joys and sorrows.

(4) The poet likes the sparrow. For the sparrow remains closer to man in its sorrow and misfortune. It does not fly away when he needs him. So the poet likes the sparrow.

Activity – 6(a)

(I) That I shall get a price – Noun clause

(II)Which has a yellow handle – Adjective clause

(III) When I was younger – Adverb clause

(IV) Where I was born — Adverb clause

Learn more about clause

Activity – 6(b)

(I) The seller told us that there would be a storm.

(II) The teacher asked the student if he had come to school the previous day.

(III) The tired guest requested the host to give him a glass of cold water.

(IV) Rita exclaimed that she was very happy.

(V) My grandfather wished that I might live long.

Activity – 7

Guest:-I like to invite guests to my house

Dreary-:- I felt bored in the dreary afternoon of Summer

Narrow:- I like to run a cycle on a narrow path.

Mischance:-I always need your help in my mischance.

Activity – 8(a)

write a short story in about 80 words using the following hints. Give a suitable title to the story.

[A farmer finds snake almost date with-brings it home-worms it-saves its life-the snake is about to bite the farmer’s son-the farmer chases away the snake]

An unfaithful snake

Once Upon a time, a farmer was returning home from a field in the evening. It was winter. By chance, he found a snake lying almost dead in the cold. He felt PT and brought the snake to his home. He kept the snake in his room in straw, gave it food, and saved its life. One day, the farmer’s son was playing on verandas. Suddenly, the snake raised its head to bite his son. The farmer noticed this. He come at once, took a stick, and chased it away from his house.

Activity – 8( b)

Suppose you have a bird that talks and plays with you. Write a paragraph in about eighty words on how you spent a day with the bird during your summer vacation.

A Day with Pari

During summer vacation, I spent a day with my pet parrot Pari. I talked and played with him and took the bird out of his cage. I gave him a bath and fed him well. In the afternoon, my friends came to my house. They did not want to play football because of the heat but preferred to play with my bird. So, they talked and the parrot imitated them. They tested Pari’s intelligence by asking him some simple questions. Pari successfully answered them because he already knew some words like ‘thanks’, ‘welcome. At sunset, when it became cooler, we played hide and seek in the garden. Pari kept fluttering around us and revealed our hiding places. Pari entertained us throughout the day.