Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer 2024

Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer has been provided for class 10, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the upcoming CBSE Board Exam 2024 according to the NCERT recommended question answer.

Summary of Footprints Without Feet Class 10

“Footprints Without Feet” is a chapter from the book “The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells. It’s about a scientist named Griffin who discovers a way to become invisible. However, he struggles to reverse the process and is permanently invisible. With this newfound ability, he begins to enjoy his power but soon realizes the challenges of being invisible, such as lack of social interaction and the need for clothing to appear visible. Griffin becomes desperate and resorts to thievery to survive, leading to his eventual downfall. The story delves into themes of scientific curiosity, the consequences of unchecked ambition, and the isolation resulting from extraordinary abilities.


“Footprints Without Feet” H.G. Wells की पुस्तक “द इनविज़िबल मैन” का एक अध्याय है। यह ग्रिफ़िन नाम के एक वैज्ञानिक के बारे में है जो अदृश्य होने का एक तरीका खोजता है। हालाँकि, वह इस प्रक्रिया को उलटने के लिए संघर्ष करता है और स्थायी रूप से अदृश्य है। इस नई क्षमता के साथ, वह अपनी शक्ति का आनंद लेना शुरू कर देता है लेकिन जल्द ही उसे अदृश्य होने की चुनौतियों का एहसास होता है, जैसे कि सामाजिक संपर्क की कमी और दृश्यमान दिखने के लिए कपड़ों की आवश्यकता। ग्रिफ़िन हताश हो जाता है और जीवित रहने के लिए चोरी का सहारा लेता है, जिससे अंततः उसका पतन हो जाता है। कहानी वैज्ञानिक जिज्ञासा, अनियंत्रित महत्वाकांक्षा के परिणाम और असाधारण क्षमताओं से उत्पन्न अलगाव के विषयों पर प्रकाश डालती है।

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Q3 Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer MCQ Extract Based 1

Read the following extract carefully and choose the correct option.

(A) As she and her husband turned away in terror, the extraordinary chair pushed them both out of the room and then appeared to slam and lock the door after them. Mrs Hall almost fell down the stairs in hysterics. She was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits, and that the stranger had somehow caused these to enter into her furniture. “My poor mother used to sit in that chair,” she moaned! To think it should rise up against me now!

The feeling among the neighbours was that the trouble was caused by witchcraft.”

i. Mrs Hall felt that the room was haunted by spirits because

a) she could see evil spirits.

b) she heard strange noise.

c) uncanny things happened there.

d) the door slammed shut.

Ans: c) uncanny things happened there.

CBSE Class 10 English (Literature and Language) Questions Answers pdf 2024 

Suggestive Sample Question Answers Papers pdf 2024 for Class X English (First Flight and Footprints without Feet), tailored to the 2023-24 syllabus, serve as essential preparation material for the upcoming CBSE board exam, aiding students in comprehensive understanding and practice.

CBSE Class 10 English (Literature and Language) Questions Answers pdf 2024 


ii. Pick the option that best describes how Mrs Hall must be feeling at the moment described in the extract.

a) stunned and furious

b) shocked and outraged

c) outraged and nervous

d) stunned and agitated

Ans: d) stunned and agitated

iii Pick the sentence that brings out the meaning of ‘hysterics’ as used in the extract.

a) My friend and I were in splits when we saw the clown’s antics.

b) I don’t know why I suddenly felt worried about flying home.

c) The sight of blood put the old man in a frenzy.

d) The people who had witnessed the accident were spellbound.

Ans: c) The sight of blood put the old man in a frenzy.

iv. Pick the option that displays a cause -> effect relationship.

a) pushed and locked out -> hysterical

b) rising of the chair -> moaning

c) troubled neighbours -> witchcraft

d) stranger -> haunted spirits

Ans: a) pushed and locked out -> hysterical

v. The neighbours thought it was ‘witchcraft’. This tells us that neighbours were

a) suspicious.

b) superstitious.

c) nervous wrecks.

d) gossip-mongers.

Ans: b) superstitious.

vi. Extra Q:

Pick the option that includes the correct matches of Column A with Column B.

