Material Noun: Definitions, Examples, and Uses

Material Noun: Definitions, Examples, and Uses are necessary for English Grammar and it is the matter or substance of which things are made.

 A Material Noun denotes the matter or substance of which things are made. It is also called Mass Noun.


(1) “River” is a common noun but “water” of which it is made is a Material Noun.

(2) “Sheep” common noun but “mutton” (the flesh of a sheep) is a Material Noun.

Material Noun Definitions

A Material Noun indicates the matter or substance of which things are made. Material Noun is also called Mass Noun. 

So, ” hen” or ” cock” is a Common Noun but  ” chicken” ( flesh of  ” hen” or ” cock” ) is a Material Noun.

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Material Nouns examples in sentences

  • (1) The table is made of wood.
  • (2) We cannot live without water.
  • (3) This package is made of fine leather.
  • (4) I would like to eat Dehradun rice.
  • (5) The trophy is made of silver.

Uses of Material Nouns.

(A) Material Noun becomes Common Noun when they are particularized.

  • (1)Fish live in water. ( “Fish” Common Noun)
  • (2) Fish is good for food. ( “Fish” Material Noun)
  • (3) The water of this tank is clear.
  • (4) The gold of the Golconda is pure.

In the 1st sentence, the noun denotes individual fish or fishes and is there for a common noun. In the 2nd sentence, it denotes the matter of which the bodies of fish are made and is, therefore, a Material Noun.

(b) Material Noun becomes common when they do not do things instead of the material.

  • (1) He was put in irons (chains made of iron).

(c) Material Nouns or Mass Nouns are always singular in number.

(d) Material noun always indicates liquid or solid substances.

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