Worksheet of Adjectives for Class 2 with Explanation

Our Worksheet of Adjectives for Class 2 with Explanation is a treasure trove of learning, offering a delightful journey through the enchanting realm of adjectives.

So, unlock the world of vivid descriptions and captivating language with our Grade 2 Adjectives Worksheets!

In the classroom or at home, our adjective exercises for Class 2 are a valuable tool for educators and parents alike.

Adjectives for Class 2 Explanation

An adjective is a describing word. An adjective describes a noun.


1. He is a tall man.

2. She is an old woman.

3. It is a small house.

4. This is a pink skirt.

Class 2 English Grammar Worksheet Lesson-wise

1. The Alphabet9. The Present Continuous Tense
2. Common Nouns and Proper Nouns10. Adverbs
3. Singular and Plural Nouns11. Prepositions
4. Pronouns12. Conjunctions
5. Articles13. Question Words
6. Verbs and the Simple Present Tense14. Sentence and a Part of a Sentence
7 Adjectives15. Punctuation
8. Demonstrative Pronouns and Demonstrative Adjectives

Kinds of Adjectives

There are different kinds of adjectives.

1. Adjectives of color → It is a red dress.

2. Adjectives of size → A tiny ant lives in a large house.

3. Adjectives of shape → There is a square box on a round table.

4. Adjectives of taste → This is a sweet fruit.

5. Adjectives of touch → I need a cup of hot coffee.

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Adjective worksheets for class 2

With an engaging Worksheet of Adjectives for Class 2 and charming illustrations, these exercises make learning fun and educational.

Worksheet 1 of Adjectives for Class 2

1. Match the adjectives in column A with the correct words in column B

1. hotgiraffe
2. roundknife
3. bigtea
4. greenelephant
5. sharpball
6. tallleave

Worksheet 2 of Adjectives for Class 2

2. Tick the correct words that answer these questions.

1. Which one is soft?  ( leaf/ball)

2. Which one is round? (mango/orange)

3. Which one is cold? (coffee/icecream)

4. Which is flat? ( field/hill)

5. Which is straight? (scale/tap)

6. Which one is broad? ( cycle/road)

Worksheet 3

Read the words. Label the shapes with words from the box.

[Words: round, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, star]

1. Egg _________

2. Moon  _________

3. English book  _________

4. Star  _________

5. Slate _________

6. Box _________

Worksheet 4

4. Circle the adjective and underline the nouns they describe.

1. The round stool is near the table.

2. Mother cut a big watermelon.

3. The thin man walks slowly.

4. She wears purple ribbons.

5. My kitten slips on wet floors.

6. Salma has short hair.

7. He walks along the wide road.

8. The baby plays with the fluffy pillow.


Worksheet 5

5. Rewrite these sentences with the opposite of the underlined words. Use the words in the box.

[Words: wet, happy, sweet, thick, low, Small, hot, wide]

1. Jane was very unhappy to see her brother.


2. Ali climbed over the high wall.


3. Mina drinks cold milk every evening.


4. The dry sand hurt my feet.


5. Rohan gave the sour orange to Rahul.


6. Mr Sharma lives on a large island.


7. Tim walks down the narrow road.


8. Grandmother is reading a thin book.


Worksheet 6

6. Choose the correct adjectives to complete these sentences.

1. Anu lives in a tall building. _____________ (short/tall)

2. The tiger’s cage is _____________(large/thick)

3. The bug crawls up the wall. _____________(tiny/narrow)

4. The elephant bathes in the river._____________ (huge/wide)

5. The boat crosses the river. _____________(fat/wide)

6. There is little water in the well _____________ (high/deep)

Worksheet 7

7. Read this story. Underline the adjectives of shape and size. Circle the adjectives of color.

Geetu plants a small pumpkin seed in her grandmother’s backyard. She waters it every day with an orange plastic can with a long spout. A few days later, she sees tiny green shoots growing out of the soil. She is very happy! She waters it and waits for the plant to grow. Soon, there are little green leaves and the plant starts to spread over the square garden patch. Very soon, Geetu sees small, round pumpkins. After a few more weeks, Geetu and her grandmother pluck a big, juicy orange pumpkin and take it into the kitchen. Geetu is happy that she has grown a vegetable!

Worksheet 8

8. Read the words and the clues given. Find the correct adjectives in the word grid. Color those boxes and write the adjectives in the spaces given.

1. _____________ chocolate

2. _____________ well

3. _____________ tower

4. _____________ knife

5. _____________ drink

6. _____________ feather