Column AColumn B
I.The stranger wasi) eccentric, lonely and callous
II.He had escapedii) eccentric, callous and short-tempered
III.He had an uncommon appearanceiii) from Iping to London
iv) as he wore bandages round his forehead

a) I-ii;  II-iv; III-iii 

b) I-i;  II-iii;  III-iv 

c) I-iii; II-ii;  III-i 

d) I-ii;  II-iii;  III-iv

Ans: d) I-ii;  II-iii;  III-iv

vii Extra Q:

Look at the different meanings of ‘haunt’. Pick the option that DOES NOT correspond to its meaning

a) to be conscious of a strange phenomenon.

b) be persistently and disturbingly present in (the mind).

c) (of something unpleasant) continue to affect or cause problems for.

d) a place frequented by a specified person.

Ans: a) to be conscious of a strange phenomenon.

Q3 Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer MCQ Extract Based 2

Read the following extract carefully and choose the correct option.

(B) The two boys started in surprise at the fresh muddy imprints of a pair of bare feet. What was a barefooted man doing on the steps of a house in the middle of London? And where was the man? As they gazed, a remarkable sight met their eyes. A fresh footmark appeared from nowhere! Further footprints followed, one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street. The boys followed, fascinated, until the muddy impressions became fainter and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether.

i. Why were the boys surprised to see a barefooted man in London?

The boys were surprised as

a) it was an unusual sight to see someone this way.

b) everybody in London moved around in shoes.

c) it was pretty cold to move around bare feet.

d) only a person who is homeless and wandering does so.

Ans: c) it was pretty cold to move around bare feet.

ii  Pick out the option that is NOT related to ‘started’ as used in the extract Started

(i) flinched ii) jerked Xiii) recoilediv) pointed

a) option (i)

b) option (ii)

c) option (iii)

d) option (iv)

Ans: d) option (iv)

iii  Pick the option that best describes how the boys are feeling based on the extract.

a) enchanted, curious, puzzled

b) captivated, curious, puzzled

c) repulsed, curious, captivated

d) enchanted, repulsed, curious

Ans: b) captivated, curious, puzzled

iv  The boys feit that the footprints were

a) seen due to some magic trick.

b) a figment of imagination.

c) of a man who was invisible.

d) those of a mysterious man.

Ans: d) those of a mysterious man.

v.  Pick the option that best matches synonyms of the word ‘gazed’.

a) i) gaped  ii) gawked

b) i) admired  ii) disbelieved

c) i) overlooked  il) stared

d) i) surveyed  ii) overlooked

Ans: a) i) gaped  ii) gawked

vi (Extra practice)

Pick the option that lists the correct direction of the footprints on the stairs, as noticed by the boys.

a) option (i)

b) option (ii)

c) option (iii)

d) option (iv)

Ans: b) option (ii)

Q10 Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answerin 20-30 words

i  Why does the writer say that Griffin had chosen a bad time to be in London without clothes?

Ans: The writer suggests that Griffin had chosen an inconvenient time to be in London without clothes because it was winter, indicating the discomfort and difficulty he faced due to the cold weather without proper attire.

ii  The neighbours suspected Griffin of burglary. State why this was OR was not justified.

Ans: The suspicion of Griffin being involved in burglary was not justified. His invisibility led to misunderstandings, but he had no intent for burglary. His actions were a result of his experiments rather than criminal motives.

iii  What do you think would have happened if Griffin was caught by Jaffers and the latter hadn’t become unconscious?

Ans: If Jaffers had caught Griffin without losing consciousness, it might have led to Griffin’s arrest or containment for interrogation. Jaffers, being a law enforcement officer, would likely have detained Griffin for questioning or further investigation regarding his unusual circumstances.

iv  If you were a friend of Griffin, what suggestion would you have given to him about how he could use his talent and scientific acumen? Write one suggestion and the reason for giving it.

Ans: I would suggest Griffin to utilize his invisibility for scientific exploration in fields like medicine or astronomy. By aiding in medical research or space exploration, he could contribute positively to humanity without causing disruptions or potential harm through misuse of his invisibility.

Q11 AFootprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer in 40-50 words

i Do you find the story based on being invisible a mere figment of one’s imagination or a phenomenon that is plausible? Elaborate with your opinion. 

