Parts of Speech Definition (8)Types and Examples

Parts of Speech in English refer to words that are into eight categories according to their use and function in sentences. Explore Parts of Speech: Definition, (8)Types, Examples, and Explanation to get a clear idea.

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech are words used in sentences to make different functions and meanings. Without parts of speech, a sentence can not be expressed.

Parts of Speech Definition

Words are divided into different kinds or classes according to the purpose that they are used for. The different kinds of words are called Parts of Speech. – J.C. Nesfield

Different Parts of Speech with Examples

Parts of Speech can be divided into eight classes the function they perform in sentences.

1. Noun: The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders.

2. Pronoun: He can make it easier.

3. Adjective: She is as beautiful as a rose.

4. Verb: Mother cooks food.

5. Adverb: Barking dog seldom bites.

6. Preposition: The book is on the table.

7. Conjunction: Do or die

8. Interjection: Hurrah! we have won the match.

(8)Types of Parts of Speech Definitions and Examples:

1. Noun: 


A noun is a word that names a thing, person, or place.


(a) Ram is a good boy.

(b) India is our motherland.

(c) Oil floats on water.

(d) kindness is a great quality.

(e) The committee has approved the decision.

All the above italic words in sentences are nouns.

2. Pronoun: 


A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun.


(a) Vinod is studying. He has a test tomorrow.

(b) It is going to rain. I don’t have an umbrella.

(c) My parents and I are in Munnar. We like this place.

(d) That is a nice sari! you look very pretty in it.

(e) Nilima is a good girl. She reads in a college.

3. Adjective: 


An adjective is a word that adds something to the meaning of a Noun or Pronoun. 


(a) This is a pretty house.

(b) The small boy is crying.

(c) He seems angry.

(d) There are four candles on the table.

(e) Many men were present.

All the above italic words in sentences are Adjectives.

4. Verb: 


A verb is doing a word. It is used to express an action or state about people, animals, or things. 


(a) I am angry.

(b) Mr ram drives a motorcycle.

(c) They push the suitcase under the cot.

(d) The Rose smells sweet.

(e) Iron and copper are useful metals.

All the above italic words in sentences are Verbs.

5. Adverb: 


An adverb is a word that tells us more about verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. 


a) He walks fast.

(b) He is very clever.

(c) She pronounced the word quite correctly.

(d) Some people spell badly.

(e) They asked me to wait here.

All the above italic words in sentences are Adverbs.

6. Preposition: 


A preposition is a word placed before a Noun or a noun-equivalent or a pronoun to show its relation to some other word in the sentence. 


(a) The book is on the table.

(b) He came to me.

(c) She is in the garden.

(d) The girl is fond of music.

(e) The little girl sat under a tree.

All the above italic words in sentences are Prepositions.

7. Conjunction: 


A conjunction is a word that is used to join words, phrases, clauses, and sentences. 


(a) It is very hot, and everybody is sweating.

(b) We can go to a film or we can go to the beach.

(c) He sat behind you, but in front of me.

(d) As he was ill, he did not go to his school.

(e) Ram as well as Karim went there.

All the above italic words in sentences are Conjunctions.

8. Interjection


An interjection is a word that is used to show a strong or sudden feeling of happiness, sadness, surprise, or hurt. 


(a) Hurrah! I did very well in maths.

(b) Alas! we lost the battle.

(c) Oh dear! how did they catch the thief?

(d) Ouch! you stepped on my toe.

(e) Goodness! He should not have said that.

All the above italic words in sentences are Interjections.

Some Examples of Parts of Speech in Sentences

1. The sun shines bright. (Noun)

2. He is a brave boy. (Pronoun)

3. She is absent because she is ill. (Pronoun)

4. The girl wrote a letter to her father. (Verb)

5. Kolkata is a big city. (Adjective)

6. He worked the sum quickly. (Adverb)

7. This flower is very beautiful. (Adverb)

8. There is a cow in the garden. (Preposition)

9. Rama and Hari are cousins. (Conjunction)

10. Two and two make four. (Conjunction)

11. Alas! He is dead. (Interjection)

12. I can run fast, but miss the train. (Conjunction)

13. Iron and copper are useful metals. (Adjective)

14. His courage won him honour. (Noun)

15. She pronounced the word quiet correctly. (Adverb)

16. The girl is fond of music. (Preposition)

Same Word used as different Parts of Speech

WordsExamplesUsed as
AboutHe is walking about.Adverb
AboutI know nothing about him.preposition

WordsExamplesUsed as
AboveI look for help from above.Noun
AboveTell me the meaning of the above line.Adjective
AboveLook  aboveAdverb
AboveHe is above all.Preposition

Frequently Asked Questions on Parts of Speech

Q1 What are parts of speech?
Ans: Parts of Speech are words used in a sentence. Those words make a sentence meaningful.

Q2 How many parts of speech are there?
Ans: There are 8 parts of speech according to function and meaning in sentences..

Q3 What are the 8 parts of speech grammar?

Ans: Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections are the 8 parts of speech Grammar.