Ans: The concept of invisibility, as depicted in stories, is primarily a creation of imagination. While the idea of rendering someone invisible raises intriguing scientific questions, current knowledge doesn’t support its plausibility. However, advancements in materials science and optics hint at the potential for camouflage or cloaking technologies, but complete human invisibility remains a fantastical notion rather than a plausible phenomenon.

ii  Scientists contribute to make the world a better place. Griffin is an antithesis to this statement. Justify.

Ans: Griffin, while possessing scientific brilliance, deviates from the typical contributions of scientists. His pursuit of invisibility led to isolation, unethical actions, and disregard for societal norms. Instead of benefiting humanity, he caused chaos and harm. His misuse of scientific prowess to fulfill personal desires opposes the typical goal of scientists who aim to advance knowledge for the betterment of society.

iii  Your teacher conducted a debate in class on the topic ‘Schools must develop scientific temperament in students’.

Ans: The classroom debate on ‘Schools must develop scientific temperament in students’ likely covered the importance of fostering critical thinking, curiosity, and evidence-based reasoning. Supporters argued that cultivating scientific temperament equips students to navigate an increasingly complex world, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills vital for progress. Opponents might have emphasized the value of a well-rounded education encompassing various disciplines beyond just science.

iv  Write any two arguments that you used to supplement your stand, either as a proposition speaker or as an opposition one.


Q12 Footprints Without Feet Class 10 Question and Answer in 100-120 words

i  Readers believe that Griffin was a man without conscience.

You have a class discussion on why our conscience plays a vital role in shaping our character.

Present a summary of your views on this.

Ans: As a proposition speaker advocating for developing scientific temperament, I highlighted the necessity of critical thinking honed through scientific education. Additionally, I emphasized how nurturing scientific curiosity fosters innovation, enabling students to address global challenges effectively. However, as an opposition speaker, I argued that an exclusive focus on science might neglect other essential skills and diverse fields crucial for a holistic education and societal development.

ii  Griffin set the house on fire when he was thrown out. Anger and revenge are in no way a solution to any problem.

You are a columnist for a class X e-zine (magazine). Create a column on importance of anger management for teens and its detrimental effects on health.

You may begin like this:


by …………………….., X-….

Griffin, in Footprints Without Feet sets the house on fire… ..[continue)



by [Your Name], X-…

Griffin, in “Footprints Without Feet,” illustrates the destructive potential of uncontrolled anger. Teens, just like Griffin, can find themselves grappling with intense emotions. Yet, it’s crucial to comprehend that anger, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on our lives and our health.

Anger, a natural emotion, when managed improperly, becomes a catalyst for destructive behaviors. Teens, in particular, face unique challenges navigating their emotions. Uncontrolled anger negatively impacts mental health, leading to stress, anxiety, and even depression. Physically, it can elevate blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and strain relationships.

Learning anger management techniques is vital. Techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, and communication skills empower teens to handle anger constructively. By acknowledging and expressing feelings in healthy ways, teens can prevent destructive outbursts, fostering better mental and physical well-being.

Remember, while anger is natural, managing it responsibly is a crucial life skill. It’s not about suppressing emotions but learning to channel them positively. Seek guidance, practice self-awareness, and embrace healthier coping mechanisms to avoid the destructive path that unchecked anger can lead to.

iii  Imagine that Griffin has been caught by the police and is produced in court. He needs to defend himself and prove that he is not guilty of the charges. 

As Griffin prepare a statement that you would use in court to prove your innocence.

You may begin like this:

I plead not guilty.

I have been accused of …, however…

Ans:  I plead not guilty. I have been accused of various misdeeds, yet I implore the court to consider my circumstances. My invisibility was a scientific experiment gone awry, not an attempt to engage in criminal activities. Regrettably, my actions, a consequence of isolation and desperation, caused misunderstandings and chaos. I never intended harm or malice. My aim was scientific advancement, not malevolence. I acknowledge the disruption caused but assure the court of my remorse. I seek understanding for the unintended consequences of my scientific pursuit and wish to make amends. I beseech the court for a chance to rectify my errors and rejoin society as a law-abiding citizen, proving that my intentions were never to commit crimes but to explore the boundaries of science.

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